Chapter 199 – Illusion


The body that had been shattered by Liu Shuanghan’s sword reassembled back bit by bit.

Not dead?

Really not dead?

Liu Shuanghan shouted in fury. A violent aura burst out of his chest and he swung the phantom sword in his hand again.

The sword loomed threateningly, immediately striking upwards.

The demonic body that had been reassembled was once more sliced in half, shattering into fine powder which scattered into the darkness like dust.


Again, there was a clear humming sound that deafened the ears.

The dust particles quickly gathered again to reassemble into the demonic body, restoring the flesh quicker than it had previously. The aura that erupted from the body was even stronger.

The whole body was red as though it had climbed out of a pool of blood. His two eyes were extremely bewitching, glaring at Liu Shuanghan, sneering coldly, “Wahaha…”

“Really not dead?”

“Could the legend be true?”

“The evil fruit of immortality truly had the power to defy death?”

Two swords, two kills, yet Qin Tian had resurrected twice, his body strengthening each time. Liu Shuanghan’s heart felt a sense of despair.

At the same time, he felt anger. The evil fruit of immortality that originally belonged to him and was his only chance to regain a physical body had now fallen into Qin Tian’s hands. His last hope became despair, an unwilling anger filled his whole body.

“Liu Shuanghan, you can’t kill him. The evil fruit of immortality’s ability is to defy death. To say nothing of you, even the strongest person in the Absolute realm would not be able to touch a single hair,” Wutian smiled coldly as Liu Shuanghan’s painful expression was refreshing.

Evil fruit of immortality, does it really grant immortality?

In this world, only Thousand Snake clan knew the secrets of it.

Of course, he would not tell them to Liu Shuanghan. Seeing his anguish, he could not be happier.

“Immortality…could it truly be immortal…”

Liu Shuanghan fell into madness, his eyes wide open as he glared at Qin Tian’s demonic body. His mind was chaotic, sometimes angry, sometimes laughing as if he was insane.

“Qin Tian.. I want to kill you, kill you…”


In his madness, Liu Shuanghan fell into a state of senselessness. Roaring, his rank 9 Universe strength poured out like a flood, exploding and causing turmoil in the dark abyss.

Liu Shuanghan turned into an illusion of ten thousand figures, all raging madly.

Suddenly, his eyes narrowed as a thought came into his mind. His eyes flashed with indifference as he wrinkled his brows, shouting, “I will let you all go to hell, go to hell…”

Immediately, he soared straight up and disappeared instantly.

“Qin Tian, come out.”

Wutian’s form suddenly changed from the white snake into a human and spoke lightly towards the darkness, “The evil fruit of immortality, appearing once every thousand years, grows in an extremely sinister land. It absorbs the evil spirits from hell and matures. It is the treasure of my Thousand Snake clan and only we of the Thousand Snake clan know its secrets.”

Seeing that Qin Tian did not come out, Wutian smiled and continued, “The secret lies in the “evil”. Physical bodies cannot be immortal, even the mighty saint cannot cultivate an immortal physical form. The immortal power of the evil fruit of immortality is an illusion.”

In the darkness, Qin Tian’s heart trembled.

Wutian saw that Qin Tian still did not come out and laughed lightly, “Come out. Although I know the secret of the evil fruit, it is impossible to break it, so you don’t have to be afraid of me.”

From the darkness, Qin Tian stepped out with a stunned expression.

Previously when Liu Shuanghan’s sword was striking him, he suddenly moved. A very strange power burst out of the evil fruit of immortality. He escaped from the sword, yet found his body still in the same position.

He was puzzled as he saw his body being shattered into powder by the sword. What he found even more strange was that it began to reassemble and heal into a body stronger than before.

Looking at Liu Shuanghan’s angry expression, his heart was shocked and he immediately thought of the word “illusion”.

Liu Shuanghan struck him again and his body healed once more.

He was certain in his heart that this immortality was actually an illusion. Absorbing it was like having another ability. However, its benefits did not end there.

The evil fruit of immortality was full of evil power that came from the evil in hell. To Qin Tian’s Heavenly Demon, it was simply a nourishing soup. The body of the demon broke through to the Absolute realm within a second.

“You finally came out.”

Wutian smiled faintly and his eyes showed envy.

The prince of the Thousand Snake clan had waited for a thousand years and still remained empty-handed. His heart could not help but sigh, however, everything in heaven and earth depended on luck.

Decades ago, Liu Shuanghan had discovered the flower of immortality in the abyss of the Thousand Snake Valley, only to return empty-handed after waiting for decades, making him miss the only chance to shake off the control. In the end, it was reduced to a tool for killing and fighting over power.

The one who was most pleased was Qin Tian.

Falling from a high altitude and landing right next to the stone coffin, this was his luck.

In his demonic form, Qin Tian smiled and said, “I’m afraid it is a pity that this evil fruit of immortality has been wasted, so, hehe, I’m sorry.”

Having eaten something that belonged to others, it was a courtesy to be apologetic. Moreover, this was the evil fruit of immortality, the treasure of the Thousand Snake clan.

Wutian smiled bitterly.

He had already eaten it, so what use was it to say sorry?

The only thing he could do now was to make an alliance with Qin Tian to fight against Violent Sky Faction together.

