Chapter 78: These Are All My Friends

Xia Xiaomo8Xia XiaomoFemale police officer was shocked by Lu Ming7Lu MingXia Xiaomo’s classmate, working in the hospital; an arsehole’s attitude; she didn’t expect him to utter such words.

Especially when she saw Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. slowly turning his head back, she had a bad feeling.

“Your friend?”

Taking a glance at Lu Ming, Su Qiubai directed the question to Xia Xiaomo.

Xia Xiaomo was a bit awkward; a rare trace of anger could be seen on her cold face.

“He’s my classmate, I’m sorry…”

While saying that, Xia Xiaomo snatched the money from Lu Ming’s hand and threw it back at him. “If you dare to talk anymore, you can get out from this car!”

To make Xia Xiaomo say such a thing, one could easily imagine how badly Lu Ming had angered her.

However, she did that just for Lu Ming’s sake. If he knew that those men who had just lifted the van earlier were that taxi driver’s friends, he would definitely be grateful.

Lu Ming, on the other hand, didn’t think that way. He was furious by Xia Xiaomo’s actions.

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This sly woman actually treated me like this because of a taxi driver!

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He almost flared up, but then he thought that Xia Xiaomo would still need his help. He could teach her a lesson once he could manipulate her!

Having thought that, Lu Ming smirked and remained silent.

The car started to move. The three of them went directly to the hospital. Along the way, Xia Xiaomo wanted to say a few words to Su Qiubai.

However, Su Qiubai’s mood was really bad. If it wasn’t for the hospital being on his planned route, he might not even agree to let those two people onto his taxi.

Therefore, although Xia Xiaomo was such a beauty, with a kind of cold temperament that was a fatal temptation for men, Su Qiubai had no mood to think twice about her.

His luck was really bad. There was another traffic congestion a few streets before reaching the hospital.

There were only a few streets left, so Xia Xiaomo planned to get off. In order to express her gratitude, she once again asked Su Qiubai to have a meal with her.

The two of them had previously said on the phone that they would have a meal together when they had the opportunity. Who knew that the opportunity would come so fast?

After pondering for some time, Su Qiubai felt bad to reject her for the second time, so he agreed.

That really upset Lu Ming. Obviously, it should be him asking Xia Xiaomo out. Now, he just felt like a third-wheeler.

Originally, Lu Ming suggested some fancy restaurants, but Su Qiubai wasn’t in the mood. The reason why he had agreed to Xia Xiaomo’s offer was because firstly, he didn’t want to reject her twice, and secondly, he was actually hungry.

So in the end, the three of them went into a small restaurant by the roadside.

After ordering some dishes, Lu Ming secretly muttered, “Such a cheapskate. No one asked you to treat.”

Su Qiubai didn’t hear it, but as Xia Xiaomo was sitting close to him, she could clearly hear every word.

She was about to flip up upon hearing his words. She thought she must be not in her right mind to have asked him for help previously. She felt even more uneasy having a meal with him.

Fortunately, Su Qiubai didn’t say anything. However, his silence surely made Xia Xiaomo even more curious about him.

Xia Xiaomo noticed that Su Qiubai’s every move was natural. He didn’t care about anything at all, and he didn’t think of her like any other men did…

But… why? Is it because I’m not beautiful enough for him?

Sometimes, women were really strange. How did she even come up with that thought?

Su Qiubai didn’t know what the two people were thinking about. He was really just hungry, and he was thinking about which route he should take to continue his search after the meal.

Soon, all the dishes arrived and the three of them began to eat. Lu Ming instantly ignored Su Qiubai and continued his previous conversation with Xia Xiaomo.

“Xiao Mo. As long as you agree to be my girlfriend, I’ll immediately call my uncle to arrange for the transfer, and even find the best doctor to do the check-up and follow-up treatment.”

A wretched smile appeared across Lu Ming’s face as he slightly closed his eyes.

Xia Xiaomo had been worrying that he might threaten her to be his girlfriend for the transfer in front of Su Qiubai, and in fact, her guess was right.

