Chapter 354: 7-Star Yin Yang Soul Recallment Technique!

“This… Disciple’s wife, what you said is reasonable but it isn’t time yet. We are still thinking of other ways!” Qing Xu spoke out. Although what Lan Ya said was very reasonable and fair, Qing Xu was still waiting for news from Qing Yuanzi. How could he possibly let Lan Ya bring Cheng Yu away?

“You are saying you people still have a way to save him?” Brightness lighted up Lan Ya eyes as she cried out elatedly.

“Er… We are still finding means to. Besides, it had been two days since you rest and eaten. It is impossible for you to be able to bring him home with the way you are now. You should rest for a few days first, nursing your body back up. If we really have no other means, it’s still not too late for you to bring him back!”

“But it had already been so long.” Lan Ya replied. After a person dies, the corpse would start rotting. If she were to continue waiting, how was she going to bring the corpse back? When the time comes, how was she going to enter the city?

“You can be at ease. I had already given him a dose of Methamphetamine Soul Pill. For the next 1 month, his body would not rot!” Qing Xu commented.

“This… alright!” Lan Ya gave the other party words thought and felt that it was somewhat reasonable. Regardlessly, the other party was an immortal cultivator. Although he wasn’t a real immortal, he was still a lot of time stronger than any ordinary cultivators.

Furthermore, she actually didn’t wish to bring Cheng Yu corpse back. Otherwise, when the time comes, how was he going to explain to his parents!


At the 9th floor of Soul Suppressing Pagoda!

On the ground, a large and complicated diagram were blinking in dazzling radiance. And above the diagram hovers a lot of weird runes. Similarly, they were all blinking in bright radiance.

In the middle of the diagram and rune, a somewhat translucent human figure sat there. It seemed like the person would disappear at any time. Those runes were shot at the person as a lot of weird characters were revolving around him.

It was at this moment, this person had actually opened his eyes. Subsequently, he started surveying his surroundings curiously!

“Eh? Isn’t this Soul Suppressing Pagoda? Why am I here? I didn’t die?” This translucent person was Cheng Yu. When he saw how familiar his surrounding were, he was baffled.

“If it wasn’t because of me, you would have long died!” It was at this moment, a voice resonated out within the Soul Suppressing Pagoda.

“Soul Suppressor! Heh heh. Turn out is you who saved me!” Hearing Soul Suppressor voice, Cheng Yu was surprised.

“That’s of course. If it wasn’t because I had stored away from your scattered soul into the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, you would be drinking tea with Hades right now!” Soul Suppressor grumbled.

“Heh heh! Soul Suppressor, this time I truly have to thank you. But how is the situation outside? Is my woman still in the hands of those Kunlun bastards hand?” When Cheng Yu thought of how he had died, he worries for his woman as well. He wasn’t sure if his teacher had managed to rescue her out.

“This fellow. What time is it and you still think of your woman? Shouldn’t you be worrying for yourself?” Soul Suppressor was dumbfounded. If it were to say Cheng Yu was faithful, he still had several other women. If he were to say Cheng Yu as fickle-minded, it would be wrong as well since he still worries for his woman even after his soul had been scattered.

“Heh heh, aren’t you around? What’s there for me to worry about?” Cheng Yu giggled.

“You are about to be disappointed. I only said that I have managed to gather back your scatter soul. However, I don’t remember telling you that you are fine right now!” Soul Suppressor replied in an ill-mannered way.

“What do you mean? Could there still be a problem?” Cheng Yu was confused.

“Of course. You should also know that a soul is made up of the spiritual and carnal side of a man, forming a complete soul. For anybody to awaken, there must be a complete soul in them.” Soul Suppressor replied.

“Didn’t you collect back all my scattered souls already? Could it be that you have missed out some of it?” Cheng Yu enquired anxiously. If there was a small portion of his soul missing, wouldn’t that means that he would no longer be able to wake up?

“Indeed, I have collected all of your scattered soul.” Soul Suppressor replied patiently.

“Isn’t it fine then? You just have to place my soul back into my body and I would wake up. Isn’t it simple?” Cheng Yu spoke out.
“You make it sound so easy. Do you really think that it’s as simple as putting an object into a box?” Soul Suppressor retorted.

“Isn’t it so? “ Cheng Yu might have already lived for 2 lives but he truly has no understanding of such a thing.

“Of course not, idiot. Although the spiritual and carnal side of the soul is of independent, they were also a collaborative entity. Only then would it become a complete soul. But have a look at yourself!” Soul Suppressor argued.

“Me? What’s wrong with me?” Cheng Yu lowered his head to have a look at himself. Immediately, he was astonished:” Ah! What happened? Why am I translucent?”

“This is because your soul is no longer complete and got scattered by the Great Ascension Realm fella!” When he saw Cheng Yu finally realize the problem, Soul Suppressor became a lot happier.

“Then what should I do now? Heh heh. I knew you must a solution to solve it right?” Cheng Yu replied in worries. But after he sensed how calm Soul Suppressor was, he suddenly smiled.

