Book II – Bandit, Chapter 43 – The Sincerity of a Senior

“Say Unc, I’ve got an idea,” Jodye Trill spoke to Sigma Octanis through the psychic link they had connected.

“Still not telling?” replied Sigma’s soul thought.

“We should purchase this final item and present it to Bilan.” Jodye Trill spoke sagely, with what felt like a hypnotic charm to the Sigma Octanis who was already looking for an excuse to buy this egg. “This could be considered showing great kindness to commemorate meeting your disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master.’s sister, who is like your half-disciple.”

“This…” Sigma Octanis was intrigued by the prospect of this, but before he could reply, he was distracted again.




“Great Sirs, a one Mistress Grey Willow has requested an audience with you. May I have your reply?” right as everyone in Private Box Number 7 was reeling over this new information, the Purple-Sky Clan’s Head Butler called out from the door.

Recognizing the voice of the Head Butler, Joovee Nile sneered, and then answered without bothering to consider anyone else’s opinion, “Tsk, at least she has tact. Allow her in.”

The eyes of both Aunt Miran and Bilan Moon lit up as they turned to each other and released a relieved sigh. Master Grey Willow was their safety net during this trip, their pillar of support. Without her, they couldn’t help but feel more insecure.

“With haste,” came the Head Butler’s voice from beyond the door. Jodye secretly observed this Head Butler with his divine awareness. He was intrigued because of the similarities between this man and Ke Si. He made a mental note to follow this man as far as he could. After all, Jodye was somewhat confident that no one had a more powerful soul than himself in the tower. At least, if such a person did exist, then the difference in strength would definitely not be something simple.

A few breaths later the door to the Private Box opened, and Master Grey Willow arrogantly sashayed into the room while completely ignoring Joovee Nile, but nodding towards Sigma Octanis and Jodye Trill before taking her seat in-between her charges. Jodye watched with his divinity as the pixy danced in front of the group of ladies. He noticed that if he observed the pixy with his eyes, it was difficult and slightly painful. However, using his divine tier soul force allowed him to see the Pixie with much more ease and clarity. It was a crystalline blue that was absolutely similar to the color of Jodye’s eyes. Jodye knew this without a doubt because he had spent a lot of time staring into his mother’s eyes when he was an infant. Its face was feminine but slightly bestial. However, it carried a wondrous mystique that made it seem like the pixy’s face kept changing into someone else. It was really mysterious. Jodye Trill felt slightly mesmerized as he observed this as if he was on the verge of understanding something.

At this moment, the pixy stopped dancing and turned to face Jodye. It tilted it’s head to the side in curiosity. Its four wings started buzzing impossibly fast, to the extent that it seemed they disappeared and the pixy had no wings at all. Then the pixy started vanishing and reappearing all over the room. To be precise, it wasn’t vanishing but moving so fast that Jodye’s sense couldn’t possibly detect the movement. Every time the sapphire pixy reappeared, it wore a different face and did a different dance.

Due to this, Jodye was completely dazed for the beginning of this bidding war.

“220,000 Gold!” called out a dark-haired man in private box number 23.

“250,000 Gold!” a noblewoman from private box number 6.

“300,000 Gold!”


The bids were growing more intense by the second. Over in Private Box Number 13, Roger Flankz was relaxing as a servant girl massaged his shoulders, and another’s head bobbed up and down on his lap. Both girls had dazed look in their eyes, which emitted a soft pink glow. Lewd sounds were coming from behind him as he calculated his funds, “Hmm, I can still relax a bit. Once they hit two million, I’ll get involved.”

Back in Jodye’s private box, the atmosphere wasn’t nearly as “exciting.”

“This is certainly an interesting beastie, but I doubt it was worth so much,” Master Grey Willow commented casually since the room was so quiet since she arrived. Everyone in the room seemed abnormally interested in this auction, likely because it was the mystique of the final item. Even that noisy brat in the corner was bothering her martial-niece like he usually did. She thought maybe she should break the ice, “Just a demi-god beast egg, and these people go so crazy.”

