Chapter 196: Rank 9 monster army

Entrance to the Thousand Snake Valley.

“Senior brother, there are many dangers within this valley, be careful.”

“Senior brother, don’t go too deep, this valley is very sinister.”

Two disciples that were standing guard at the entrance kindly warned him. Qin Tian responded with a light smile, indicating that he would be cautious and stepped into the Thousand Snake Valley.

Zhou Wei suffered a huge loss and had his entire reputation thrown away by Qin Tian. How could he swallow this hatred? He would definitely not leave the matter like that and was sure to trouble Qin Tian again. The next time they meet, it may be a life or death battle where he would show absolutely no mercy.

His Rank 2 Rebirth realm cultivation meant that it was impossible for Qin Tian to win with his current strength.

Rebirth Force is powerful, plus Zhou Wei was a disciple of the Violent Sky Faction, and his status was not low.

Without being fully prepared, Qin Tian would not be able to rest at ease.

Ever since he entered the Thousand Snake Valley previously, he had been secretly surprised. In any case, Tianji Sect was also an overpowering great sect, how could they tolerate these monsters within the sect?

Besides, there were powerful beasts like the rank nine fire python. These kinds of monsters were considered as invincible existences under the tenth rank.

There were such strong monsters roaming inside the valley, why did the Tianji Sect tolerate their existence?

Qin Tian felt puzzled from his understanding of Yan Xin’s words. Just what incredible secret was the Thousand Snake Valley hiding?

Endless killing, fierce monsters, it was an infinite cycle.

There must be a hidden secret to this.

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Qin Tian entered the Thousand Snake Valley and immediately let Mao Mao out. A person and his beast carefully pushed on. Every so often, Qin Tian secretly made a mark. In this misty valley concealed in shadows, it was impossible to identify one’s location without marking.

“Ss.. ss..”

A flaming red snake spat out like lightning.

The length of the snake was longer than Qin Tian’s height, and its whole body looked like it was made of bronze.

It quickly stretched out its body that was thicker than a bucket upon noticing Qin Tian, its upper body leapt upwards. Opening its bloody mouth, it snapped downwards …


Both of Mao Mao’s claws suddenly struck out and landed onto the jaws of the giant snake. Twisting a hundred and eighty degrees, the huge snake died instantly.

Mao Mao was not finished yet. He slashed off the snake’s head with a single swipe of his claws, dug out the core and swallowed it.

Qin Tian was slightly shocked that a rank five monster had been killed just like that. It seemed like Mao Mao had improved more than just a little.

In the past, Mao Mao had listened to Qin Tian’s orders, but now he possessed his own thinking and judgment. Even though Qin Tian had not told him to attack, he already felt Qin Tian’s intent. There was simply no need for commands anymore.

“Mao Mao, the cores of all the demons you kill today will belong to you,” laughed Qin Tian. It was common for monsters to devour cores, and seeing Mao Mao swallowing one led him to immediately understand their need for them. They needed the power inside the core to evolve again.

Mao Mao smiled excitedly and rushed ahead as though high on drugs.

The periphery of the valley was in turmoil.

Mao Mao was like a wolf entering the sheep pen, not gentle in the slightest.

Qin Tian discovered that these snakes were like soldiers patrolling the outer areas. They were not strong, however, they came in waves. Should something cause a large commotion, it would immediately attract a group of snakes.

There was no chaos within the group of snakes even when encountering the powerful Mao Mao. Those rank five giant snakes fought without hesitation as if they were not afraid of death at all.

Qin Tian quietly observed Mao Mao causing a bloodbath.

It took no time for the snake bodies to pile up, and at last, there were no more snakes around.

Dozens of rank five giant snakes had died, and Mao Mao’s body was covered in small injuries of varying degrees. Some of them were highly poisonous, but he was invulnerable after having devoured the Undead Millenary King’s inner dan and the snake toxins had no effect on him at all.

Mao Mao dug out more than a dozen cores and swallowed all of them. A “long long” sound burst out from inside as his whole body shook slightly. His expression was one of indescribable contentment.

As Mao Mao grew, his battle form time limit also increased. The current Mao Mao was not subject to time constraints at all, and his basic appearance was his battle form.

With regards to Mao Mao, Qin Tian did not control him much, simply allowing him to evolve by himself. Only one would know how to best cultivate oneself.

“Good job, keep on opening a path.”

Qin Tian smiled slightly and praised him. At the same time, his Little Demon in the Dantian was a bit displeased and shouted, “Master, I want to go out too, I want to kill monsters too…”

“Little demon, you are my trump card.”

“Do you know what a trump card is?”

“It’s the ace, the most powerful card, the killing card. Do you understand your importance now?”

“Boss, so it turns out that I am actually this important,” Little Demon immediately smiled proudly.

“You are not just important, but too important. Remember to work hard and train the Great Art of Control until the Absolute realm. When that time comes, you can do whatever you like,” said Qin Tian.

“Yes, Boss.” Little Demon immediately crossed his legs and sat down, his whole body glowing with red light.

Qin Tian smiled knowingly.

His Little Demon could easily control someone at rank 8 ascension realm. However, Zhou Wei who was in the Rebirth realm could not be controlled. In the Rebirth realm, one’s spiritual sense was much stronger and was extremely difficult to control.

