Chapter 198 – Evil fruit of immortality

“Qin Tian?!”

“Qin Tian?!”

Violent Sky young master and Wutian young master called out simultaneously.

Qin Tian was surprised, his pupils contracting into needle points. His heart pounded and the blood in his chest suddenly churned as tremendous Qi circulated. He wrinkled his brows.

Having jumped, he thought about countless people during his fall, but had not expected to see the Violent Sky young master. His memory of being crushed by him last time at the achievement hall was still vivid. Seeing the physical body of the Violent Sky young master now, his heart felt faint.

Qin Tian did not know that this was not Violent Sky young master’s physical body in front of him.

Just as Wutian young master had said, Violent Sky young master simply had no physical body. However, as to who was controlling him, there was no way of knowing.

“Wutian young master?!” Qin Tian looked up at the white snake hovering in midair.

“It’s me. Qin Tian, why are you here?”

“Hurry up and leave,” Wutian said quietly, his pair of golden eyes staring steadfastly at the “flower of immortality” next to Qin Tian.

Datura, the flower of immortality, the treasure of the Thousand Snake clan. With its resurrection ability, it would grant great strength to the body that fused with it. Wutian young master’s father, king of the Thousand Snake clan had absorbed the power from the flower of immortality, thus being able to resist natural disasters and become a saint.

Now, just a few minutes were left until the flower bloomed and Qin Tian suddenly appeared, falling right next to the flower of immortality, surprising both Wutian young master and Violent Sky young master.

They both locked their eyes onto Qin Tian simultaneously, as if Qin Tian was their common enemy.

Qin Tian’s palms oozed cold sweat, his heart pounding.

Two outstanding experts of Tianji Sect.

They were the disciples in Tianji Sect with the most potential of breaking through to become saints.

At this moment, both their eyes were cast towards Qin Tian, a hint of fear and uneasiness crossing their eyes as if Qin Tian had seized the upper hand. Qin Tian noticed their apprehension and at the same time, looked at the bloody flower bud on the stone coffin. Right then, it slowly unfolded its petals at a speed perceptible by the naked eye and a faint blood-red aura surrounded it. Under the law of aura, Qin Tian’s heart suddenly shook. The power within it was extremely strong.

Qin Tian smiled coldly and grabbed the flower vine… “No.”

“Qin Tian, what are you intending to do?”

The other two were stupefied, their expressions changing as they called out as one.

“You two are trying to seize this?” Qin Tian’s smiled even more intensely and continued, “The both of you are too close to me. I’m worried that if I move my hand, I would pull it out instantly. That wouldn’t be very good.”

“Qin Tian, I let you off a few times because I saw potential in you. Crossing me again and again, do you really think I wouldn’t dare to kill you?” Violent Sky young master said coldly.

Suddenly, a powerfully crushing pressure swept over him.

The Song of Disorder instantly fought back, but it was steadily losing ground as it could not withstand the strong pressure that Liu Shuanghan released.

However, Qin Tian was not worried and said with a smile, “Aiya, I should pull it out.”



Their faces changed instantly as they once again called out at the same time. Liu Shuanghan immediately withdrew the pressure and with an angry, dark stare, he said coldly to Qin Tian, “Qin Tian, you have not reached the third rank. Even if you obtain the flower of immortality, you cannot control its power and your body will be unable to withstand it.”

“Liu Shuanghan is right. The flower of immortality is a sacred object that my Thousand Snake clan has guarded for tens of thousands of years. It holds an incredibly evil power. You cannot control it with your current strength. Look at your arms right now. Are they not covered in veins?” Wutian young master frowned anxiously.

Qin Tian glanced at his arm. Sure enough, the meridians on his arm were all blood-red, the bloody aura surrounding the flower bud was infiltrating his arm.

Even so, Qin Tian refused to let go.

The second he let go of it, he knew that the other two would immediately kill him.

Holding onto a priceless treasure, how could he let go?

“Wutian young master, thank you for reminding me. However, for the sake of safety, I don’t think there is a need to let go,” Qin Tian smiled lighty and continued, “I have disturbed you. Just pretend that I don’t exist and continue.”

“Qin Tian, do you think I would have no way of killing you like this?”

Liu Shuanghan suddenly became angry. Seeing that the flower bud had bloomed, he knew they had to finish this quickly. When the evil fruit of immortality appeared, it would mature in an instant. If it was not picked within a few seconds, it would turn into a black mist.

If Liu Shuanghan knew this, then Wutian was even more clear on this fact.

However, in the depths of Wutian’s heart, he felt that it was better to allow Qin Tian to have it instead of Liu Shuanghan. After all, Liu Shuanghan was his arch enemy and he had strong people supporting him. Qin Tian was different. He was only at rank 3 ascension realm so even if he completely absorbed the power from the evil fruit of immortality, he posed no threat.


No matter how heaven defying a Rank 3 Ascension realm cultivator was, he was no match for his Absolute physical form.

In one moment, Wutian’s golden eyes flashed and his huge long tail swept outwards, sending an electric lightning at Liu Shuanghan.

