Book II – Bandit, Chapter 44 – The Battle of Purple Sky Plaza part 2

“Mr. Jupiter!” Jodye Trill’s battle cry was like the sweetest music Aiken Moon had ever heard in his life. His incredibly tense shoulders relaxed a lot more, and his fighting spirit seemed to be reignited. ‘That’s right, if the boss is here, we can definitely make it to master’s side with ease!’

Four five-feet-wide and three-meter-long emerald green thunderbolts tore through the skies at the speed of light and crashed into the area surrounding Aiken and Dessa. The two youths saw the terrifying shockwaves coming their way, and their eyes widened in terror.

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A pink barrier of energy suddenly surrounded the two youths as a child stage Twilight Sphinx rushed innocently into Dessa’s embrace.

“Eureka! How are you so big now?” Dessa Chimes was shocked. The little kitty from before was now a great cat, she was even a bit heavy and cold to the touch. Dessa felt like she was cuddling a soft ice cube, which actually made her battle-worn self feel so comfortable and serene. “You even favor big sister a little now. You’re so cute!”

“Meow…” Eureka smiled gently purred in response.

“Little Morph!” a sweet voice called out from above. Aiken Moon trembled intensely as he stared at the girl falling from the sky before she landed gently and threw her arms around his dear little brother. She held the stunned, trembling, and dazed Aiken out to get a better look at him, “My sweet baby brother, are you okay? Do you have any large wounds?”

“La…La…” tears swam in the eyes of Aiken Moon as he stared at Bilan Moon like he had just seen the sun for the first time in years. He could barely finish his words. “Lani, is it…is it really you, Lani? How could it be you? I’m not dreaming, am I? Is this a trick?”

However, before the siblings could continue their reunion, Jodye Trill landed next to them with a thud. The Scarlet Flame Magic Sword was indeed covered in yang element magic qi, as Jodye threw Dessa two C-grade Magic Life Pills. He dropped another in Aiken’s hand and placed his outrageously heavy hand on Aiken’s shoulder. Bilan’s hand coincidently positioned under Jodye’s on Aiken’s shoulder and as she felt the weight of Jodye’s hand, her eyebrows arched up. Herself, Aiken, and even Dessa Chimes and Eureka who were two meters away, were suddenly surrounded by an imposing force momentum within an orange atmosphere that was quite large.

Bilan could tell that her own atmosphere was only half of the size of Jodye’s current aura. This was shocking to her as she was a celestial sage at the advanced Junior Spirit rank of the Sage Path’s Earth Science Realm. Her base battle power was actually 80 BP, five points higher than average. With her advanced primary calamity qi, her current qi momentum would start at 140 BP. Her talent was the best seen in House Moon’s last four hundred years of history. Her master was the Vice-Sect Master of the Seven Spirits Sect, a Heaven Ranked power in Rodinia! Bilan Moon had never been an arrogant individual, but she had her own pride. A pride that was now being trampled by this imposing young man with astounding potential. ‘His aura, it’s so strong…it’s a good thing he’s older than me, otherwise, I wouldn’t know where to hide my shame.’

Of course, when Bilan Moon discovered Jodye Trill was only six-years-old, then she might immediately faint.

“Stand up straight, chest out,” Jodye Trill wore a warm smile as he sized up Aiken Moon who had suddenly straightened up like a uniformed soldier. Bilan was shocked. Using his divinity Jodye could ascertain that Aiken’s pure force and true essence were both far denser than his current level. The boy was sure to advance a couple of steps after this battle, “You did very well, my friend. I am proud of your courageous heart.”

“With a monster-like brat like you for a boss, how would I dare to slack off?” Aiken Moon tried to sound tough, but inwardly his heart soared when he was praised by Mr. Jupiter. He had already started to idolize this magnificent young Titan.

“Monster-like… brat?” Bilan Moon cocked her head to the side in curiosity. Such insulting words seemed out of place since her brother was being so respectful. However, what she didn’t know was that Jodye was indeed a little brat.

“Boss, did you get taller? Ack!” Aiken yelped as Jodye smacked the back of his head.

“Alright, less of this,” for reasons he chose not to explore, Jodye was not willing to dwell on his age in front of Bilan Moon. “You will have time to speak with your sister in the future. For now, we must handle important matters.”

“Important…” Aiken’s sour face suddenly became stern and solemn. “Yes. We have to escape and find my master.”

