Chapter 15: The Soul

Ability Learned: Necromancy

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The zombie’s eyes stopped flickering, and were fully replaced by purple fire. Face no longer rotting, teeth full reformed, and hair regrew, the dead man walking looked totally different than he did only 5 seconds prior. Xavior got off of the zombie, shocked beyond belief about what just happened. The walker stood up slowly and faced him. It just stared at his master, not a single word, not a single blink, not a single breath.

Well it is dead, it makes sense that it doesn’t have to do any of those things anyway. He could feel the zombie, but not in a physical sense. Even standing a few feet away, it felt as if him and the zombie were connected somehow. The old man had the distinct impression that even if they were on the opposite ends of the planet, Xavior would still be able to feel this heartless creature. Their souls were connected, and with a proxy, for the first time Xavior could feel his very own soul.

Like a second heart, beating, producing a weird type of heat that spread through the entirety of his body. No, that’s not right, it was like his soul was a miniature sun inside his chest. The zombies soul, much smaller than his, wasn’t connect with Xavior’s fully. It was like a thin invisible string, going from his chest to the zombie’s. That wasn’t all though, there was a second string.

A second soul connect to his. Opening his eyes in shock, he realised that the other soul that was connect to him was Neo’s.

‘What the hell? Could this be from his Oath? Did it literally connect our souls?! How did I not notice this before? And isn’t this kinda bad? The whole minion thing was a joke, I mean, I fully intended to have him follow me throughout my world domination plans, but I didn’t actually wanna force him. Should I have let that kid do something so dire? ’

While Xavior was deep into his thoughts, a zombie made it by his side, getting ready to take a bite out his neck. However, the man somehow knew the zombie was coming towards him without actually noticing the maneater. Before a bite could be taken out of him, the purple eye’d undead rushed to the side of his master with a jump.

Slightly surprised at the previously slow zombie’s burst of speed, Xavior’s eyes widened in surprise. He was once again shocked when it jumped into the air and kneed its buddy in the face, causing it to stumble back. Not letting up, with a large swing, it punched the zombie across the jaw and used his momentum to spin a 360, crashing its elbow into its rotting nose. With one final move, their surprisingly agile new ally’s leg swept behind the enemy, and crashed its head into the dirt. Holding it in place, the zombie looked at Xavior for further instructions.

By this time, Elise bloodthirst was satisfied as bodies and guts littered the floor. Neo himself was also satisfied, gaining plenty of EXP towards his next level, and plenty of charred corpses around him. It was actually starting to stink up the place to be honest. Both though, were shocked at their friend’s new pal.

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“Hey old man, those moves, why do they look so familiar?”

“Right right? Aren’t zombies supposed to be slow?”

“Yes, usually they are, but the moment I took control of it, it got surprisingly agile.”

“Ohh, that’s why it knew our moves,  you can just take control of its body like that. Haha, dude that’s so awesome!” Neo laughed out, but to this, Xavior only shook his head no.

“Actually, I didn’t take control of its body, I don’t even know if I can do that. I can feel that it has to follow my orders, but why it suddenly knows our moves is a mystery to me.”

“Really really? That wasn’t you?” the godling was asked, and to that he shook his head again.

“It wasn’t.”

“Well what does it want dude? Why hasn’t it killed the one it’s holding down? And why is it just staring at us like that?” Neo shivered. “It’s creeping me out.”

“I, uh, I think it wants me to convert this one too. I don’t think it can actually speak, but somehow I can feel its intentions through the connection of our soul.”

“Wait wait wait gramps! What do you mean it wants you to do anything. Do you mean it has free will? What the hell man, you are just the worst Necromancer ever!”

“Shut up kid! I didn’t even know I could do this until now! Besides, I actually don’t think this is a bad thing. It somehow knows our moves, and it has enough self will to act without my orders, but it still protected me.” Xavior said with a thoughtful look.

“Right right? Besides, imagine what Xeno could do with an army of undead.” she began giggling, and a look formed in her eye. “Think of all the fun we could have with an army at our command.” Slowly stepping away, Xavior got away from Elise for a bit. Sometimes she has this look in her eye that warns them that she’s close to her Crazy Mode.

“Ugh whatever dude, I don’t care at this point, just take the zombie so we can go to the next level. We’re still in the tutorial man.”

“We’re not doing any other level until I get proper weapons you little s***! Unlike you I can’t just throw fire!!!” Xavior said with a shout. Despite this, he did as he was told. Walking up to his servant, he touched the downed zombie’s head and began injecting his Death energy.

Just like last time, the monster began changing, evolving, until its eyes became purple and Xavior could feel another string connected to his soul.

Tutorial Complete! Advance to Level 1: Y/N

“No!” Xavior shouted, and just like that, the world began to break. The air itself developed cracks, and the next thing they knew, the world shattered. They felt the breeze come back, the sun changed to its normal colour, and everything just felt right again. Both of his servants stood, and stared at their master, probably looking for new orders.

One a man and one a woman, Xavior decided to name them. “Hmm, I’m going to name you Izanagi-” he said pointing to the male, “and Izanami.” Suddenly, he could feel their strings to him grow stronger, and their souls grow brighter. Xavior could feel their souls absorb some of his, though it was so small it barely made a difference. Despite this, Xavior was forced to gasp in shock and pain.

He felt his connection to the two grow and strength, but it hurt like a bitch, forcing him to a knee. Before he knew it, the world went dark. “Xeno!” “Gramps!”

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