“Wutian, you…”

Liu Shuanghan was stunned. He had not expect Wutian to actually attack him so suddenly and was instantly angered.


“Liu Shuanghan, go die.”

Wutian roared loudly, his huge white tail having no intention of letting go. The Absolute physical body was indeed powerful. Liu Shuanghan fought back with all his strength, yet he could not break free.

Qin Tian smiled secretly, feeling that Wutian was very clever. However… Deep inside underneath Qin Tian’s dark smile, the law of aura within him was constantly resisting the blood infiltration. No matter how hard he tried, he could not stop it.

The blood had already spread through his arm and would soon enter his chest. Although he did not feel anything unusual, he could not be certain of any changes in the future. Perhaps he would be poisoned.

“Boss, boss, don’t stop it, I want, I want…”

Little Demon jumped up excitedly, his dark red eyes flashing brightly. His level of happiness was no less than that of five million people put together. It was an unmatched intense excitement.

Qin Tian was surprised and stopped immediately, allowing the blood to infiltrate.

The blood quickly penetrated into his chest, reaching inside the Dantian. The veins in Qin Tian’s upper body became distinctly visible like the roots of a tree, dense and bloody.

Little Demon sat cross-legged, madly absorbing it through his little mouth, sucking in the blood coursing through the veins and entering the Dantian. As this was happening, his body changed.

“Qin Tian, if you don’t want to die then hurry up and let go. The evil spirits will enter your body, occupy it and you will degenerate, walking the Demon path. You will be consigned to eternal damnation. Hurry and let go.” While holding tightly onto Liu Shuanghan’s body, he looked at Qin Tian with anxious eyes.

Evil fruit of immortality, although containing incredible power, was evil beyond measure.

At this moment, he was truly concerned about Qin Tian.

He was unable to obtain the evil fruit of immortality now. Instead of letting it dissipate, it was better to let Qin Tian have it while also owing him a favour.

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In his eyes, Qin Tian’s ability and strength were growing rapidly. If he could have a helper like him, then perhaps in the future he would be able to ruthlessly trample on the Violent Sky Faction.

Violent Sky young master has a powerful backing, and he was the same.

Within Tianji Sect, Thousand Snake clan was also exceedingly powerful. Moreover, he still had his mighty saint father so it was not impossible to eradicate Violent Sky Faction.

Qin Tian did not move.

Although he put on a dull expression, in reality he was secretly observing everything that was happening around him.

The flower was in full bloom and the innermost part of the petals had begun to quickly form a bloody fruit. Following this, the petals fell off and the speed of growth could be detected by the naked eye.

Meanwhile, still entangled in the tail of the snake, Violent Sky young master was furious. He had waited decades for this evil fruit of immortality.

Originally, he wanted to create an immortal physical body using the evil fruit of immortality. However, it seemed that it was too late.

Suddenly, there was an incomparably powerful energy inside his body.

Liu Shuanghan snorted and laughed, “Wutian, die for Laozi.”

“Godly Savage arts, Earthquake.”

At Wutian’s dismay, the giant tail was in pain. Could the Absolute physical body actually feel pain?

The evil fruit of immortality would soon mature and Liu Shuanghan simply could not care about anything else. He removed the seal of the universal power in his body. In a single thought, his strength increased leaps and bounds, directly surging to the peak of the Universe realm, very close to the Absolute realm.

It was the most powerful form of the Savage God Art, Earthquake.

So much so that it damaged Wutian’s Absolute physical body.

The power of Earthquake instantly broke through the shackles of the giant tail, Liu Shuanghan morphed into a thousand figures, heading straight towards Qin Tian.

At this moment, the evil fruit of immortality fell and Qin Tian caught it.

“Demonic mode!!!”


His bones changed drastically and soon, Qin Tian’s body had transformed into a Heavenly Demon. As the giant sword pierced his heart, Qin Tian smiled coldly, his bright red cheeks showing a chilly grin.

Opening his mouth, he swallowed the evil fruit of immortality.

A rank 3 ascension realm body could not handle the power?

Laozi had the body of an ancient demon and his body was extremely strong. When Wutian said that he could not handle the power of the evil fruit of immortality, he dared not take the risk. However, he thought of his heavenly demon body. During the two months he spent cultivating in Evil Demon city, his demon form had also upgraded. Right now, his demonic body was only one step away from the Absolute realm.


Liu Shuanghan shouted hysterically with a ferocious expression and desperation in his eyes.


The evil fruit of immortality was swallowed into Qin Tian’s stomach.

Liu Shuanghan’s sword swung with extreme power, striking downwards in an instant.

Qin Tian in his demonic form could not escape. At this moment, Liu Shuanghan was already at the peak of Universe realm and Qin Tian could not hide from him.

The sword sliced through the whole body, directly dividing Qin Tian into two, shattering his body into countless fragments.


Liu Shuanghan was shocked.

“Haha…” Wutian young master laughed loudly at the side.


In the midst of the dark emptiness, Qin Tian’s shattered body fragments quickly reassembled together back into his original form, unchanged. Moreover, his demonic form was even more bewitching, his two blood-red eyes were even more dazzling.


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