Book II – Bandit, Chapter 44 – The Battle of Purple-Sky Plaza part 1

Outside of Private Box Number Seven…

“How long are we supposed to wait for this brat?” asked Miran Moon, indignant.

“He said he wouldn’t be long, that he felt destiny calling him,” Bilan Moon kicked her feet in the air as she sat on her three-meter-tall fifth level Vicious Red Wolf mount. She had let this beast out of her Magic Beast Bag on Master Grey Willow’s request. It was apparently supposed to deter danger as they waited for Jodye to return.

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At the middle level of Purple Sky Tower, there was a secret room where an array core that connected all the separate magical array cores existed. In this secret office, two scholars and a butler were currently in the middle of a conversation.

“The Secret Fair was a huge success this time, master. We’ve made an enormous profit from the first round alone, not to mention Lisa’s second round and Vanessa’s record-breaking third round.” The Head Butler of the Purple-Sky Clan half-bowed his body as he reported to his lord.

“Thank you, Roma Si. I will review the report. What about that child from Private Box Number Seven? Can you confirm it?” asked the Patriarch of the Purple-Sky Clan nervously.

“With three masters by his side, it proved difficult. However, even now that the show has ended, we see no trace of the boy.” Roma Si was absolutely baffled at how this child managed to elude the former’s efforts at tailing him. What Roma didn’t know was that Jodye was somewhat familiar with the Si clan, and he knew what to anticipate.

“The odds of it being him are so slim…but that necklace he’s wearing… it even has the Fort Master’s aura,” the other man, the ever so majestic Purple Sky Tower Master, mumbled to himself. “In this respect, it must undoubtedly be him. No other child would be able to wear this necklace unless there was somehow an illegitimate child who lucked upon it. Either way, we must recover the truth of the matter.”

“Ah, so you know Grandpa Geb? Awesome,” came a young man’s voice that echoed through the room. There was a tinge of immaturity in the frequency of this voice, but it was otherwise deep. Out from the shadows of one of the pillars walked a much larger Eureka carrying Jodye Trill on her back. Eureka grew from the size of a house cat to the size of an adult panther, she was almost like an entirely new beast! She had two prismatic ice crystals the size of longan in the center of her angelic forehead. Her lady-like face appeared to 20% similar to River Nile, and 20% Bilan Moon. However, if Jodye had to say, then Eureka’s young face looked around 60% identical to his mother, Isis. This also meant that Eureka and Jodye resembled each other slightly. Eureka’s entire body was golden except for her platinum tail, with hair resembling a mystical blue fire forever burning at the tip. There was a tuft of this same flaming blue hair under her tummy.

After he climbed down, Jodye removed his mask. This secret room had many wards and layers of protection, so he no longer felt the need to conceal himself. Of course, these wards were child’s play to resolve for Jupiter Titan, whom memories Jodye had infused into his own soul, but they would be strong enough to prevent the experts within this building from sensing what was happening.

“Boy! How did you get in here?!” Qi momentum erupted from Patriarch Purple-Sky as he screamed, “Guards, arrest…”

“Young… young master Goldwolf is it really you?!” the Purple Sky Tower Master grew extremely irritated as he stared at the crystal blue eyes of Jodye Trill, who was otherwise the spitting image of the young Fort Master. This caused Patriarch Purple-Sky to swallow his next words. Purple Sky Tower Master spoke in an agitated tone, “Do you have any idea how many people are searching for you?! You must put away that Brave Fang Collar, pretty much anyone could recognize you with it! It carries the aura of the Fort Master, and it is his own unique design. Your enemies know it all too well.”

Jodye Trill was immediately shaken by these words. Indeed, the Brave Fang Collar was something that came from his grandfather. It’s worth could be imagined! How many brats like Jodye could wear such a thing openly? He held the Brave Fang Collar in his hand for a moment, before decisively stashing it away. He would wear it again once he reached Rodinia. Did it matter who recognized him there? Would they even be able to do so?

“Uncle, are you from my clan?” asked Jodye Trill naively. He knew next to nothing about Clan Goldwolf, as he was barely familiar with House Trilleck before he had to escape. He wasn’t sure what relation they should have with the Purple-Sky Clan.