If he wanted to kill Zhou Wei, he might need to let Yao Kong out of the spatial ring.

Yao Kong could be considered as Qin Tian’s other trump card.

Rank 1 Rebirth realm, cultivating for more than three hundred years and having a very powerful comprehension of the sword. Perhaps even Zhou Wei in Rank 2 Rebirth realm would not rival him.

When Qin Tian broke through the law of aura and reached the second level of “The Song of Disorder”, the chaotic Qi inside Yao Kong’s body had been completely drawn out. Since then, his strength had made a full recovery and he was even more powerful than before.

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Yet, Qin Tian still did not want him to appear. After all, this was Tianji Sect and the sudden emergence of a Rebirth expert from the Flowing Clouds Sect would surely cause a lot of trouble.

Additionally, the Flowing Clouds Sect must be secretly investigating the cause of Yao Qing’s death and it would not be long before they linked it to him. For this reason, Qin Tian must speed up his pace and strive harder to consolidate his position in the Tianji Sect.

When Flowing Clouds Sect really came to kill him, he would not be afraid.

As they headed deeper, the fog thickened and they could only see thirty meters ahead.

Under the law of aura, Qin Tian wrinkled his brows and immediately said, “Mao Mao, be careful.”

Mao Mao was also aware of the dangerous atmosphere. The furs all over his body were raised like steel needles, making him look twice as big.


A huge serpent slithered out, its giant tail flew out from above.

“Rank eight green serpent.”

“Rank three berserk.”

At Qin Tian’s shout, his aura changed instantly and a spiritual power filled his body. Facing the giant tail, he smiled coldly before he raised his speed and immediately disappeared.


The serpent’s tail slammed downwards, cracking a giant fissure at the place where Qin Tian was standing just a moment before and the gravel on the ground was smashed into smithereens. It was extremely powerful.

“Peng, peng, peng.”

Three heavy punches sounded suddenly.


A black mist gushed out and covered the surroundings in black ink. Qin Tian held his breath as his two eyes flashed red, shouting, “You dare to release poison, Laozi will kill you.”

Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture erupted. While still in the air, Qin Tian consolidated power into his two fists while increasing his speed yet again, not letting the green serpent to escape death.

The rank eight serpent was smashed on the spot, the rest of its body swaying high up in the air as stars swirled in its eyes.

“Still not dead?”

Qin Tian leapt high into the air again and stomped down onto the head of the green serpent.


This time, both of the green serpent’s eyes rolled back and its huge body fell heavily onto the ground, unmoving.

Qin Tian did not hesitate to dig out the core and turned to Mao Mao with a smile. “This prize is for you.”

Mao Mao purred and grinned, showing an adorable expression.

As soon as the rank eight serpent died, a “sou, sou” sound rang out from the surrounding mist.

Qin Tian turned, long aware that there was more than one snake nearby. However, they were actually retreating unlike the rank five monsters that attacked without hesitation.

Why was this the case?

“Could it be that they are afraid of me?”

Puzzled, Qin Tian continued to walk forward. Mao Mao’s eyes showed a slight hesitation as he looked at Qin Tian.


Mao Mao remained silent.

“Go back into the ring first.”

Mao Mao immediately transformed from his battle mode into his small form and returned to the spatial ring.

In truth, Mao Mao was not scared, he was afraid of slowing down Qin Tian’s retreat.

He could clearly sense an immense danger in the fog up ahead. If he felt this, then so would Qin Tian. In order not to worry Qin Tian, he was willing to admit that he was afraid.


Qin Tian took a deep breath and marched forward into the mist. Thousands of giant pythons gathered around him, remaining at a distance of a hundred meters away… They did not attack and Qin Tian did not provoke them, as his attention was on the mysterious power within the mist.

Having walked for more than ten minutes, visibility became less than ten meters. Right now, his sight became useless and he had to rely wholly on the law of aura to move forward.


A powerful hurricane surged in the deep valley as if it was piercing through the caves like a sinister wind from hell.

It blew against his body with a pungent smell.

The odor was sucked into his body, causing Qin Tian’s stomach to churn as he fought his urge to vomit.

He halted his footsteps and released the law of aura with all his strength. His heartbeat quickened and he felt a chill down his spine. All around him were rank nine monsters.

Thinking of the rank nine fire python from the other day, he felt faint.

The rank nine monsters around him were no weaker than the fire python. Many of them were close to reaching rank ten, only a single step away from evolving into a humanoid monster.

Qin Tian creased his brows and immediately put all his strength into defense. All of the defensive tools on his body were prepared as he commanded internally, “Rank four berserk.”


From his body, a charismatic light surged up into the sky.

The light dispersed the mist and illuminated the area. Suddenly, Qin Tian felt his scalp turned numb.

An incomparably huge python with its body intertwined with itself was swaying gently as its golden pupils stared right at Qin Tian. The flaming red python was like a •comet’s fiery tail•, ferocious beyond compare.

[• means the fiery trail behind the comet as it moves.  Do search the internet for what ‘comet tail’ means if u don’t understand]

Qin Tian’s face paled and droplets of cold sweat began to form on his face. He had sensed great danger in the atmosphere, however, he did not expect the appearance of such a large monster army which only consisted of rank nine monsters.

This was the rank nine monster army.

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