Chapter 41: A night to remember (1)

Fully equipping Lenia was a simple matter. They had looted numerous suits of armor as well as even more weapons. The equipment was of relatively decent quality but there were not many magically enchanted equipment within the items looted. This was to be expected as enchanted equipment was not that common and was extremely expensive. It wasn’t as if they had none at all, but it wasn’t enough to equip an entire squad of subordinates and most of the enchanted equipment they had was of lower quality.

Nonetheless, there were a few choice pieces which would enhance Lenia’s battle prowess.

“Master how do I look?” Lenia asked excitedly.

She was wearing a full suit of armor befitting her status as a warlord and she even had an enchanted shield which added extra defense as well as an enchanted longsword with magical damage added. These would serve as her main weapons but she still kept her two enchanted daggers hidden on her body. The longsword could be used as both a two-handed weapon or single handed weapon. However, since Lenia was proficient in two-handed weapons she wouldn’t lose any of its effectiveness even when using it with a shield.

“Quite impressive, the fact that the suit of armor is magically enchanted with preservation magic means it doesn’t need to be maintained and will consistently keep its sheen. It is a suitable suit of armor for now but you will eventually need a more powerful set of equipment.”

Lenia was filled with a sense of joy and purpose hearing her master’s compliment. She seemed like a child who had just been given a new toy to play with. Lenia stood there in a domineering fashion looking quite intimidating now that she was suitably equipped. The armor didn’t even need to be fitted since the magic imbued within it would automatically fit the suit to her shape and form.

This was in fact the cheapest of enchantments and most medium tier armor would at least have this type of enchantment placed upon them alongside a preservation enchantment. While not all blacksmiths worked alongside enchanters, in a major city such as Andor’s Edge, it was quite the common sight.

This type of suit of armor would cost a few dozen gold Ducats and while not extremely expensive, was not necessarily cheap either. Usually, a standard Knight would be equipped with such a suit of armor. Normal adventurers and mercenaries would not be able to afford this type of equipment unless they were relatively successful.

As a comparison, the average citizen would normally earn a dozen gold ducats in a year so it would take several years for them to save up just to afford something like this. While adventurers and mercenaries could earn more than the average citizen, it would still take them a year or two to earn enough to buy a suit of armor with such low level enchantments, assuming they survived long enough to save the money.

As such, even a medium tier suit of armor like the one Lenia was wearing was something of a status symbol. Normal people would be quite impressed seeing someone wearing such a suit of armor and would know that such a person was not one to be trifled with as they were most likely a knight, adventurer, or mercenary of some renown.

“Master, we’ve been waiting here for a while. What exactly are we waiting for?”

After her initial excitement, her curiosity once again got the best of her. They had spent the majority of the day in meditation and in consolidating their new found power. After that, Aleks had taken stock of the loot they acquired from the various Dons and was quite pleased with the wealth obtained and he was even presented with the many souls of those who died in the riots the night before by the ‘Soul Puppets’ who had collected them. After killing the thugs and devouring their souls as well, he had obtained several thousand ‘Soul Potential’ and with Lenia’s new equipment, was finally ready for the next stage of his plan.

“We are waiting for our guests to arrive of course. They have been keeping tabs on us all day without realizing I am aware of their presence.”

“But, why did we leave that Don’s house and come to this secluded place?”

Lenia looked around the warehouse stacked with crates and couldn’t understand why they had come to this specific place. There was nothing important within the warehouse itself and the crates were mostly empty but they appeared full. It was already late into the evening and there was very little light within the warehouse to begin with. Not that this affected Aleks’s or Lenia’s ability to sense what was within the warehouse. Aleks’s ‘Astral Projection’ ability was extremely useful and as an observation ability, very powerful. Even a powerful assassin who possessed an advanced class and specialized in stealth couldn’t escape from its notice. Only beings of Legendary status might be able to hide from his ability.