Everyone but Jodye turned to look at Master Grey Willow as if they were seeing an alien. This left Grey Willow totally flabbergasted. “Um…what, is it?”

“Martial Aunt Blu, it’s like this,” Bilan Moon explained to Grey Willow what they had just finished discussing as she walked in, but Grey Willow scoffed. If it were information that originated from anyone else, she would perhaps consider it a bit. Merely, how old was this brat Jodye? Should he know more than the three masters in attendance? Grey Willow wasn’t willing to believe it.

“Well, how about it, little Bi?” Sigma Octanis turned to Bilan Moon and smiled gently, causing the latter to blush shyly. Grey Willow looked appalled at the intimate way he addressed her as ‘little Bi.’ It was as if she had been run through the front with a blade. Who did this bastard think he was? “Do you also believe this uncle is wrong?”

“Oh no,” Bilan Moon shook her head fiercely, which made Grey Willow feel like a second blade had impaled her from behind. “Little Joe wouldn’t lie to me, I believe it’s what he says it is!”

“Niece, do you really,” Grey Willow was indignant, but she was cut off by Sigma’s obnoxious laughter.

“Hahaha, good, good. Good girl!” Sigma Octanis laughed while saying good three times in a row, “Since this is the case, let this uncle gift this ancient beast egg to you. You can tell us what it turns out to be.”

“Ah!” Bilan Moon and even the other two women’s eyes widened in shock. Bilan immediately rejected such undue kindness, “Senior Master Octanis, I can’t possibly accept such a gift…”

“Nonsense, nonsense,” Sigma Octanis waved his hand in dismissal of Bilan’s rejection. “You are without a doubt the sister of Aiken Morpheus Moon. That makes you as good as my half-disciple. I must naturally give you a gift on this, our first meeting.”

Grey Willow found herself quite approving of this man’s logic. If he was indeed the master of young master Moon, then doing such a thing was still within reason. Grey Willow felt a lot of her previous hostility diminish through this gesture, but it still remained to see how he would win this hot item.

“I still do not believe it is a so-called Dracophant beast egg, but this kindness is something we are willing to accept.” Master Grey Willow knew when she should speak for her junior, who was too flustered by such sudden circumstances. “Thank you, Octanis.”

“But of course,” Sigma Octanis turned to the window and straightened his back as he listened to the latest bid of 2.7 Million gold crystal notes. He smirked calmly as he imperiously called out, “Six Million Gold Crystal Notes.”

“OCTANIS, YOU DARE!” screamed Roger Flankz, who just risked it all to bid for this item. This desperate scream finally woke Jodye up out of his stupor, making the boys sapphire eyes shimmer with golden lights. This was the light of enlightenment, for Jodye had comprehended a new and mysterious art. However, currently, his attention was on what was happening in the auction hall. When he focused his perception on Private Box Number 13, Jodye’s face scrunched up as his mood immediately turned sour and solemn.

Roger was livid, and thus, he wasn’t even worried about concealing himself currently. White Serpent Cove had used up a lot of resources ensuring that the information about this ancient beast egg was corrupted and inaccurate. No one alive knew how rare and precious this item was other than their White Serpent Cove. He had to secure this purchase, or the Cove Master wouldn’t forgive him at all. Hell, even Garuda would fight him to the death. Roger had made a lot of deals and trades and was able to amass four million gold in total. However, Sigma had called out six million on his first bid. Wasn’t this simply slapping Roger directly in the face?

“I dare,” this was Sigma’s indifferent response. He did not speak loud, but his voice seemed to silence the entire auditorium. Sigma, too, was aware of the depravity that was occurring in Roger’s box.

“Eight Million Gold. Octanis, in the spirit of fair competition its best, you know when you have been outmatched.” Crash Bandit gnashed his teeth as called out his bid from the rows above and didn’t forget to threaten Sigma. How dare this d******* raise the price so much! Even if the egg was worth it, they only had a particular budget for today!

“Are you threatening me, old dog Crash?” asked Sigma Octanis casually. They had already caused so much of scene today, conflict was already inevitable. Since this was the case, why should he feign civility?