“The ancestor of our Purple-Sky Clan was your grandfather’s second son,” the Purple Sky Tower Master spoke with reverence. “Technically speaking, you are our ancestor’s nephew.”

“Hail, Great Nephew!” Patriarch Purple-Sky and Head Butler Roma Si both kowtowed immediately when they heard these words. Jodye Trill’s jaw hung open in shock, but he recovered quick enough. This wasn’t the first time he had realized that some of the warriors he had met so far were as old as ancient dust.

“Is that so…well, I suppose we can be considered as kin,” as a former spy, Jodye Trill had enough situational training to quickly adjust to new environments. “No need for formal attitudes, call me Jodye. I suppose calling me Young Master Jupiter in public is fine for now.”

“Great-nephew Joseph, forgive us for speaking out of turn,” Head Butler Roma Si suddenly spoke up, “May I please send word to your shadow? She has been quite insistent with us foreign emissaries, I fear if she knows that you were in front of me and I did not contact her then I would surely suffer her wrath.”

“Sek Si?” Jodye Trills eyes lit up. Suffering her wrath? What could that little girl possibly do? Of course, how could Jodye know that as a Dark Shadow clansmen, Sek Si had a specific influence over the Si Clan? It wasn’t until now he realized he had a particular longing feeling deep in his heart as if something was always missing. As Jodye currently had a lot of emotional knots he had to resolve it had gone unnoticed. However, the moment he heard news of Sek Si, this feeling became overpowering, “You can contact my Sek? Why haven’t you done so already?”

“It will take quite some time…master, if I may?” to Jodye’s surprise, Roma Si looked to the Purple Sky Tower Master at this moment and not Patriarch Purple-Sky. Jodye seemed to understand something at that moment. The Patriarch was not the most powerful elite within the Si Clan!

“With haste, go, go, go,” said Purple Sky Tower Master impatiently. Roma Si immediately faded into the shadows. Noticing the confused look on Jodye’s face, Purple Sky Tower Master laughed and said noncommittally, “This one’s name is Hamadi Purple-Sky, greetings great-nephew. My mother is your cousin, a grandchild of the Fort Master. However, my mother is nowhere near as talented as you are. None the less, as a direct descendant, I too received a shadow vassal in the form of Roma Si. The Patriarch of our small clan here does not have such rights.”

“Roar!” Eureka spoke in the tongue of the ancient fey, which currently only Jodye, was able to understand. Her roars translated too, “Big brother, time is of the essence.”

“Okay, well less of that,” Jodye Trill suddenly remembered the impending crisis due to Eureka’s reminder, “I wonder if the uncles here can help me out a bit?”

Ten minutes later, Bilan Moon’s Vicious Red Wolf let out a small whimper, alerting the ladies immediately. However, once she looked up, Bilan couldn’t help but smile beautifully. Eureka gracefully landed in front of the Red Wolf, while seemingly scoffing at it. Jodye Trill hopped down and said, “Everything has been arranged. Bilan and I will head over to Aiken first, while Master Grey Willow and Aunt Miran cover us.

“Who is your damn aunt?” spat Aunt Miran rudely.

“Do you believe that one day you’ll beg to be my aunt?” replied Jodye Trill with a wicked smile. However, at that moment Sigma’s voice rings out in Jodye’s head. Unfortunately, it was not good news at all.



Back at the auction square, Sigma Octanis and Joovee Nile were casually walking out of the Purple-Sky Tower.

“Will the brat really be okay?” asked Joovee Nile with doubt in his voice. “I think they’ve already decided to shred our agreement. I’ve been receiving death threats and threats to my family since we walked in. They all want my cooperation in dealing with you. Luckily, we already recovered my family, or this would be a real headache.”

“Yes, and we have that same brat to thank for it. If my apprentice26apprenticeAn apprentice or student is someone who is learning something from a teacher. While the relation is sacred, and there are mutual obligations between the apprentice and the teacher, there is no commitment between them. A disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master., on the other hand, has committed himself to the master, and the art of his master. The disciple has committed to entering and mastering a secret branch of knowledge and has requested the master to accept him into the arcane path. The relationship is very sacred and the obligations are binding. wants to go off alone, we should let him. After all, it’s true that the main targets will be us this time. In such a situation, is it really safer for him to follow us?” Sigma Octanis looked aloof and totally unbothered by the myriad changes of the world.