“I’m about to disappoint you again. The only thing I could do for you was to collect your scattered soul back for you. The rest will have to rely on yourself.” Soul Suppressor spoke.

“You are trying to say. I can heal myself?” Cheng Yu enquired.

“This… it’s possible from a certain point of view.”

“What do you mean? Is it impossible?” Cheng Yu suddenly had a bad premonition.

“To be precise, it is impossible under normal circumstances. There’s only a slight chance for a spontaneous recovery.” Soul Suppressor replied indifferently.

“What! Are you joking with me? Wouldn’t it mean that there’s only a tiny bit of chance for me to live?” Hearing Soul Suppressor words, Cheng Yu could no longer remain calm. Didn’t that mean that it was destined for him to die?

“You are right. Indeed, there’s no way for you to return alive right now!” Soul Suppressor laughed. He liked to see Cheng Yu panicking.

“Then what should I do? They wouldn’t have buried me already right!” Cheng Yu spoke worriedly.

“Hehe. It seems like they do have this intention.” Soul Suppressor laughed. Although Cheng Yu had already died, Soul Suppressor was still able to see what was happening outside.

“Couldn’t you just head out to talk to them!” Cheng Yu enquired.

“I can’t do it. I don’t have a corporeal body. Besides, now that you have died, I’m unable to get out as well.” Soul Suppressor spoke helplessly.

“Soul Suppressor, we are on the same boat together. You must have a way to save me right?” Ultimately, Cheng Yu was still unable to believe that Soul Suppressor truly had no means to save him.

“Nope!” Soul Suppressor spoke

“Really none?”


“Don’t you wish to reign supreme in the cultivation world together with me?” Cheng Yu spoke in beliefs.


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“Don’t you wish to find a wife? As long as you can save me, I would find a beautiful female soul artifact for you to let it become your wife. How’s that?” Cheng Yu enticed.

“No! You think I’m like you? Your wife had been crying for 2 days, turning extremely unsightly.” Soul Suppressor spoke.

“Wife? Who?” Cheng Yu was confused.

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“A woman called Lan Ya.” Although Soul Suppressor couldn’t head out to interact with them, he was still able to clearly see what was happening outside.

“Lan Ya? Why is she here? Did Kunlun capture her? Just she alone? How’s she now?” Hearing Soul Suppressor words, Cheng Yu bombarded him with questions.

“You can be at ease! They have gone back to the Limitless Palace already.”

“That’s good then!” Cheng Yu heaved a sigh of relief, as long as her woman is fine, that’s all that matters.

“Soul Suppressor, you really have no other ways?” Cheng Yu enquired in unresignment.


“Soul Suppressor! Soul Suppressor!” The moment Cheng Yu called out, Soul Suppressor no longer replied.


Limitless Palace Wuji Peak, Main Hall.

“Today, I gathered everyone here today due to Cheng Yu’s matter. These 2 days, I had looked through all the secret arts in the sect. Finally, I found a means to revive someone from death. Therefore, I have gathered everyone, hoping all of you to be able to help out in executing this resurrection technique!” Qing Yuanzi replied.

“Really? Junior Brother! You really found a way to do it?” Qing Xu replied excitedly.

“Right. According to the records in the secret vault, one of our ancestors had used this method to revive a person before.” Qing Yuanzi replied.

“Quickly explain it to us then!” Qing Xu spoke out anxiously.

“This is a formation technique, called 7-star Yin Yang Soul Recallment Technique! It is able to recall back the deadman soul, resurrecting him! However, this formation technique needed 7 people. Just nice, there’s 7 of us. Therefore, I hope all the Senior Brother and Junior Brothers would help out, casting the resurrection technique on Cheng Yu!”

“All Junior Brothers! Please! Just treat it as me owing you guys a favor!” Qing Xu stood up, walking up to the hall and spoke to all his Junior Brothers.

“Senior Brother is being too courteous. Since Cheng Yu was your disciple, he was also our Martial Nephew. We are all very pleased with him. For him to suffer such an injustice death, we also aren’t feeling any better. Now that we might have a chance to save him, we would naturally help you out.” Extreme Cloud Elder, Elder Qing Yun spoke out.

“That’s right! Senior Brother, we will certainly help you out in this!” All the other elders shouted out in succession.

“Junior Brother Qing Feng, are you willing to help Senior Brother out for this one?” Qing Xu looked at Qing Feng and said.

“Hehe. Cheng Yu is my Martial Nephew as well. How could I possibly not help out?” Since the others had agreed to help out, even if he wasn’t willing, he couldn’t say it out as well.
“Thank you Junior Brother!” Qing Xu replied sincerely.

“Alright! Since everyone is willing, then let’s head over to Extreme Heaven Peak now!” In the 7-star Yin Yang Soul Recallment technique, it had recorded that the shorter the death time was, the higher chance of resurrection! Let’s not delay any longer!” Qing Yuanzi spoke out.

“Good! Let’s head over now!” The one most anxious right now was Qing Xu. After much difficulty did they finally manage to discover a resurrection technique. He did not wish for a fail resurrection.

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