“Hmph,” Crash Bandit snorted and turned his head away.

“Eight million going once!” Vanessa Purple-Sky was incredibly excited at this enormous amount of wealth. This item exceeded her expectations by a lot, it no longer mattered who took it home.

“Twelve thousand Amethyst Crystal Notes,” Sigma Octanis called out overbearingly. The entire hall had become speechless at this moment.

“I’LL KILL YOU, YOU BASTARD!” screamed Roger Flankz, the energy flaring from his body blowing the servant girl rubbing his shoulders through the room until she collided with the wall like a hollow puppet. The poor girl giving him her ‘service’ was directly torn to shreds by the soaring energy, her tattered remained falling limply out the window. Jodye grimaced as his origin atmosphere started leaking from his body, and slaughter qi steamed from his pores.

“What the hell?”

“Oh my god, its a corpse. Help, someone decapitated this woman!

“Wait. Was that…Shigara!!!”

“F…fiends!” Vanessa Purple-Sky felt sick to her stomach. Those poor girls, how pathetic, how utterly tragic. “Damn you, White Serpent Cove. Guards, go! Seize them!”

“Stop,” spoke that majestic voice that covered the entire hall. “Guests in Private Box Number 13, you are dismissed. Leave immediately.”

“Vice-Sect Master, we are outnumbered here. Please, let us depart.” said the heavyset man.

“Sigma…today will be the anniversary of your death from now on.” Roger Flankz’ face was as ugly as it could be, but he listened to his advisor, and their crew released the spells binding the remaining servant girls and let the box. As those several servants girls sat there in a daze for a moment, suddenly one of their bodies shuddered fiercely. Looking around in confusion and trepidation, she grabbed her head and started screaming. This scene repeated with all the others. Two of them used their pure energy to sever their heartstrings, ending their lives.

Jodye Trill felt his heart turn completely cold as he helplessly witnessed all of this with his divinity. “This White Serpent Cove…I want to destroy them with my own hands!”

However, Jodye knew that with his current strength, he was not a threat to White Serpent Cove. A lonely Joovee Nile was enough to end Jodye’s life already if it hadn’t been for Eureka. In fact, previously even an eighth level Vicious Red-Scaled Fire Lizard was enough to silence Jodye for good. However, now Jodye wasn’t so confident that was the case.

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Moments later, the entire Private Box Number 7 was staring at a projection the huge egg made of Sigma’s spiritual consciousness. The egg itself was already in a space bottle, a unique storage device that could hold weak lifeforms for a limited amount of time. This particular space bottle would preserve the egg for six weeks.

“A word, host.” Trippy emotionless voice rang out in Jodye’s mind the moment this servant girl walked in the room with this space bottle. At Jodye’s intention, it continued, “True Dragon blood has been detected in this egg. If the host were to consume the egg directly, the source dragon laws would promote your Volos bloodline by quite a bit.”

“How much?” asked Jodye Trill, slightly tempted. He felt an uncontrollable desire to purify his divine dragon blood, it was a near-primal urge.

“Currently you have a 30% primal dragon bloodline. Consuming this egg would increase this to 33%.” Trippy sent this information over directly.

“Not bad but…pass. It’s a gift” thought Jodye Trill as he cut off the communication with Trippy. Even though he knew that every percentage past 30% would be three times as hard to accumulate, he had already found a home for this creature. Ultimately, he was still a man and not a beast.

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“Congrats, Bilan! I’m a little jealous,” Jodye Trill joked with the giggling and bubbly Bilan Moon, but he wasn’t really kidding. Jodye was actually jealous, as consuming this beast would make him stronger. He might even awaken a latent ability related to the Dracophant!

“Hehe, don’t be jealous little Joe. You can play with my little Drake whenever you want,” said Bilan Moon with a sweet smile. Jodye was dumbstruck when he realized Bilan had already named the beast before it was even born.

“Ah, since it’s already such a good mood I also have a gift for you, dear niece,” Grey Willow smiled mischievously as she withdrew and fruit box from the spatial dimension in her magic pouch, which Jodye felt looked like a purse from his old world. In fact, it was definitely a purse no matter how he looked at it. How could that be?

