Chapter 197 – Battle in the abyss


The giant python’s hiss sound as though there was an explosion in his ear.

Qin Tian took half a step backwards from surprise. Looking up at the huge body, he could not help but gulp as his body trembled.

If it had been 1 or 2 rank nine monsters, Qin Tian believed he could still manage. Yet from his observation, there were at least thousands in front of him.

Such a massive legion of rank nine monsters may easily sweep through the entire Tianji Sect.

Why were they here?

Qin Tian did not think about it, the only thing he wanted to do right now was to escape.

He never dreamed that within the Thousand Snake Valley actually assembled such a huge monster army. Could it be that they wanted to fight against the Tianji Sect?


A giant python with a golden body slithered out, suddenly blocking Qin Tian’s retreat. Its long body sealed off the escape route in a flash.

From 2 other sides, giant pythons shrunk close, completely surrounding Qin Tian.

Only the road ahead was left.

From the surroundings illuminated by the halo of the rank 4 berserk, he found that not too far away behind him, it was dark like a deep abyss. Inwardly, he was certain that it was probably a bottomless ravine or abyss. If he fell in, he would definitely be smashed to pieces.

All three sides were blocked off by the rank nine giant pythons. Qin Tian could not fly even if he grew wings, and the distance between the two parties were shrinking steadily. Although they were moving closer, they did not attack.

Qin Tian looked back at the abyss not far away and knitted his brows together, “Wanting a bloodless victory, you want Laozi to jump in and die, right?

“Ss, ss…”

The long python nearly spat on Qin Tian’s face and the pungent mucus splattered on the ground disgustingly. Qin Tian steadily retreated, thinking quickly.

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Even the strongest from the Void Piercing realm would not be able to escape from them.

The only way was to jump in.

This was their intention too. Was there even stronger monsters hidden below?

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Qin Tian was puzzled. If they were guarding something, they would never allow him to come close, yet they seemed to want him to approach.

Could there be a hidden mystery?

While wondering about this, Qin Tian slowly retreated, keeping his eyes alert. At the same time, he released the law of aura into the depths of the darkness, however, he could not sense anything.

He determined from the depth of the darkness that it had to be an abyss.


A mangled scream suddenly rose up from the bottom of the abyss.



Two loud thunderous sounds came from the abyss, dull yet powerful. Then, a burst of fire shot out of the abyss into the sky, the impulsive impact shattering the dark fog.

Suddenly, Qin Tian’s heart tightened as he said, “Is there someone down there?”

“Was it a humanoid monster?”

He immediately thought of a rank ten Absolute realm monster. In the depths of the Thousand Snake Valley, such a huge army of rank nine monsters was hiding. It would only be natural for there to be a few rank ten monsters at the bottom of the abyss.


Another thunderous sound.

A strong aura erupted into the sky and Qin Tian’s heart twisted, “There is a human’s aura.”

The law of aura sensed the aura from the bottom of the abyss and Qin Tian immediately knew that there were humans, not just one, but two.

“Having a life or death battle down there, could it be a struggle for a treasure?”


Qin Tian immediately swallowed his saliva, his eyes suddenly brightening. The Thousand Snake Valley was incomparably mysterious, so it was normal if it was hiding a heavenly treasure.

If it was not a fight for treasure, why would they choose to fight to death at the bottom of the abyss?

There had to be a treasure and the two of them were battling for it in a fierce confrontation.

Thinking of this, Qin Tian panicked and looked at the dark abyss. Gritting his teeth slightly, he muttered, “This is a gamble.”

It was impossible for him to make a head-on attack even if he wanted to. He was incapable of charging through the rank nine monster army and escape, there was no chance that he would win. Might as well go all out and put his life on the line.

Seeking wealth in danger, Laozi’s luck had always been good.

Standing at the edge of the abyss, Qin Tian released all his strength while strengthening himself with ascension force. Condensing Qigong into three feet long wings and opening them up, Qin Tian looked into the depths of the abyss. Staring blankly, he said, “Amitabha, God bless me.”

Immediately, he jumped in.

The dark abyss was like an everlasting beast’s open mouth, ferociously waiting for food.
————————————————————— Bottom of the abyss.

An empty darkness, vast and boundless like an endless void.

“Wu Tian, what will you fight me with?”

“You can’t even defeat my incarnation, say, how are you qualified to fight me?”

“I urge you to return to the Violent Sky Faction, we will share the Tianji Sect in the future.”

One person stood proudly with his eyes filled with excitement. His whole body exuded an earth-shattering aura, every move terrifyingly powerful.

Facing him a hundred feet away was another person, his complexion pale and blood dripping from his mouth. His eyebrows were raised sharply like two sharp swords. His white clothes were already tattered, however, this did not weaken his imposing manner at all. Looking at his opponent, he laughed slyly and said, “Liu Shuanghan, do you have a physical body?”