“Escape?” Bilan Moon smiled and shook her head. There was no mention of escaping in their plan.


A couple of hours ago in Private Box Number 7…

“Brat, what makes you think you can get the Purple-Sky Clan to cooperate with you?” Joovee Nile snorted as he simply didn’t believe Jodye could persuade a clan on his own. Who did this brat think himself to be?

“Let’s just say I have a strong feeling…that the Purple-Sky Clan and I will walk the same way,” Jodye Trill responded cryptically while observing the Dracophant Egg with Bilan Moon.

“Fine.” Sigma Octanis nodded his head as if he had made a decision.

“What?! Old heavenly dog, you can’t seriously believe…” Joovee Nile was flabbergasted and rushed to voice his disapproval. How could Joovee let this brat Jodye endanger himself in the former’s present? That was literally like asking him to die.

“Enough,” Sigma didn’t even let Joovee start ranting. “If the boy says he has a way, then naturally he has a way. Let’s not pretend to understand his methods.”

Joovee Nile fell silent at these words. That was right. This is the brat that not only rescued his little sister from being bullied but followed her into the depths of a foreign enemy base to save Joovee’s mother. Besides, he had done so flawlessly! To complete this, he subdued a mystic wand and transgressed a heavenly tribulation. This kid was a damn freak of nature. The little deity of thunderbolts. The Neofrost Master suddenly felt silly for treating him like a regular junior. Perhaps he had grown fond of the brat.

After all, Joovee was no nice person. In fact, he was an outright villain. This was the main reason he estranged himself from his family. Outside of his mother and sister, Joovee Nile could count the number of people he was loyal to on two fingers. Except, he didn’t need too because they were both in the room with him. However, the more talent that Jodye revealed, the more Joovee regretted that rash heavenly oath. How great would it be if he could eat this little brother up and steal his destiny?

“Little Jupiter will go and settle that matter for us,” Sigma Octanis nodded to the not so little Jodye who had proposed this plan. This boy was genuinely growing more insightful, and it should be due to his increase in the realm. Sages were all naturally intelligent, but wisdom was much rarer. “Meanwhile, Joovee and I will depart in the open. Normally those villains would wait until we left the city to make a move, but their current arrogance knows no bounds. I’m afraid they won’t put a mere Purple-Sky Clan in their eyes. After all, those of Purple-Sky must protect their loved ones and assets. As soon as we leave the magic formation surrounding this tower, then those who aim to attack shall attack.”

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“What about your disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master., our young master Moon? Could it be that you have kept him hidden? Why wouldn’t they target him?” Master Grey Willow delivered the voice of pragmatism that made the three males quake.

“Cassan, you must be ready! The enemy will probably come to you in advance, they may have already arrived!” Sigma grit his teeth as he hurried to transmit his message with a serene sound stone.

Seconds later, the light of a response colored the room a soft pink for an instant. Sigma’s face darkened when he heard it, “Cassan says there are two maybe three mages across the street watching him. Likely they were making sure he’s alone while waiting for the command to attack.”

“Little Morph!” Bilan Moon cried out, “Aunt Blu Leaf, please! We must hurry and help him!”

“Octanis tell me the location your lodgings are in, I will go there ahead.” Grey Willow was also anxious to recover the young master Moon. Her senior sister had promised that she could raise the boy as her own if he were willing to follow her. Even though the boy had already worshipped another Master, she felt she was more capable than that master.

“Here,” Sigma Octanis used a sliver of consciousness to imprint the location in the three women’s heads. “Cassan is powerful enough to fight a Perfected Gold Mage. You should tie up the other mage and allow your martial-niece and her aunt to rescue my charges.”

“No, Bilan and I will secure Aiken and my Hand,” Jodye Trill interjected fearlessly, causing Grey Willow and Miran to frown, and even Bilan felt it was a bit inappropriate. However, Sigma and Joovee simply turned their attention to Jodye as if eagerly awaiting his next words. This left the ladies shocked, and they paused before reprimanding. What was charisma? This was charisma! “Ms. Miran would be better served as a cover in the event of our retreat.”

“In the event?” Grey Willow scoffed, “Do not speak while adults are speaking. This is a rescue mission, dumb brat. Escaping his the primary goal!”

“No!” Jodye Trill shouted as a bit of Dragon Might roiled through the room.

“Dr…a…g…no way… there’s no way,” Grey Willow was shocked to her core. This brat had a combat dragon soul? So lucky? The dragon aura was weak, but it was unmistakably powerful.