“This…aunt…uh…” Bilan Moon genuinely didn’t know what to say. After all, she could already imagine what was in here. It was the Dark Jumble Fruit. “There’s something I need to tell you, aunt Blu.”

“My goodness, so the Dark Jumble Fruit was truly for you! Your a lucky, lucky girl.” Aunt Miran interjected in their conversation while caressing the soft fruit box. When she saw Grey Willow’s suspicious gaze, she waved a nonchalant hand, “Fine, the girl simply wanted to tell you it was this little noble Trill that was selling the fruit. He even offered to gift one to Bilan, but she gave it to her dear aunt instead.”

Bilan had black lines on her forehead, but she didn’t respond when she saw her martial-aunt on the verge of explosion.


With the Dracophant Egg landing in Bilan Moon’s possession, by way of Sigma Octanis, the curtains were finally closed on the Purple-Sky Secret Fair. To be safe, Grey Willow held on to the space bottle containing the ancient beast egg. As the party of six made their way out of the Purple-Sky Tower, their companions across town were facing an impending crisis.

“This is the place, right? The place where Heavenly Dog’s two apprentice26apprenticeAn apprentice or student is someone who is learning something from a teacher. While the relation is sacred, and there are mutual obligations between the apprentice and the teacher, there is no commitment between them. A disciple, on the other hand, has committed himself to the master, and the art of his master. The disciple has committed to entering and mastering a secret branch of knowledge and has requested the master to accept him into the arcane path. The relationship is very sacred and the obligations are binding.s are? We’ll capture them first, and then have some fun with them later,” a dark-haired man wearing white serpent robes stood of the rooftop across from the Silver Meadow Inn. “Do not kill them. Otherwise, we lose our leverage. However, be sure to kill anyone who stands in our way.”

“Yes!” dozens of warriors shouted in unison, releasing the pressure that alerted everyone in the area.

Back at the suite in the Silver Meadow Inn, Cassan’s closed eyes suddenly snapped open as he vanished from his seat in a flash of blue light. In the next room, Aiken Moon and Dessa Chimes were in the middle of cultivation training as they sat back to back in lotus style. Aiken was depressed to find that Dessa had grown quite taller than himself in the last couple of days, and she seemed more mature as well. He barely recognized his sweet little Dessa anymore. This woman looked fiercer than ever, like a caged animal.

However, as Aiken was ruminating over his misfortune, the sword glyph on Dessa’s hand released a piercing light demanding pure essence. Dessa was startled, but she allowed the treasure sword to use her power freely. Autumn Saver’s voice echoed in her heart, “You are in danger! When you see the old man block the deathly palm, grab the boy, and rise to arms. You are going to have to fight your way out. Luckily many of these acolytes and experts are what we can handle. Return to your master immediately, it’s probable that his location will be the safest.”

As soon as Autumn Saver’s voice faded there was an enormous ‘KABOOM’ as the side of the Inn was blasted to pieces by a giant black palm that threatened to squish the two youths into a paste.

“Dess, get down!” Aiken Moon summoned all of his strength to tackle the immobile Dessa, but he couldn’t really budge her much. She was far to sturdy, and now Aiken feared he would be forced to die with her. As he sensed the outrageously powerful death energy dropping down towards them, Aiken despaired. He didn’t notice that Dessa wasn’t even nervous. “Dessa Chimes I am honored to know a woman like you in this life. Only if we meet in the next life, I just hope you can remember my words… I love you!”

“Eh?!” Aiken Moon’s declaration temporarily short-circuited Dessa’s brain. What was this little dummy thinking of at a time like this?



Cassan’s voice was accompanied by an explosion of deadly forces. Noticing that this was the moment she had been forewarned about, Dessa grabbed Aiken Moon and spoke resolutely, “Let’s go!”