“He likely just wanted to play with that little doll, the brat,” Joovee Nile mused. Although he joked, Sigma’s words left him feeling more reassured. The boy was probably going to be okay. After all, with that magical beast summon present, Joovee Nile himself couldn’t easily slaughter the brat, let alone any cannon fodder from White Serpent Cove. “Anyway, with my imperial lifeblood limit, I can get to him quickly enough.”

“Will your mother and the princess be okay in the north?” Sigma asked Joovee as they both saluted the gates at the Purple Sky Tower Plaza’s final checkpoint.

“My mother is from the north, and the Limitless Buddha Temple should be the only ones who can properly train my sister,” replied the Neofrost Master as his aura suddenly turned ice cold. Origin essence qi momentum started to manifest around his body, and a pitch black heavenly grimoire covered in nefarious symbols and skulls appeared in front of him, “We all have our own path to walk. I have helped her step onto her own path, and now I will have to continue my own.”

“I fear I will need to trouble you with taking care of my apprentice until I return,” Sigma Octanis similarly had origin forces charging up around his body as the two men exited the checkpoint. Joovee Nile scoffed at Sigma, but the latter waved him off. “We were bound to depart soon anyway. This way, Cassan can mentor Aiken while I handle our affairs and return. Since White Serpent Cove wants to turn their blades towards us, we will fight them to the death then.”

“My sister would never forgive me if anything happened to that brat anyway,” grumbled Joovee Nile under his breath. River Nile had reminded him endlessly to take good care of Jodye in her place. Only by swearing an oath could he convince her to leave. He had sworn far too many oaths since meeting this brat Jodye.

“Leaving so soon?” a sinister and manly voice rumbled through the crowd, the qi within this sound wave sending people flying away before Joovee Nile’s already fierce origin qi momentum quickly countered the sound wave. After it dispersed, two silhouettes could be seen standing on curse circles in the sky above the Sigma duo. Garuda wore a serious face as if he were facing a great enemy. He waved his hand, and hundreds of martial warriors spilled out from every direction tightly surrounding Sigma and Joovee.

Leading these warriors was none other than Roger Flankz who approached Sigma slowly, “Hand over the items, and we can consider letting you live. Do not test our bottom line, mutt.”

“Release!” a bright golden and purple light burst from Sigma’s body as the Heavenly Dog Star merged into his origin atmosphere, where 1,500 small light spheres formed a heavenly dog constellation. The constellation seemed to come to life as a deafening howl shook the entire auction square. Sigma’s magic, serenity, and sword force concepts fused together to bringing his total battle power to 5,900 BP. The constellation rapidly transformed into five fist-sized spheres of light, as they soon powered up Sigma’s qi momentum.

A white staff covered in mystic symbols appeared in Sigma’s hand, it looked like a giant femur bone with six metal rings looped at the end. He stomped the bone staff, and myriad magic runes flew out of the glowing blue symbols, rapidly forming five arcane circles with three rows of runes each.

“Five-star magic circles! He’s using a sixth rank spell!” Roger Flankz finally panicked. This Sigma was a total lunatic to have such a spell stored in his staff. What grade staff was that anyway? The more rows of runes an arcane circle has, the more powerful the spell. Being able to stack arcane circles to create more significantly damaging spells was an even more challenging feat. Roger had never seen a Combat Staff capable of loading sixth rank spells, which were able to boost combat qi by nearly four times. That was pure insanity!

Spells above the fifth rank were considered the most powerful spells in this world.

For this first attack, Sigma actually used the force of close to 19 AP. That was more powerful than 20,000 BP, or two million pounds! This was a force that was able to make the void tremble!

“Supreme Yin Aurora!” Sigma Octanis’ cultivation was currently limited to one-fifth of his full strength. In spite of this, he used over 20% of his power in this strike alone. This was already approaching the limit that this world’s curse placed on him. He didn’t hesitate to use an attack that could wipe Roger Flankz off the face of this planet.

From each magic circle, serene icicle blades the size of three adult males standing on each other’s shoulder condensed amidst the soul stopping chill of yin qi. The spell blasted towards Roger Flanks in a spiral of whistling air. This whistling came from the savagely sharp blade qi surrounding those ice blades that was terrifying to the extreme. From the time Simga released his combat soul to the launch of his spell less than two seconds had passed, even his constellation had yet to finish howling.