“These villains dared to threaten big bro Joovee with his own family, they dared to insult my teacher, they dared to attack me during the auction, and now they dare attack those under my protection?” Jodye Trill’s voice was loud and majestic. Sigma and even Joovee felt pride. So they hadn’t doted on him for nothing after all. Jodye’s face grew colder than ice, “I want to kill them! They must suffer a heavy blow today before we even think of retreating. After I grow stronger, I’ll come back and obliterate the entire White Serpent Cove!”

“Tch, with just you?” Grey Willow spat in response, but the look in her eyes was not nearly as hostile, and the disdain in her voice had vanished like smoke. Clearly, she was also affected by the brat’s tirade. “Bilan, Miran, take this with you and go. Mn, follow the brats arrangement then. Let’s see who dares to touch the young master Moon in my presence.”


“Dessa.” Jodye stood straight as a sword as he imperiously gazed at the chaos around him. He was able to see seven fiend portals, only two of which were producing Ghoul level fiends. Jodye made these two controllers his primary target.

“Sir!” Dessa came half a step behind Jodye Trill and knelt in salute while glancing at Aiken from the corner of her eye. Aiken Moon’s eye twitched, before he also knelt in salute, shouting with her. “Present!”

Jodye galvanized his advanced primary calamity qi using his powerful divine consciousness to burn the fiendish perceptions that approached them into nothing. This was preventing the other fiends from blindly rushing in. They were waiting for the ghosts to investigate. Jodye found this curious, thinking that fiends weren’t as stupid as he initially believed.

“No, it should be the controller who is the intelligent one,” Jodye’s eyes flashed with golden light as he reconsidered. He was circulated the Azure World Epoch to absorb the surrounding tainted fiend force. As he did this, he felt his bloodline tingle a little, which Jodye found curious but wasn’t of the mind to investigate. There were too many powers in his body he didn’t understand, he would need a certain amount of free time to digest everything. For now, attempting to do so was dangerous. The smoke caused by his earlier attack’s impact had yet to disperse, but it was quickly doing so. “When the smoke clears we’re going to be besieged. Therefore, I do not intend to idly stand and wait for the smoke to clear.”

“What should we do, ‘Mr. Jupiter’?” Bilan Moon teased sweetly, totally reliant on Jodye’s opinion.

“This…” Jodye Trill rubbed his nose reflexively, “You stay with the kids, they can’t deal with any ghouls or their toast. I’ll take vanguard, we advance and retreat together!”

“Right!” the other three youths all readied their weapons to move on Jodye’s command. Bilan Moon released an orange-tinted atmosphere that blended harmoniously with Jodye’s own aura. Eighty small light spheres spiraled within her atmosphere as the origin qi phenomenon took form. Next to them, 60 scarlet light spheres manifested and they all spun into the image of a demonic fox howling to the moon. Bilan’s force momentum quickly skyrocketed.

“Ah! Is this the power of big sister’s celestial origin body at the Earth Science Realm? Awesome!” Aiken Moon stared at his sister with stars in his eyes. He turned his hand, and the spatial ring on his hand flashed as he equipped himself with a black D-grade combat crossbow.

“Celestial Origin? Advanced Primary Calamity Qi? Curious, I wonder how she can still appear so delicate? Her physique is clearly full of yin essence, yet she has such strong yang qi. How old is this girl?” Jodye Trill was inwardly shocked. It wasn’t rare for women to use fire or yang powers, but it was uncommon. The ones who did so couldn’t help but be more brutish than other girls due to the calamity qi’s influence on their physique. However, this young girl was the prettiest and most dainty that Jodye had ever seen with his own two eyes.

Bilan’s base strength was actually stronger than his own! She was at the advanced Junior Spirit rank, and she wasn’t weak either! If it weren’t for the fact that his Chaotic Melody of Destruction had already reached the initial minor force level thanks to his Vajra Scepter, then Jodye wouldn’t be her match as a sage! This was his first time encountering such a talented young sage. Of course, if one considered Jodye’s titanic power, then he was stronger than Bilan without even moving.

“Okay then, its time to get started,” Jodye was suddenly excited to start this battle.


“Got it, boss!”

“I’ll follow your lead.”

Jodye looked through the smoke and found a group of ghouls gathering near the back. He had to slaughter his way over to the controller who was capable of manipulating those ghouls!


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