Chapter 249: A Battle Between Sects

The time for the opening of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain was approaching, hence the influx of prodigies from various sects into Green Cloud City.

On the main street were plenty of youths that were high spirited.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was considerably low profile and also because of his disguise, no one recognized him, no one took the initiative to interact with him either.

The 5th level of the Earth Realm wasn’t considered a high or low cultivation level. If one didn’t have any fame or notoriety, generally no one would know you.

Of course, Li Fuchen was very happy about that.

With the increase in prodigies, came the increase in conflicts. In Green Cloud City, there were fights constantly breaking out everyday.

Some were conflicts because of sects, some were due to personal reasons, some were for women, and some were purely because they disliked each others faces.

Apart from all those, there were some conflicts due to the similarities of their sect and they were unable to determine which was the better one.

“Chen Yuanhu, your Azure Water Sect is a sword dao sect and so is my Cloud Creek Sword Sect. Since we are both from sword dao sects, we have to settle which sect is the better one. I wonder what you think?” On the seventh floor of the Green Cloud Inn were about five or six tables of martial artists. One of the tables which had seven individuals, sat a youth with sword like brows who looked sharply at Chen Yuanhu.

Chen Yuanhu’s table had six individuals, who were all the Azure Water Sect’s gold class direct disciples. He replied, “Lin Teng, you are just ranked fourth among the direct disciples from the Cloud Creek Sword Sect. You aren’t qualified to be my opponent.”

There must be a certain requirement to be his opponent. If it were Luo Qingyun who challenged him, he would definitely accept it.

The youth named Lin Teng laughed and said, “You aren’t ranked in the Stars Ranking, I am not either. What qualifications are you talking about? Furthermore, this isn’t a match between you and I, but one between our sects. Why? Is your Azure Water Sect afraid?”

“Afraid? What a joke. Chen shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple), let’s us accept the challenge. Who is afraid of them.” A gold class direct disciple beside Chen Yuanhu sneered.

The Cloud Creek Sword Sect might be formidable and their overall strength may not weaker than Heaven Fiend Sect, but based on the qualities of their direct disciple, the Azure Water Sect didn’t have anything to be afraid of. Only the no.1 direct disciple of the Cloud Creek Sword Sect was competent enough to be ranked 72nd on the Stars Ranking.

“Let’s us settle this outside of the east city gates.” Lin Teng stood up hastily and spoke.

The fond of combat was the nature of youths. Each battle didn’t merely offer more combat experience, it also naturally forced out one’s innate potential.

In addition to that, every victory would give a boost to one’s spirit will, which would allowed for a smoother journey in the Star Road Hidden Domain.

“Since that is the case, I shall accept the challenge.”

Chen Yuanhu might not want to compete with Lin Teng, but if he didn’t respond to the challenge, it would certainly affect the morale of the Azure Water Sect.

Just like that, thirteen gold class direct disciples from two of the major sword sects left Green Cloud Inn and headed towards the east city gates.

There were plenty of people who went over after hearing the commotion.

But there were more who remained indifferent.

Be it the Azure Water Sect or the Cloud Creek Sword Sect, both ordinary sects and the fight wasn’t worth watching. If it was a fight between two Stars Rankers, then it would be worth it.

Li Fuchen was paying a lot of attention to Chen Yuanhu and the other gold class direct disciples from the Azure Water Sect. Hence he naturally wanted to be kept in the loop of the fight between the two major sword sects.

Blending himself in the crowd, Li Fuchen arrived outside of the east city gate.

“Lin Teng, how shall we compete?” Chen Yuanhu asked.

Lin Teng replied, “My Cloud Creek Sword Sect has seven, while your side has six. Why don’t both our sides send out six individuals. Whichever sides win more rounds, that sect wins. How about it?”

“Sure.” Chen Yuanhu nodded.

“Hold it!” A figure approached from a nearby distance.

“Xue Feng!” Chen Yuanhu’s eyes lit up.

In the Azure Water Sect, there were only two individuals that he approved of. One of them was Sword Maniac and the other was Emotionless Sword Xue Feng.

Perhaps Emotionless Sword Xue Feng wasn’t the no.3 direct disciple in Azure Water Sect previously, but that was because he had always been in the sect and never ventured out to temper himself, hence his low cultivation realm.