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Observing this from a great distance away via his divinity source, Jodye felt that battles between elites were genuinely next level. By condensing his magic power into arcane circles, Uncle Sigma could easily break past the limits of his realm! At the Silver Mage rank, he could even fuse together powers within the same concept. This was a level of competence that approached Jodye’s parents, so he was endlessly impressed. ‘So magic is actually so dangerous. No wonder my father said that Sages were far more feared compared to Saints.’

Osiris Goldwolf had long ago told his son that Mage rank Sages were terrifying individuals and he was right. A group of Sages capable of using fifth rank magic or better would be absolutely terrifying to anyone under the Void Philosopher Realm, the same realm as the top champions from House Trilleck. Jodye suspected that his parents were also champions at the Void Philosopher Realm, even though most of the House believed they were Void Door Realm elites.

“Celestial Body!”

“Roger, retreat!” Roger and Garuda both exclaimed the moment they saw the origin qi phenomenon take form within Sigma’s own atmosphere as opposed to the world’s atmosphere. This was this symbol of a Celestial Origin Body. From behind Roger, three fifth level ghouls that looked like crowned zombies immediately rushed out to guard him.

“Hmph. The second tier, fifth level fiends, Undead Ghoul Lords,” Joovee Nile watched calmly as Roger Flankz tried to rapidly defend. “They seem to be using a third rank defensive curse. It definitely won’t be enough.”

[Spiritual Artifact Detected]

“Hmm?” Joovee Nile suddenly received a mental alert and felt curious. Spiritual Artifacts were different from Source Artifacts, in that they were not blessed by the laws of fate. Any Saint who later became a Sage could only use a religious artifact. The platform of destiny wouldn’t let them communicate with the fates until their cultivation advanced more. Joovee glanced at the black dagger that had appeared in Roger’s hand. This was Roger’s religious artifact, the which he used to slit his own wrist. Joovee grimaced, as he was also a voodoo priest. He knew what this pattern was, Roger wanted to use a voodoo blood curse!

“Release!” Death fiend qi momentum billowed off the Undead Ghoul Lord’s bodies and form layers of death qi barriers. At the same time, a corporeal five meters tall Black Water Sea Slug burst from Roger’s navy colored atmosphere. Roger rapidly formed curse seals with his hands, forming two three-layered arcane circles. However, before he could finish setting up his defense, the Undead Ghouls Kings were lacerated into dust causing a critical rebound in Roger’s lifeblood, which he was using to control the fiends. Roger was ruthlessly impaled through his left side by a projectile, his arm and part of his chest shredded, froze, and then shattered into dust.

Combat Skill: Earth Escape!

However, right before another deadly yin ice blade struck, Roger suddenly crumbled into the dirt, reappearing a kilometer away in the middle of Winter Winds City. The rest of the spell decimated the experts following him who all wore robes that had characters reading Oulan, opening up a considerable gap in the enemy’s formation. Many heard of the terror of the Commander Heavenly Dog, but not many ever saw his prowess in person. Even for Garuda, every time he had seen Sigma fight previously, the latter had never once used his origin power. Just his true qi alone was enough to challenge other Silver Mages.

[Source Artifact detected]

Joovee Nile glanced upward and noticed the necklace that appeared on Garuda’s neck, his face also became dignified. The actual threat of the White Serpent Cove group was none other than that man, Garuda.

Garuda’s face became dignified as his source artifact, the Seven-Winged Necklace, appeared around his neck, “So it turns out he was also a Celestial Body. If I do not assist Roger, then he will die. This Sigma Octanis should be able to fight us both alone, he simply doesn’t need Neofrost to act. Unless I use my lifeblood limit, this might get ugly. Honored Elder Luke Venom, be ready! We’ll take them all down at once.”

“Do you believe you can behave as you please in my Winter Winds City?” came that same overpowering majestic voice from the auction hall. Twenty meters in front of Garuda, a tall and hunky man appeared with a retinue of fifty guards, who all stood orderly on the void. Arcane circles were under each of their feet as they stood uniform in the air at attention. This was none other than the Tower Master of Purple Sky Tower, and the most powerful member of the Purple-Sky Clan. As a first-star Gold Mage rank Sage, his strength was easily comparable to Garuda himself.