As for Lenia, she was already a level 90 advanced class being and as long as the opponent wasn’t a master class being, she could potentially sense an enemies power or aura. While she wouldn’t necessarily be able to detect an assassin skilled in stealth hiding in the shadows, she wouldn’t necessarily be caught unaware by one attacking her depending on their level and ability. Either way, she was very powerful with high defense and wouldn’t so easily be assassinated.

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“If you haven’t noticed, ever since you were born we have been constantly on the move. Ever since I entered this city, I have never stayed in one place for too long. This is in order to keep ourselves from being found out by our enemies and also to throw others off. Because of the tensions between the Republics and the Imperium, almost all of the truly powerful beings are acting as a deterrence along the border. Although there are very few Master class and Legendary class beings within the Republic, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. If any had been here, we would never have been able to complete our objectives, nonetheless we can never be too careful just in case. Even that Nephilim Paladin is not one we should underestimate. He is at the peak of advanced class and very powerful because of his half angelic blood. That was why we needed to injure him first before the assassins could make their move. Now.. we must take care of all of them in one fell swoop! It shouldn’t be long now. Assassins are nothing more than cowards, they are incapable of doing anything without the aid of the night and shadows. They have their uses certainly, but at times they can be quite predictable. Once they arrive, there is no way for that trash halfblood not to notice. He will come rushing over straight into our trap!”

Lenia made a fist with her right hand and smacked it against the gauntleted palm of her left, “I understand now! So that’s why!”

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She appeared as if she had just solved a puzzle and was very pleased with herself which Aleks took notice of and smiled beneath his mask. It wouldn’t be long now until her consciousness had fully developed and her intellect and maturity would be that of an intelligent adult.

“I have sensed them with my ‘Astral Projection’ ability. They aren’t far now. Lenia, suppress your aura as much as you can so they won’t be aware of your level as soon as they arrive. Let’s give them a proper welcome, shall we?”

Lenia giggled and smiled brilliantly, “Yes master! I will not let you down.”

Before devouring the souls of the thugs guarding the former Don Gregorio’s residence, and the two ‘Soul Puppets’, Aleks had them bring him to this deserted warehouse. It was where he would have his final stand and where he would have the opportunity to tidy up all the loose ends. This wouldn’t solve all his problems and he would need to leave the city as soon as possible afterwards, but it would buy him some time. This was also another opportunity to cause even more mayhem.

Although the warehouse had torches to light up some of the interior of the warehouse, there was still very little light. This provided an excellent opportunity for an assassin to strike. Of course, the assassins were not stupid. They clearly had no intention to underestimate Aleks and knew he was capable but in their minds, how capable could he truly be?

The last time they had met with him, they could feel that he had hidden his strength but the assassin that had been placed in charge of the mission did not feel he was a serious threat. Even the subordinate that had been at his side was only an intermediate class Knight so how difficult could it be to kill him when there were several assassins at his command?

The leader of this group was a powerful advanced class being at the peak and his class, Shadow Assassin, was especially suited towards stealth assassinations. All of his subordinates, while not advanced class beings, were still peak intermediate class beings and were each of the Assassin class. They were obviously weaker than him, but as a group were not a weak force. His group alone could easily wipe out an entire unit of Knights given the right opportunity. So how could those two stand up to them?

While the Shadow Assassin wasn’t necessarily wrong in his thought process, much had happened to Aleks and Lenia within a short period of time. Lenia had gone from a peak Intermediate class Knight to a peak advanced class Warlord in a matter of days. Who could ever imagine such a fast pace of advancement? To the common sense of the world, it was impossible. A being like Aleks that had the power of creation at his fingertips was not something anyone had ever seen or heard of at least not among mortals. Perhaps the gods had such power, but was Aleks a god? To anyone who met Aleks, it was apparent he was not for he didn’t seem to possess the divinity of a god at least not on the surface.

With Aleks and Lenia having increased their personal strength to a whole new level, Aleks was filled with absolute confidence in not only being able to take care of the assassins, but also of the Paladin and his fellow knights. He had already been confident, but his new power and abilities made it a foregone conclusion. Not only that, but his new ability ‘Soul Marionnette’ provided him with an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

“It appears our guests have arrived.”

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