But now, Xue Feng’s cultivation had obviously increased to the 7th level of the Earth Realm and was only one level lower lower than Chen Yuanhu.

“I am also a direct disciple from the Azure Water Sect. We have exactly seven from each side now.”

Xue Feng had just arrived at Green Cloud City. But when he realized the commotion over here, he swiftly rushed over.

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“No problem.” The corner of Lin Teng’s mouth was raised up in a sneer.

He might be ranked fourth among the gold class direct disciples in the Cloud Creek Sword Sect, but in terms of innate potential, he was on par, if not better than Luo Qingyun. He might not even lose out to the no.1 direct disciple of the Cloud Creek Sword Sect.

More than one year had passed and his ability was dramatically different than before.

“This Lin Teng isn’t simple.” Li Fuchen was sizing Lin Teng up from the crowd.

His intuition told him that Lin Teng’s ability was only higher and not lower than Luo Qingyun’s.

If they belittled him because he was the fourth ranked direct disciple in the Cloud Creek Sword Sect, then they were going to suffer.

“Let’s hope Chen Yuanhu can be a little more cautious.”

Unless absolutely necessary, Li Fuchen didn’t want to interfere

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“I shall take the first slot. Who is going to match up against me from the Azure Water Sect?”

From Cloud Creek Sword Sect, a slightly shorter youth stood out. His weapon of choice were two rapier like swords.

“I, Wang Xiao shall try your skills.”

From the Azure Water Sect’s side, a gold class direct disciple named Wang Xiao went up.

Cling, cling, clang, clang…

The two of them quickly exchanged moves.

It was quite obvious that the shorter youth had a more meticulous and flowing sword skill. With both the rapiers complementing one another, he forced Wang Xiao to back off without any chance for counterattacks.

Several dozens of moves later, Wang Xiao was defeated.

Second and third round.

After three rounds, Chen Yuanhu and Xue Feng no longer had on a pleasant expression.

The Azure Water Sect actually lost three matches in a row and if they were to lose one more match, there would no longer be anymore reasons to continue this battle.

“Chen Yuanhu. I shall take this round.” Xue Feng had on this spirited expression.

Chen Yuanhu nodded. With Xue Feng stepping in, he had nothing to worry about.

If his cultivation level was the same as Xue Feng, he didn’t have any certainty that he would be able to defeat Xue Feng.

“Qi Long. You go try his skills. Remember to be cautious.” Lin Teng spoke to a youth beside him.

Qi Long let out a light smile, “Lin shixiong, don’t worry. I, Qi Long am not any Tom, Dick, or Harry. He will not be able to defeat me in combat.”

He was ranked seventh among the direct disciples in the Cloud Creek Sword Sect and since he arrived at the Hundred Battle region, he had defeated plenty of prodigies.

The fight suddenly began.

Qi Long and Xue Feng both wanted to use their first bout to suppress the other. Hence both of them used their true ability.

The instant they both made their moves, Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief.

Xue Feng’s sword speed was undoubtedly faster than Qi Long’s, hence this battle was most likely secured.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding…

As expected, with his sword execution speed, Xue Feng immediately suppressed Qi Long.

Qi Long was enduring so much that his face was flushed red and wanted to counterattack so much.

Who knew that Xue Feng wouldn’t give him even a single opportunity. As soon as he tried to burst out with his strength, Xue Feng would immediately attack from another angle. Forcing him to be helpless, Qi Long was only able to utilize 50% or 60% of his true ability.

‘Xue Feng is on the emotionless sword dao. Once he seizes the initiative, even I would have a hard time to reverse the situation.’ Chen Yuanhu thought to himself.

After a dozen moves, Qi Long was utterly defeated. From start to finish, he wasn’t able to execute an efficient counterattack.

Lin Teng’s expression remained unchanged. The Cloud Creek Sword Sect had only lost one round, it was fine even if they lost two more rounds. But as long as the opposition lost another round, it would be their immediate lost.

“Chen Yuanhu, let’s us go for a round!”

But Lin Teng didn’t intend to drag out the situation with the Azure Water Sect. He decided for a swift end.

“I am more than willing to.”

Chen Yuanhu’s body flash as he landed ten meters in front of Lin Teng.

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