“Are you trying to push me?” behind Garuda, black wisps of steam that contained a terrifying lifeblood power within released from his body. The Purple Sky Tower Master grimaced at this but didn’t budge from his position. Sigma and Joovee exchanged a glance as they were both impressed. To think that the brat really pulled it off, just like Grey Willow had said. Garuda snorted and turned his attention to the Neofrost Master, “It seems you have finally given up on familiar attachments. You’re more like us with each passing day, for whose benefit should we stand on opposing teams?”

“Release!” not wanting to waste any more time with words, Joovee Nile also decided to go all-out, and the giant image Shura’s Gavel immediate condensed in the air. This idiot dared to pretend he still had Joovee’s family captive, reminding Joovee only that Garuda needed to die painfully. Pure essence and eight-colored combat qi poured out of Joovee’s body, as he grabbed Shura’s Gavel and transformed it into a real mighty hammer that he ruthlessly slammed down on over a dozen true saints, crushing them into pulp. A menacing poisonous gas spread rapidly like a plague from the point of impact. The lower lever saints who encountered this gas screamed miserably as their flesh wilted away. The putrid smell of death took over the field as the surrounding crowds panicked and fled in fear. In only a few breaths, Sigma and Joovee had already defeated one-third of White Serpent Cove’s operatives.


“Wicked,” Jodye Trill observed from 500 meters away riding on the back of his Twilight Sphinx Eureka with Bilan Moon in tow. The shockwaves of that battle would be enough to slaughter the kids where they stood. However, he had already left the range of the fight. Merely, with [Pharaoh’s Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi..] active, Jodye Trills divine consciousness stream was more than powerful enough to cover 800 meters, and this was continually improving. Not to mention that Jodye could still push his soul force up to one more level if he needed too.

Jodye Trill wanted to know what improvements his divine spark had since his advancement, so he sent his intention to Trippy. In return, new information printed itself into his brain.

[Tier 1 Primary Spark, Thunderbolt Purgatory – Load (4) purgatory thunderbolts][Tier 1 Auxiliary Spark, Vajra Cover – summon protective divine scales to protect the body from harm]

“Why isn’t there any difference?” Jodye Trill felt confused by this situation. Hadn’t his realm advanced?

“In reality, you unlocked your Tier 1 Auxilary Spark, Vajra Cover, earlier than you were supposed too. You’ll find its much easier to use now, as is your thunderbolt purgatory,” Trippy replied emotionlessly.


The [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] flashed into existence in front of Jodye, and with a single thought, his information was displayed in his mind.

[Name: Joseph Goldwolf]
[Age: 6 years, 11 months.]
[Status: 103% Health, 12:37 pm]

‘Immortal Sage Path: Earth Science Realm, Initial Junior Spirit rank, 76 BP.’

‘Titanic Rage Path: Wimpy Man Realm, Level 10, 160 BP (dormant).’

‘Heavenly Saint Path: Fledgling Saint Realm, Four-Star Revolving Force rank, 26 BP.’

‘Endurance: Skin penetrated at 180 BP. (Vajra Cover: 300 BP).’

‘Speed: Max Speed at 190 BP (dormant).’

[Guardian 1: Cosmos Devouring Sky Wolf47Cosmos Devouring Sky WolfCombat soul of Jodye Trill. True soul of Sylvester Sylknarius Tricko, heir to the great Sephiroth of Anubis Great World. Consciousness and true form unlocked.]‘Compatibility rating: 33%.’
‘Synchronized Bloodline Limit Unlocked: Tier 1 – Devouring Space Flame’
‘Synchronized Auxiliary Spark Unlocked: Tier 1 – Transmutation’

[Guardian 2: Mighty God Sky Jackal]
‘Compatibility rating: 42%.’
‘Synchronized Bloodline Limit Unlocked: Tier 1 – Holy Catastrophe Blade Heart’
‘Synchronized Auxiliary Spark Unlocked: Tier 1 – Metamorphosis (Abstract)’

Jodye Trill was temporarily distracted by the fact the Sly was no longer in ‘stasis’ status, but now he was experiencing a changed ‘Nirvana’ status. This had never happened in the past, and Jodye wasn’t sure how to feel about it. “Cosmo, how long does the nirvana status last?”