“You are just a puppet at the mercy of others, a pitiful worm.”

The words of Wutian young master were like a thorn, piercing directly at the Violent Sky young master’s sore spot. The latter’s expression instantly became fierce, saying, “Since you know my secret, then you better not think about living.”

“Kill me?”

“Liu Shuanghan, you aren’t capable.”

Suddenly, all his power burst out, revealing his powerful Rebirth Force, transforming into a huge white snake a kilometer long. His two hypnotizing golden eyes blinked once and golden lightning rained down.

Liu Shuanghan smiled coldly, “Forced out your original form.”

“I have long guessed that you were the Lord of the Thousand Snake Valley, however your mighty saint father is not here, otherwise killing you would require me to take some measures.”

With that, Liu Shuanghan’s incarnation became ten thousand shadows, as if his body were like essence. Facing the golden lightning head on with a smile, he heavily swung his sword and shouted, “Godly Savage arts, Ten Thousand Sword Soar…”

Ten thousand shadows, illusions of tens of thousands of heavy swords instantly sliced apart the incomparably dense golden lightning, dispersing it without a trace.

“Godly Savage arts?!”

“You actually entered the Savage territory.” The snakes mouth opened once and a resonating sound burst out.

Wu Tian was shocked internally. Godly Savage arts were supreme arts from the Savage territory. He did not think that Liu Shuanghan had cultivated the Godly Savage arts..

Ten thousand shadows, ten thousand swords, ten thousand sword forces.

Immense power defying the heavens.


“The Savage clan are impervious to reason. In anger,  Laozi killed the entire Savage clan, neatly obtaining the Godly Savage arts. Wu Tian, my Ten Thousand Sword Soar is just the first form. How is it, are you afraid? Haha…”

Liu Shuanghan’s thousands of shadows laughed simultaneously, the sound reverberating loudly throughout the dark abyss, rumbling like a field of thunder.


“My Thousand Snake clan fears nothing. Even if you cultivated the Godly Savage arts, what can you do? My white snake body has reached the Absolute realm, unless you are also in the Absolute realm, what can you do to me?” Wu Tian laughed coldly, feeling extremely confident.

Just a moment ago, his humanoid form was covered in wounds and his life hung on the line. However, now he had no wounds visible. Being in his original form, he was even more powerful.

“An Absolute realm physical body?” Liu Shuanghan shouted coldly, his heart filled with anger. The illusory sword in his hand immediately exuded a strong aura as his expression grew more and more fierce, “I am only lacking an Absolute realm physical body. Today, I will seize your body.”

“Boasting without shame.”

“If you were capable, you would not be a puppet.”

Suddenly, Wu Tian’s gigantic body rose high into the air, appearing like a white dragon in the dark void with tempestuous aura.

“Godly Savage arts, Earthquake.”

“Laozi wants to see just how tough your Absolute realm physical body is.”

The Violent Sky Faction’s Liu Shuanghan’s illusory shadows converged in the blink of an eye and the phantom sword in his hand suddenly shone radiantly. A powerful force gathered in the blade, bright as the white sky and the sword burst out from his hands.

“Thousand Snake armor, break…”

The white snake Wu Tian also shouted.

In the face of the sword with overwhelming force, any heart would turn cold. Violent Sky young master’s strength was powerful beyond imagination. However, having the strongest body in the Thousand Snake clan, Wu Tian’s heart was fearless.


Liu Shuanghan swang out vigorously. A powerful force came from the depths of the earth, creating a massive sharp-edged fissure from which emerged a towering sword of condensed Qi. It slashed mercilessly at Wu Tian.

It was impossible to avoid the sword, not that Wu Tian had any intention of avoiding it.

He was very confident in the abilities of his Absolute realm physical body, feeling that unless there was someone at the pinnacle of the Absolute realm, no one could hurt him.

The Violent Sky master was equally confident for the Godly Savage arts were considered divine arts and the attack power was extremely strong. Even in face of an Absolute physical body, he felt confident.

The strongest defence against the strongest attack?

Facing the huge sword rising into the sky, Wutian young master opened up his large bloody mouth and snapped it up.


Chaos filled the abyss and the earth shook as if it was the end of the world.


A piercing scream descended.

The sound of air being broken whizzed downwards.

A figure was falling quickly and Qin Tian shouted, “People below make way, if I squash you it’s not my fault.”


Qin Tian landed heavily before standing up and dusting himself. Seeing the huge white snake in the air, his heart shook and his body trembled slightly. Wobbling unsteadily on his feet, he stumbled backwards as he glanced sideways, bumping into a stone coffin. On top of the stone coffin was an alluring blood-red flower bud, opening slowly.

This flower that seemed to have blood pouring out from it was only three feet away from Qin Tian.

“Datura, the flower of immortality…”

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