Chapter 355: Survive?

On Extreme Heaven Peak.

At this moment, the day had ended while the night arrived and the moon and stars shone brightly. Limitless Palace elders had already waited for a long time on the astronomical observatory lobby in Extreme Heaven Peak. The 7 of them sat around a Taiji Diagram while Cheng Yu was placed at the core of the diagram.

Qing Yuanzi had used a whole afternoon time to explain to all his Senior and Junior Brothers on the essential points of the 7-star Yin Yang Soul Recallment Technique. And the 7 of them had also studied it for an afternoon.

At this moment, they were about to cast the resurrection technique on Cheng Yu.

The 7 of them had followed the formation position, arranging out the 7-star formation. Each of them was situated in a Yin Yang diagram.

Qing Yuanzi looked at the stars in the sky and felt that the timing was about right. Hence, he called out:” It’s time. Everyone get ready!”

The moment Qing Yuanzi spoke out, the 7 of them shut their eyes together and chanted some cryptic script or incantation. The atmosphere on the ground had become a lot more strange.

Lan Ya and Xin Yao got even more nervous. This was their only chance on the resurrection. If it fails, they would have to accept the fact that Cheng Yu had really died.

Hummm~ Hmmm! Followingly, the 7 of them chanted the incantation even faster. Their surroundings became filled with cold wings. To their surprise, evil spirits had also appeared before them.

“This… What’s this? Spirits?”Lan Ya saw a figure with disheveled hair floating around her surroundings. Her complexion turned deathly pale as she leaned towards Xin Yao.

“It’s fine! These are just some of the dead spirits. This method was actually able to incur spirits over. Seem’s like there’s hope for Cheng Yu!” Xin Yao placed her arms over Lan Ya’s shoulder and pulled her over. When she saw these spirits, she wasn’t afraid of them at all. In contrast, she was somewhat excited.

Because these spirits were all part of a person soul. Some of these spirits were like Cheng Yu, their soul got shattered by another person.

Therefore, some of these spirits might be an intact soul while some were just parts or bits of a person soul.

However, along with the passing of time, more and more spirits started to appear. Some of them were extremely evil, causing Lan Ya to be even more terrified.

Furthermore, there were lots of spirits advancing towards Cheng Yu’s body. Fortunately, there were 7 Great Ascension experts surrounding him and also with the 7-star formation shining on him, a lot of spirits did not have the courage to do so. They only dared to linger around the surroundings as they howled!

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“Yao’er! Don’t let someone else’s spirit enter Cheng Yu’s body!” It was at this moment, Qing Yuanzi opened up his eyes and howled.

Although they had managed to block off these spirits temporarily, they still had to perform the incantation and not to be distracted by these spirits. They still needed a bit more time to finish casting this recallment technique. If they were to be attacked by these spirits endlessly, not only would the spell came to failure, Cheng Yu’s body might be occupied by someone else’s spirit. When that happens’ it would become very troublesome.

When the time comes, even if Cheng Yu had been, it would be Cheng Yu but someone else!

When Xin Yao heard it, she left behind a spirit expulsion talisman for Lan Ya before charging forward and repulsed all those spirits who wanted to occupy Cheng Yu’s body.

When she saw more and more spirits advancing over, the situation became somewhat difficult for her to handle because these spirits couldn’t be repulsed back easily. They were able to turn incorporeal, like a smoke.

She was able to expel all these spirits out using the spirit expulsion talisman. However, this recallment technique was meant to call Cheng Yu’s soul back. If she were to use the spirit expulsion talisman, she might accidentally expel Cheng Yu’s soul out.

Therefore, even if Xin Yao had trouble handling the situation, she still had to persevere on. If she had known this would happen, she would have called a few of her junior brothers over. However, she knew that it was impossible because resurrecting Cheng Yu was a secret, a top secret.

If Cheng Yu were to be resurrected and Kunlun were to know of this, wouldn’t they think of more ideas to get Cheng Yu killed? Therefore, only they knew of this matter.

While such an unusual sight was happening, a lot of the sect members had noticed it and rushed over to the Extreme Heaven’s Peak. However, when they realize the spirits were all advancing towards the astronomical observatory, none of them dared to continue pursuing.

It was because the astronomical observatory was a sacred place. Any ordinary sect members were not allowed to enter. Unless the elder had given them permission, they were not allowed to enter.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu! More and more spirits gathered around the astronomical observatory. Furthermore, an Initial Stage Spirit Severing Realm expert spirit had appeared! Xin Yao expression turned solemn and was overwhelmed.

Now that even Spirit Severing Realm expert soul had come, this was no longer recalling the spirit but seizing of spirit. After one’s cultivation reaches the Nascent Soul Realm, their Golden Core would break apart, giving birth to a Nascent Sou. This Nascent Soul was similar to their main body, just that it was a mini version of themselves.

The Nascent Soul not only represented a cultivator cultivation realm, but it had also become a part of a person soul. Therefore, even after a cultivator had died, as long as their Nascent Soul are still intact, they would be able to continue living so long as they reconstruct a corporeal body or take over another person body.