[First Nirvana = Anywhere from 2-10 years.]

Jodye instantly regretted asking. Could it be his own book wanted to lie to him as well? This must be a joke.

“Jodye, has little Morph really recovered his Sage cultivation after being sealed? He even received his lifeblood genesis, right?” asked Bilan Moon with big eyes from Jodye’s back. “Ahh!!”

Eureka was currently running rapidly through the growing crowd. With a thought from Jodye, she leaped 50 meters into the air and landed on an arcane circle made of blue serenity qi, before jumping again. Jodye laughed hard at Bilan’s reaction. If she thought this was something, just picture how she would feel about the gravity-defying Guardian Sky Wolf that was currently experiencing nirvana.

“Lifeblood genesis?” Jodye Trill asked in curiosity. He hadn’t heard of this term yet.

“It’s the source of lifeblood powers, just like the force geneses store our qi, it is where our lifeblood powers are stored and accumulated in the origin lake,” Bilan Moon had already explained to Jodye that once he reached the Earth Science Realm, his origin pool had already increased by ten times and become an origin lake.

“Ah! Well, he has indeed recovered. Uncle Sigma told me that his Left-Hand, Cassan, feared that Aiken was currently fighting a group of fiends,” Jodye Trill sent a stream of consciousness ahead to check the situation as he spoke to Bilan. Almost immediately after sending his divinity out, he encountered Autumn Saver’s damaged divinity. Thus, he was instantly made aware of the situation before he even reached the scene. After confirming the location with his own divine senses, Jodye’s face turned solemn, “They are indeed fighting wave after wave of fiends. There are some tier one, fifth level fiends, and even tier two, first and second level ghouls spawning from those arcane circles. How is that possible?”

“Fiend Hoard Art!” Bilan Moon exclaimed in a flustered panic. Bilan’s small and sweet voice sounded behind Jodye’s ear, giving him goosebumps. Jodye’s face heated up in embarrassment as he had never been into the loli-type before, but his adolescent hormones always reacted to this girl. There was no way to stop it beforehand, but it still never took long for him to recover as just now.

Seeing the intrigued yet shy look on Jodye’s blushing face, Bilan smiled to herself as if she forgot her brother was in danger before she continued to explain, “Fiend Hoard is a two-star arcane curse art that uses death laws to summon evil fiends who possess the caster’s mark. They must have been given an army of fiends to control.”

“An army…” Jodye Trill mused. However, the nervousness Bilan felt and expected to see in her companion never appeared. To her shock, Jodye’s eyes lit up like stars. Was this excitement? More than that, Bilan felt Jodye was downright giddy. Jodye laughed boisterously like a maniac, “Bwahahaha! What a perfect opponent to test my limits with. Fine then, let us deal with this Fiend Hoard Art! Eureka, 100 meters west, we’re attacking immediately!”

“Yes, big brother!” Eureka responded to Jodye Trill in the language of the ancient fey beasts. However, he understood her correctly in spite of this. Thanks to Trippy, Jodye was now out that this was because of his divine primal dragon bloodline. Eureka’s words seem to resonate with his lifeblood, allowing him to understand her words in a different way. Bilan Moon simply heard the roaring and purring noises, as Eureka performed one more massive leap, before diving straight down like a missile made of pink and golden ice, the blue fire on her tail exploding and propelling them like a rocket. Bilan Moon and even Jodye Trill were amazed by this.

Meanwhile, in the plaza in front of the Silver Meadows Inn, Dessa and Aiken were back to back cutting down first and second level fiends left and right like blades of grass. Dessa Chimes’ clothes were tattered, revealing her supple and cream-colored body. However, the armor Jodye had gifted her was still perfectly intact underneath her garments, so only her legs were exposed. However, it was still too much for Aiken to handle, he concentrated very hard to avoid staring at that grand vision. Even though it wouldn’t be a terrible way to die, Aiken liked his odds a lot better if he resisted this devilish temptation.

“Dark Sage Teams A and B, maintain the curse formation. Sinner Team B, it’s your job to go capture that girl for me! Saint Team A will cover you, ack! You dirty old bitch!” the menacing voice on a middle-aged was ringing out from the skies above the city. Loud explosions filled the air, and fierce winds were assaulting the streets below. Multicolored atmospheres and origin qi phenomena made the sky look chaotic and menacing.