“Wha..wah!” before Aiken was able to express his confusion, Dessa pulled him by the arm and bust out the room with a flying kick to the door. The door blasted off its hinges accurately smashing in the faces of two intruders. Light flashed and a C-grade combat saber, the Urban Death Saber, appeared in Dessa’s hand as she slashed out with pure essence qi surrounded by a yellow aura.



Aiken’s eyes widened in shock as Dessa sliced the neck of an attacking saint before she moved on to attack more invading warriors.

Seeing this Aiken Moon’s hand immediately fell to the magic pouch on his hip, and seconds later he was equipped with two D-grade combat daggers. As he jumped into the fray next to Dessa.

“Dess, target the Sages in the back if we let them finished those curses we may not live to talk about it!” Aiken Moon cautioned the inexperienced Dessa. As the scion of a noble sage house, Aiken had his own pool of knowledge that was spoon fed to him by his House’s elders.

“Got it!” Dessa Chimes changed her directive, side-stepping the sword of a Fledgling Saint and bolting straight to the two Sage Scholars behind him. They both had their source artifacts barriers active, and their eyes were closed as they focused on forming curse seals, which were slowly condensing into arcane circles within their gold atmosphere. Autumn Saver had already told her that these two were only at the Perfected Sophomore rank of the Scholar Realm. According to the treasure spirit, Sages at this rank could already form one-star and even two-star arcane arts. If she let them cast such a curse, then she and Aiken would be doomed.

Typically, Perfected Sophmore Rank Sages possessed a base battle power of around 21 BP. This was two points lower than the current Dessa Chimes who owned true essence worth 23 BP. With the addition of her advanced nascent level pure qi concept, Dessa’s combat saber had the force of 48 BP, which was boosted to more than 56 BP by the array in the combat gear. Thanks to this, Dessa was able to immediately fall into a beautiful dance with her combat saber. She was exotic and graceful as she leaped with her sword dance as she flipped in the air and lightly landed on the ground behind the two Scholar Realm sages.

Dance of the Autumn Leaves, first step!

Dessa’s rapid and graceful movements were too fast for the two sages to react to at all. Their source barriers were quickly shattered like glass, and their throats, wrists, and ankles with all slit, as azure pure essence qi ravaged the interior of their bodies. Both sages collapsed lifelessly, and Aiken Moon was speechless. Dessa sped off again, and Aiken Moon stayed close behind. However, dozens of meters in front of them glaring purple lights flashed and low-level fiends started climbing out of several purple curse circles suspended in the air, each one above two or three sages who joined forces to complete the spell quickly.

“This…is bad…” Dessa Chimes’ heart grew cold when she saw the lewd bodies of those Bully fiends once again. While she was dazed, a male Bully Fiend swung down full force with his colossal club aiming to kill her. A bright light flashed, and Dessa only saw Aiken Moon impaling a combat dagger covered in yin frost in each eye that Bully Fiend, whose body was slowly encased in blue ice before shattering completely. Dessa was shocked entirely because just now Aiken’s saintly atmosphere was more powerful than her own.

What was the powerful cold qi he was using?

At this moment, Cassan was just about to tell the brats to escape, when he noticed they were already doing so with his spiritual sense. Looking at the hole in the building, Cassan frowned and called out, “Since you’ve already arrived, why not show yourself?”

“Hahaha, they said that an old mutt was playing guard dog back by the Heavenly Dog’s room,” a warrior wearing dark gray combat armor and surrounded in a saintly aura slowly descended from the sky. “Who would’ve expected you, this old dog, to be so capable.”

If Jodye were here, he would realize that this man looked 70% similar to Hemp and Vik Saver.

“Honored Elder Eddie Saver,” Cassan grimaced as he looked at his new opponent, “Has White Serpent Cove abandoned our cooperation already?”

“You should know very well what my presence means,” Eddie Saver raised his arm, and black and red qi light spiraled and twisted in the air to condense a long spear. This was Eddie Saver’s Heavenly Mantle. Once Saint class experts reached the Heaven’s Master Realm, they would be able to condense a unique weapon directly from their essence qi. Eddie’s eyes turned incomparably cold as he snorted, “It means your death!”

Sky Fall Bandit

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