Spirit Severing Realm, a realm after the Nascent Soul Realm. When one entered the Spirit Severing Realm, the Nascent Soul had already become as big as the main body, becoming a Primordial Spirit. As long as the Primordial Spirit wasn’t extinguished, they would be able to achieve reborn. Therefore, it was natural for them to seize another person body.

Now, Xin Yao had to face against a Spirit Severing Realm soul which was also a Primordial Spirit. But fortunately, it was not an intact Primordial Spirit because its strength was not as strong as a Spirit Severing Realm expert.

But even so, it was sufficient to bring disaster to Xin Yao. She might be in the Late Stage of Nascent Soul Realm but there was still a big gap between her strength and the Spirit Severing Realm. Even though the other party’s Primordial Spirit was unstable, it was already hard for her to deal with it.

Meanwhile, the 7 of them who were casting the spell were facing tremendous pressure. They were also able to feel the appearance of a formidable spirit. However, they had reached the crucial step. They could only pray that Xin Yao would be able to persevere on and not let the spirit seize Cheng Yu’s body.

Pu! Xin Yao did not manage to injure the other party but got injured instead. Fortunately, she was wearing the Middle-grade Soul Artifact that was given by Cheng Yu. Although she had vomited a mouth of blood, the injury was not any grave.

However, when she saw the Spirit Severing spirit had actually run towards Cheng Yu’s body, Xin Yao turned anxious. She ignored the minor injuries on her and went forward to hinder the spirit again.

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Xin Yao turned ruthless. Since there was no appearance of Cheng Yu’s soul, she took out a Spirit Expulsion Talisman and activated it. The Spirit Expulsion Talisman emitted a ray of radiance as an eccentric word flew out from the talisman, shooting towards the spirit.

The spirit was astonished as he got hit by the eccentric word. Although this spirit was the Primordial Spirit of a Severing Spirit Realm expert, it was classified under the category of soul. Since it was something related to the soul, the Spirit Expulsion Talisman would work.

Meanwhile, the spirit was injured but it didn’t flee. Seizing another person body wasn’t something as simple as a possession. The requirement for the body that was to be seized was extremely harsh.

Otherwise, a lot of people would have their body seized away since there were so many spirits in this world. For a successful seize to happen, at the very least, the person body must not contain a person soul. Take, for example, Cheng Yu’s situation. There was only an empty vessel in him, making him a target for these spirits.

More importantly, one must have enough luck. Normally after a person dies, it wouldn’t attract any spirits over. Only special circumstances would cause such an event to happen. Like now, there was someone casting the soul recallment technique.

There were also requirements on the person body as well. In any case, for a successful seizing to happen, it was something that can only be discovered and not sought for.

Otherwise, with so many spirits around, wouldn’t there be an endless amount of resurrection happening after a person dies? Besides, even if an incomplete soul were to occupy a body, the person still wouldn’t be able to come alive.

Cheng Yu was this Spirit Severing Realm spirit’s stroke of luck. It was unknown how many years it had to wait if it wishes to run into such an opportunity again. Therefore, he was unwilling to leave just like this. He had to seize this body successfully.

However, he was afraid of the spirit expulsion talisman on Xin Yao hands. Thus, he could only linger around.

Xin Yao did not actively attack as she guarded the 7-star formation. Meanwhile, the 7 of them had already reached the endpoint.

Bam! The spirit seemed to have sensed the recallment technique was about to come to an end. It started to launch another assault.

Xin Yao could not be careless any longer as she went up to block him from snatching Cheng Yu’s body. Bang bang bang! Although Xin Yao had already used all of her strength, she was still not a match for him, causing her to suffer from repeated injuries. However, she clenched her teeth in order to persevere on. Lan Ya who was still holding onto the spirit expulsion talisman had already hidden in a corner, trembling. When she saw how Xin Yao was risking her life to stop the spirit from snatching Cheng Yu’s body, her heart was moved yet worried.

Pu! Just when Xin Yao got sent flying by the spirit, the sorcery was near its end. The 7 Taiji diagram the 7 of them had sat in suddenly lighted up as 7 rays of radiance shot up the sky.

The 7 brightest stars in the sky got even brighter as the 7 rays of radiance converged together, shooting into Cheng Yu’s body.

All of Limitless Palace members were staring at this scene. They have no idea what was happening in the Extreme Heaven’s Peak. A lot of those who had no idea what was happening flew over to Extreme Heaven’s Peak. However, similar to those who had arrived before them, after they saw the light was coming from the astronomical observatory, they could only return back gloomily.

The Starlight was still shining on Cheng Yu’s body. The spirit knew that he no longer stood a chance and gradually retreated. Qing Xu, the other spellcasters, the injured Xin Yao and also Lan Ya who had hidden in a corner looked at the scene excitedly. Their moods were filled with excitement yet anxiousness!

They had no idea if Cheng Yu could be resurrected!

Whoosh! After 15mins later, the starlight disappeared and Cheng Yu’s body appeared before everyone again. All of them went before Cheng Yu while Qing Xu probed on Cheng Yu. His heart immediately turned gloomy as his expression became extremely ugly. There were signs of disappointment, sorrow as well as helplessness!

“How was it? Teacher, was Cheng Yu resurrected?” Lan Ya enquired in excitement.

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