Her face became cold as she glared at Lu Ming, “Lu Ming, I’ll tell you once more. I’ll take care of my niece. You don’t need to worry about it, thank you!”

Due to her huge anger, Xia Xiaomo’s hands shook as she spoke.

“Don’t be like this, Xiao Mo. Actually, it’s just a transfer, I don’t even have to let my uncle know. I can make the decision, as long as…”

Lu Ming was stupidly daring. He nudged over to Xia Xiaomo while saying that, one hand even trying to touch her thigh.

Xia Xiaomo was really furious this time!

She didn’t even care if she was in a restaurant anymore. She stood up and immediately slapped Lu Ming, before punching him.

“Get out!”

Lu Ming didn’t expect that woman to beat him. She had been like that during her school days. Who knew she was still the same after so many years?

Rubbing his chin, he got up from the ground. Lu Ming was also angry now.

“Xia Xiaomo, I’m telling you, don’t think that I’m afraid of you! I’ll say this right now, if you don’t agree with me, don’t ever think of transferring your niece to Donghai Hospital!”

Although there were many people in the restaurant, Lu Ming couldn’t be bothered anymore!

Xia Xiaomo just felt like she was going to explode. She didn’t know Lu Ming was such a weasel!

“Get out now!”

Truthfully, Xia Xiaomo would definitely pull out her pistol if she had it with her.

“Psh, I’ll wait for you to beg me!”

Lu Ming turned and left.

Su Qiubai was still sitting in the same spot. The dish in front of him was almost finished.

He roughly understood the situation, but after all, he wasn’t close with Xia Xiaomo, so it wouldn’t be good for him to interfere with others’ business.

If it was Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City, Lu Ming definitely wouldn’t be able to get out from there.

After calming down herself and remembering that she was supposed to be treating Su Qiubai to a meal, Xia Xiaomo sat back down.

“I’m sorry. That was embarrassing.”

Looking at Su Qiubai, she apologized. She was so angry that her fingers had turned white.

“No problem… He’s a doctor in Donghai Hospital?” After hesitating for a moment, Su Qiubai asked.

“Yeah, his uncle is the deputy director of the pediatrics department in Donghai Hospital. My niece has recently developed a very serious illness. I plan to transfer her there, but I can’t get her in, so I was thinking…”

The situation had turned out ugly, so she had nothing else to hide.

“How about this… What’s his uncle’s name?” After pondering for some time, Su Qiubai asked.

Xia Xiaomo felt a little strange. She didn’t understand why Su Qiubai would ask such a question.

Although she couldn’t guess what he was about to do, Xia Xiaomo replied, “His name is Zhang Zhongfa6Zhang ZhongfaLu Ming’s uncle in the hospital. Why do you want to know?”

“Zhang Zhongfa… Donghai Hospital, right? Wait for me.”

With that said, Su Qiubai stood up and went out.

Xia Xiaomo felt odd. She just couldn’t guess what Su Qiubai was trying to do.

After a few minutes, Su Qiubai returned with a stack of white paper slips in his hand. She didn’t know what they were for, but every piece of paper had something written on it.

Su Qiubai leaned forward after sitting down, and began to flip the papers on the table.

“These are……”

Xia Xiaomo still didn’t understand what Su Qiubai was doing, so she was quite hesitant when she said that.

“These are all my friends. Let me see if there’s anyone from Donghai Hospital.”

With a grin, Su Qiubai continued to flip the slips.

Xia Xiaomo finally realized that Su Qiubai was trying to help her. Instinctively, she wanted to refuse his help.

After handling her niece’s illness those few days, she thoroughly understood how people were sometimes really helpless. Donghai Hospital was a well-known hospital in the country. It was too difficult to transfer her niece there.

Although Su Qiubai was quite a mysterious person, he wouldn’t have any solution to her problem.

However, just as she wanted to say something, Su Qiubai suddenly laughed out loud.

“Found it! Liu Tianming…Wait for me, I’ll give him a call.”

Having that said, Su Qiubai pulled out his phone and dialed the number.

Xia Xiaomo was speechless. Liu Tianming is such a familiar name…

Then, she remembered… Donghai Hospital’s old Dean!

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