“Hahaha, why don’t you just surrender the 1,000-year-old Ganoderma and Stellar Moon Rock? Then you can handle your business properly!” the aged voice of a woman similarly rang out amid more explosions.

“You heard Honored Elder Bandit, seize her!”

“Mutilate the boy, but Vice-Sect Leader needs him alive!”

“What on Gaea is happening?!” Dessa Chimes was visibly nervous for the first time as she fought fiends and hunted lower level sages with the help of the treasure spirit on her palm. She suddenly felt incredibly insecure, which Autumn Saver told her was probably the result of her spiritual sense awakening due to so many people locking on to her aura.

To Aiken’s shock, Dessa stopped fighting and stood elegantly as if she was saying a prayer. Surrounded by fiends, a pale white barrier of energy suddenly surrounded Dessa and prevented the fiends from approaching her. Her tattered clothes seemed to disintegrate, exposing her jade legs and arms, but her most delicate areas were still shielded by her combat armor.

Aiken himself wasn’t fairing much better, even though his master had also given him a decent set of combat armor. There were cuts and bruises all over his face and body. He looked at the Dessa Chimes whose body was drenched in sweat but was otherwise uninjured. Suddenly, he wondered how Mr. Jupiter had been training this girl. Having recovered his origin and lifeblood powers, Aiken was capable of utilizing his natural serenity qi. Innate qi came from force geneses that the body developed naturally. Aiken Moon was born with a serenity force genesis. Thus he could easily fuse serenity qi into his attacks even without a concept. Thanks to this advanced nascent serenity qi, he was able to produce more strength than Dessa in spite of his cultivation being slightly weaker than her own.

Yet, he stood here on his last leg, injuries growing heavier with every passing moment. Without his companion’s support, the fiend hoard was focusing more on him, and the saint disciples of White Serpent Cove were closing in on his location. Whereas, Dessa didn’t have much more than a scratch on her. Of course, what Aiken didn’t know was that Dessa’s body was becoming stronger as she was close to entering the Wimpy Man Realm, and Autumn Saver was constantly exhausting its energy to heal her as the treasure spirit couldn’t bear to see her hurt. Her constitution was far better than Aiken’s own constitution. Aiken steadily retreated under fiend assault, and before he knew it, he had entered Dessa’s barrier.

“Minions, destroy that barrier!” a Sophomore rank Dark Sage disciple of White Serpent cove waved his staff and a purple light shot into the glabella of the surrounding first and second level fiends. These fiends seem to go crazy and attack the barrier of white light like crazed animals, as the barrier started to crack. After all, no matter how amazing Autumn Saver was, it was limited by Dessa’s own cultivation. The disturbing fiend-language was graining to the ears as they screamed and shouted. The ghost-type fiends sent out spiritual waves of negativity that rocked Aiken’s mind and made him feel despair. The barrier had several cracks on its surface and would break any second.

“Dess, we can’t keep this up! We have to find a way to retreat, or we’ll die!” Aiken Moon was scared out of his wits, but he still stood protectively in front of Dessa as he cautioned her. He had an awful madness in his eyes as he shouted, “They’ll defile us Dess! We can’t stay here, we can’t stay here, I don’t want to be defiled again!”

As if responding to Aiken’s cry, the barrier suddenly exploded into shards of light that obliterated the nearest low-level fiends and repelled the spiritual sense of higher leveled enemies.

“Calm down, little Aiken. Keep struggling until the end,” Dessa Chimes called out as she beheaded a first tier, fourth level fiend with most of her remaining strength. Her body felt like it was on the verge of collapse, but she stood with perfect posture, “Autumn Saver says we don’t need to escape anymore, our current location is probably the safest we will find.”

“What?!” Aiken Moon was dumbstruck. Weren’t they currently near death? What part of this was safe? Didn’t that mean that they would die no matter what? However, a thought suddenly struck him, making his eyes brighten, “Will master return soon?”

Dessa Chimes smiled sweetly as she said in an outrageously calm yet ragged voice, “Depends…on which master you’re referring too. Mine is already here.”


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