Chapter 36: A Lucky streak

[Congratulation, you created a skill combination!] [Please name the skill combination:]

Hearing these two messages in his head, Shesmu thought for a bit before he responded. Cross-slash.

[Name is approved. Skill combination: Cross-Slash has been created.]

Cross-Slash(Combination Skill)

Rarity: Rare

A skill that combines Empowered Slash, Empowered Thrust and Demon’s Slash. A long-range skill that deals 700% of total damage (grows as the base skills’ level grow). This skill can only be activated with the Cambione Blade equipped.

Congratulation, as the first person to create a combination skill, your efforts are to be rewarded. You have been awarded ten free stat points and additional inventory slot.

Congratulation, as the first person to create a rare combination skill, your efforts are to be rewarded. You have been awarded one elixir of your choosing.

In front of Shesmu, an interface showing a list of elixirs appeared. Each elixir was specific to an attribute. Shesmu didn’t think for a second before choosing the agility focused one.

Blue Feather Elixir

Rarity: Gold


1 Elixir consumed: Permanently increase Agility by 20

2 Elixir consumed: Permanently increase Agility by 100

3 Elixir consumed: Permanently increase Agility by 500

4 Elixir consumed: Permanently increase Agility by 1000

5 Elixir consumed: Permanently increase Agility by 10%

Side effect: if more than one empowering elixir is consumed in a month, the character’s agility is permanently decreased by 50%

“Thanks for the help, Shesmu.”

Shesmu turned to look at DepressedRyan before answering, “No problem dude. Just that, we should probably check on Leo, he is worrying me.”

“Ah, don’t worry about me.”

Hearing the familiar voice, both Shesmu and DepressedRyan turned to the direction of Leo. The later was standing with difficulty.

“But really, what the heck happened. Once I got hit by the boss I was dced*. They gave me a message that I was disconnected due to some shock or whatever.”

“I guess your heart was pumping out too hard. The game automatically disconnects you if that happens.”

Shesmu has seen countless cases where newbies would randomly disconnect because some monster appeared out of nowhere. Experiencing an event that would be the equivalent of a death sentence in the real world would shock anyone. When Leo disclosed that he has been disconnected, Shesmu was not surprised.

“Well, it’s all good if you’re back. But when you go back irl, please do a quick diagnosis of your body. No one would want a mishap to happen to you because of something so stupid.”

“Yeah, hard agree with Shesmu. Once we finish the tutorial we go do a body check up to you.”

“Sure, I’ll do that. But now, did you loot the boss? What did it drop?”

“We still haven’t looted it yet. Shesmu just finished it right now. Talking about that, Shesmu start looting. I’m also curious about what this big doggy will drop.”

“Sure, will do that.”

Shesmu immediately complied with DepressedRyan’s suggestion. He looted the dismembered corpse of the Silver Wolf King and many different items appeared in his inventory. Other than the usual pills, potions and gold, 100 magic stones, a rare material, an elixir, a weapon, an armor and a pair of boots appeared in Shesmu’s bag.

Silver Wolf King’s Pelt

Rarity: Silver

Description: Main material to various agility related equipments. Most notably, the silver fang set other than the weapon.

Silver Fang Dagger

Rarity: Gold

Required Level: 15

Weapon Level: 1

Attack: 350

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Moonlight Dash: Instantly teleport in a radius of 10 meters, resets after each successful kill.

Assassination: Deal 200% damage once target is below 10% Hp.

Set Effect

2/5: +25 Agility

4/5: +40 Agility, +15 Strength

5/5: +60 Agility, +30 Strength, +5 Concentration

When Shesmu looked at the set effect of the silver fang dagger, he almost drooled. Holy moly, this is way too good. Even though Shesmu equipped full sets of legendary equipment in his past life, the feeling of owning an item that far surpassed anything other teams could dream of at this point in the game still felt awesome.

Silver Fang Armor

Rarity: Silver+

Only allowed on

Required Level: 15

Defense: 100

Set Effect:

2/5: +25 Agility

4/5: +40 Agility, +15 Strength

5/5: +60 Agility, +30 Strength, +5 Concentration

“Hey, Ryan. Your luck, can I have some of it please?” Shesmu asked.


Seeing DepressedRyan confused, Shesmu shoved both the dagger and the leather armor on his face.

“Look at those, they’re yours.”

DepressedRyan Inspected both pieces of equipment and read the description carefully. The more he read the more his jaw dropped, until at the end.

“What the heck kind of broken s*** is this?! Plus sixty to agility? Plus thirty to Strength? How many levels worth of point is that?!”

“Plus sixty?!” exclaimed Leo. Even he that was always calm couldn’t help but be shocked by this news.

“Yeah, that’s why I said you’re lucky. Also, the boss also dropped some mats that can be tailored into the rest of the set. We must definitely remember to redo this dungeon once the game goes live. At that point, we should be much more efficient with our time. We wasted too much on random stuff on this run.”

Both of Leo and DepressedRyan nodded in agreement. The trio was ready to exit the dungeon and continue their journey towards the tower. The moonlight was still enlightening the room, embracing the trio. This same moon that shined in the sky was witness to a bloody scene.

A plain that was once green with grass and tree was now red with the blood of victims. Goblin and fox, which were just a moment ago enemies, lied on top of each other like lovers on the bed. However, instead of the fiery passion, the coldness of death engulfed their eyes.

The battlefield was split. One part was burned to a cinder. Flames set ablaze turned both corpses and trees to ashes. On the other part, a freezing hell resided. Corpses of both races were brutally murdered. Even their wounds were frozen.

And, on top of a small valley stood a beast. A small fox that was colored both fiery orange and cold blue. It stood under the moonlight on all four looking at the carnage before it. In its eyes myriads of emotions merged, only to culminate in a single tear.

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