Chapter 35: Silver Wolf King



The howl of the silver wolf king signaled the started of the battle. The trio separated in all three directions before Shesmu gave his orders.

“I’ll evasion tank! Leo, you offtank when I’m out of gas!”

By the time Shesmu finished his orders the boss was already in front of him, ready to swipe him with his paw.

Shesmu immediately rolled on the ground dodging the attack before getting back up. At the same time, both Leo and DepressedRyan attacked with their own skills.

The wolf king, being attacked from both sides no longer focused on Shesmu and was about to hit Leo when Shesmu attacked with a skill of his own.



Shesmu slashed at the Wolf King’s neck using his Empowered Slash Cancel. Red Blood gushed out from the wound painting Shesmu’s right-hand red. With this attack that dealt more damage than both of his teammate’s attacks combined, the boss’ attention was fully Shesmu’s.

Silver light gathered on the Silver Wolf King’s right paw emitting a calm an elegant aura. He will Dash! The monster vanished from Shesmu’s sight, and a black shadow appeared in front of him.

Without even turning around, Shesmu Dashed out, appearing above the boss that was a moment ago behind him. The wolf’s attack shattered the ground, leaving debris that catapulted in all directions.

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Shesmu activated Demon’s Slash and threw a black energy crescent towards the boss before gravity took over.


Shesmu’s ranged skill dealt insane damage to the wolf forcing it to fall down on one paw. Shesmu didn’t waste any time and activated Empowered Thrust as he was falling. He performed an aerial Empowered Thrust Cancel and his target was the Wolf King’s neck.



While Shesmu was fighting with his life on the line, DepressedRyan and Leo weren’t sitting idly either. Whenever Shesmu landed a successful hit, or when the boss’ attention wasn’t on them, they would sneak an attack or two, making the Wolf King accumulate damage.

Shesmu was out of gas, all of his skills were on cooldown. Leo understood this and immediately changed his playstyle to a more aggressive one. Before the Wolf King could even recover from Shesmu’s attacks, Leo jumped in and slashed at the poor thing. A couple of normal attacks and an Empowered Sword Slash was all it took for the boss’ attention to fixate on Leo.

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The wolf stood up. It raised its right paw and gathered silver energy. Leo knew the destructive potential of that technique, so he braced himself. With his new armor and high vitality stat, he expected that he would at least not get one shotted if he blocked the attack with his sword.

The Silver Wolf King’s paw struck down Leo like lightning from the heavens. The impact was so strong that even after hitting the ground, Leo’s body was thrown five meters in the air like a ragdoll. His sword was catapulted to the other side of the room, leaving him weaponless.

Shesmu used inspect on Leo and breathed a sigh of relief.


HP: 150/950

That one attack can kill any of us but Leo in one shot. This monster really is scary.

However, Leo’s sacrifice hasn’t been in vain. Even though he was only able to save five seconds by distracting the boss, these few seconds were enough for Shesmu to have his Empowered Slash off cooldown again. Before going in battle once again, Shesmu used Inspect on the boss.

Silver Wolf King(Boss)

HP: 19356/30000

Two rotations like this and we can do it.

After sending pushing one of Leo’s feet in the grave, the boss was prepared to finish its job. It was about to lunge at the half-dead man before DepressedRyan appeared in front of its face.



With one slash, DepressedRyan was able to procc two damages, successfully performing an aerial Empowered Slash Cancel. However, before gravity could catch back at him, Ryan clung at the boss’ fur with one hand before slashing at its neck once again. The boss was only able to react after it received three hits.

The Silver Wolf King shook its head left and right, trying to get DepressedRyan to fall. However, the latter only used its movement as a source of momentum to jump upwards, successfully landing on its back.

Looking at this display of skill, Shesmu just smiled. This wasn’t the first time DepressedRyan showed abilities and battle sense of a pro player, so he was no longer as surprised. It’s just a pity that you don’t have a good weapon, Ryan. In any case, wolves are known for dropping good daggers, so you’ll definitely get one after we kill this over-sized dog. Plus it’s first clear, maybe you’ll even get a gold dagger.

Shaking the thoughts out of his head, Shesmu snapped back to reality. All of his skills other than Demon Slash were up. He jumped towards the Silver Wolf King, garnering its attention. It was about to raise its paw to deflect the incoming attack when a sharp pain in its nap stopped it midway. DepressedRyan plunged his dagger in it, making it lose focus of Shesmu.

Shesmu didn’t waste the opportunity given by his friend. He performed Empowered Slash Cancel, slashing the beast’s neck open. Gravity then took over and he started falling down, but before his feet could touch the ground, Shesmu continued his attacks and slashed at the Wolf King’s left thigh.

DepressedRyan continued his attacks while Shesmu went in and out, dodging the Wolf King’s paws and countering with his own. This went on for a few rotations before the boss’ HP reached 7000.

It’s close to berserk, gotta hold into my cooldowns.

All of Shesmu’s skills were up, including Demon’s Slash. However, he didn’t use any of them as he knew that the moment the Silver Wolf King reached 20% was the moment it should be one shotted. If it was not killed in one hit, there was no way for the party to not wipe. They were a party of three, after all, clearing dungeons that were meant for parties of ten.

Plus, what’s going with Leo. It’s been a minute and a half, did that hit hurt that bad? I guess he did experience the pain of having all of your bones broken. Though it was dampened by nine times.

Every few seconds, Shesmu’s eyes darted towards Leo’s direction, checking if he showed any sign of life. Sadly, even though his Hp was regenerating, he still didn’t open his eyes.

While Shesmu was looking at Leo, DepressedRyan kept slashing at the boss from above its back. However, contrary to what it had done until now, the wolf rolled on the ground. Seeing the weird movement of the boss, DepressedRyan performed Empowered Slash Cancel one last time on the Wolf King’s nape, before jumping in the air.

Blood gushed from the boss’ back before it rolled and left a red stain on the ground. After the roll, it stood on four paws and looked at both DepressedRyan and Shesmu coldly.


The moonlight shined on the boss’ figure and a silvery light came out of its every pore. The silvery glint that engulfed the Wolf King intensified and reached out to the heavens.

Shesmu knew that this was the berserk mode of the Silver Wolf King. As with the Goblord, this was a state where every move of the boss was a special technique. It was also a state where the boss could unleash his ultimate move. For the Goblord, it was the black and red ball of energy that destroyed half of the boss room. As for the Silver Wolf King, Shesmu didn’t know.

The boss whose energy was running rampant disappeared from everyone’s sight. Shesmu expected the boss to target him, but after half a breath, he couldn’t feel the boss’ presence anywhere near him. He turned to look at DepressedRyan, and lo and behold, the Silver Wolf King was next to his friend, his paw shining a silver light and ready to strike down.

With no hesitation Shesmu Dashed in front of the boss, his target was the Wolf King’s paw. He slashed at it and at the same time activated Demon’s Slash. Knowing that just the combo of his normal attack and Demon’s Slash wouldn’t be enough to kill the boss, Shesmu decided to spice things up. Empowered Slash- Empowered Thrust! With those thoughts, Shesmu swung his sword.

Energy kept gushing out of Shesmu’s abdomen and feeding his sword. After Shesmu’s weapon hit black energy appeared, and then to top it off, Shesmu’s blade glinted green. Black and Green energy clashed, creating a multicolored crescent that slashed through the Wolf King’s body.

Time seemed to stop for a moment as the torrent of energy dissipated. In its wake, the Silver Wolf King was left motionless, a hole piercing through his body from his paw to his back. Then, half of the boss’ body fell, before the other half followed suit.

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