“Everything in heaven and earth depends on luck, the fated will win. There is nothing to be sorry about.” Wutian was very benevolent even though he still felt a bit of pain in his heart, saying, “Qin Tian, I didn’t think you would have a demonic body. I can see that your adventures must have been extraordinary.”

“Haha… I was just lucky,” Qin Tian smiled faintly, being internally startled. Wutian actually recognised the demonic body. It seemed that he was familiar with the Demon clan.

Possessing an Absolute physical body, Wutian young master’s strength was extremely profound. It was possible that he had long surpassed the peak of rank 9 Rebirth realm to become the strongest disciple under the Violent Sky young master.

He also had a mighty saint father and a powerful army of rank nine monsters in this Thousand Snake Valley. Just what were his intentions?

Could it be true that he wanted to lead the thousand snake army to fight against the Tianji Sect?

“I will not spill the secrets of the evil fruit of immortality, however, I hope that you too will not spill my secrets.” Wutian spoke faintly, “The Heavenly Demon stands at the peak of the demon path. The Demon path and Immortal sects are incompatible like water and fire. Your secret should not be known by others, otherwise…”

Wutian’s smile was sinister and he did not continue.

Immortal sects and Demon path, these two have been irreconcilable since several tens of thousands of years ago.

During the ancient war thousands of years ago, the Demon path lost and the demon clan in the dark forest disappeared overnight. Although the Demon path was greatly damaged, after thousands of years , the Demon clan would have grown stronger.

In recent years, Immortal sects and the Demon path often had friction and it would not be long before another war arises.

If Qin Tian’s Heavenly Demon body was known to other people in Tianji Sect, he feared that it would be disastrous.

Hearing Wutian say this, Qin Tian’s heart sank.

However, he was not worried as the demon body was produced by the values of evil spirits. If he chose not to, nobody would discover that he had a demonic body.

As for Wutian’s threat, Qin Tian smiled coldly and said, “Thank you for your concern, brother Wutian. However, your thousand snake army’s intentions are…”

Having said this, Qin Tian smiled faintly.

Wutian young master also smiled faintly.



The two of them laughed simultaneously.

If Wutian wanted to kill Qin Tian right now, he would have no mercy.

Similarly, should Qin Tian wish to kill Wutian, he also would not have any mercy.

Even though Wutian knew the secrets of the evil fruit of immortality, he could not break the mysterious illusion. When his father used illusions that had been released from 10 evil fruit of immortality, he deceived an infinite number of robbers. Although Qin Tian had only absorb one, he had no way of breaking it.

He did not even know if the current Qin Tian in front of him was his true body.

Illusion, illusory reality, real imagination, there was no traces to be found. To Wutian, he was too familiar with the power of illusion.

“Brother Qin, you have just witnessed Liu Shuanghan’s strength.”

“In fact, he is merely a puppet and there are strong forces backing him. You must know of his ambitions. Why don’t we form an alliance?” Wutian spoke with a serious tone.


“Brother Wutian, you overestimate me.”

“I have only just entered rank 3 of the Ascension realm. I’m afraid that my strength cannot even be ranked in the top hundred. If we make an alliance, I fear it would lower your reputation.” Qin Tian’s tone was flat.

Violent Sky Faction, he naturally had to trample on, but he did not wish to become another’s gun.

“Do you mean that you don’t wish to form an alliance?” Wutian was surprised for he had not expected Qin Tian to disagree with him.

Compared to the hatred between him and Liu Shuanghan, Liu Shuanghan should hate Qin Tian even more. Today, he stole the only opportunity he had to recast his body so his grudge against Qin Tian would be even stronger.

He did not expect that Qin Tian would refuse his offer of an alliance without hesitation.

“I am more used to being by myself,” Qin Tian smiled.

“Are you not afraid of Violent Sky Faction’s revenge? Their strength is much more powerful than you think.” Wutian spoke bluntly, his heart full of anger.

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“I am afraid.” Qin Tian did not evade his question. “However, if I join your alliance, does that mean I have no reason to be afraid?”

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Wutian was shocked, having been questioned like this by Qin Tian, he could not speak for a while.

“Brother Wutian, thank you for your invitation. If there is nothing else, I will take my leave,” Qin Tian smiled lightly.

Wutian felt startled, then revealed a sinister expression, smiling slyly and said, “Those who do not join my alliance are enemies. Are you not afraid that I will keep you here?”

Just as he finished speaking, giant pythons appeared all around the abyss. Surrounding Wutian were tens of thousands of incomparably powerful rank nine giant pythons.

Not far behind Qin Tian, a giant python that had already transformed into a cockroach was staring at Qin Tian.

“Brother Wutian, I’m afraid that it’s not good like this, no?”

Qin Tian did not expect that Wutian had hidden such a huge monster army. In his battle with Liu Shuanghan just then, he had not summon them, yet unexpectedly, he had called out this huge monster army to deal with him.

“Qin Tian, I advise you to join our Wutian Faction. As long as we get a rank in the Inner Disciple Hundred Strong Competition, we can qualify to enter the Sky Above Sky. Just let me find the secret of the Golden Hepta Qi, the entire Tianji Sect will once again become Thousand Snake Mountains, haha…”

He laughed wildly and arrogantly.

Qin Tian smiled faintly and replied immediately, “Laozi will not form an alliance with you. What will you do to me?”

“I showed you respect yet you decline, then you can’t blame me…”

“Thousand snake army, listen to my command, kill…”

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