Chapter 37: Bet

After passing the portal, the trio appeared in a big clearing. From the distance, Shesmu could see the tower. It was much closer than before, only a kilometer away.

At the top left of his screen, Shesmu could see an exclamation mark on the plus button. He focused on it and a notification appeared.

New Title Acquired

Wolf Slayer

Wolf Slayer

Title acquired after killing 1000 wolves or being the first to conquer a wolf-related dungeon.

10% Bonus damage against wolf type creatures.


Looking at the minimap, Shesmu knew that he was still in the wolf territory. He then changed his noble title to the new Wolf Slayer one.

“Guys, it’s the final sprint. Let’s just blitz through the monsters and be done with this forest. I’m getting bored out of my mind.”

“Haha, Shesmu. We just finished a dungeon and fought a pretty damn difficult boss, what part of that was boring?”

“Yeah, I’m with Ryan on this one. I’m not sure what’s your definition of exciting is, but being struck down so hard that even the system disconnected me is pretty damn exciting.”

“Haha, that’s a funny one, Leo.”

Even though Leo and DepressedRyan were joking around, Shesmu didn’t lie when he said that he was getting bored. That first boss was one thing, but the Wolf King was just trash. All of his attacks were so easily to telegraph. It couldn’t even show the full extent of its berserk mode.

“Well, whatever. Even if the Wolf King was less boring than the rest, that’s already in the past. Whatever awaits us now is but normal monsters, how am I supposed to be excited about that?”

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“Yeah, true. It’s a shame that I can’t equip the silver fang set until level 15, but I won’t be able to stand grinding these monsters. I’ll leave that to later, once we find some more dungeons or something else that is fun to do.”

“Hey, that’s only you two who think that. And you Ryan, you’re acting so tough, but I have never seen you solo more than two monsters. If you think that everything is boring, go and aggro a couple pack of wolves and see if they don’t turn you into shredded meat.”

“Oh, you went on and said it. Wanna bet on whether I can solo two packs by myself?”

“Yeah, sure let’s do that. I’ll bet 5 gold that you will come crying for help.”

“You were the one to say it, don’t forget about what you said later.”

Seeing the situation escalate so quickly, Shesmu just stood in between the two of them not knowing what to say. In the end, he just sighed in defeat, not even trying to stop their betting.

The trio found a couple packs of wolves while heading towards the tower. At this point, the latter was within five minutes of walking range. However, due to the bet between Leo and DepressedRyan, the party had to stop.

“You ready?” Leo asked.



With this signal, DepressedRyan bolted towards the pack of wolves. The monsters’ level was 15, while Ryan’s was barely 13. Normally, this situation would end swiftly, with the player being torn to shreds in less than a second. However, with DepressedRyan’s agility, he was able to take hold of the pack’s aggro without them being able to catch up to him. He then dived deeper into the forest, disappearing from everyone’s views.

Looking at the disappearing figure of DepressedRyan and the wolves behind him, Leo asked.

“Hey, do you think he’ll be fine?”

“Who knows? It’s him who went on with bet anyway. Plus, he is pretty fast, so he should be fine.”

“Yeah, I know but… I’m still worried about him.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry,” consoled Shesmu. “Rather than worry about that, let me show you something cool.”

“Oh,” Leo’s attention was instantly grabbed by Shesmu’s words.

The later unsheathed his sword and took a fighting stance. The tip of Shesmu’s sword pointed at the trees at the edge of the clearance. Cross-Slash! A torrent of energy gushed out of Shesmu’s abdomen before engulfing his sword. The weapon radiated two clashing lights, one green the other black. Shesmu then concentrated all of that berserk energy into the blade of his sword. He then slashed at the trees in the distance.

A crescent of black and green made its way towards the forest. The wave of energy crashed into the trees, cutting them in half before finally dissipating. The damage done by the skill was considerable, cutting into a couple dozens of trees before dying out.

“Woah, just what kind of skill is that? It looked like Demon’s Slash but so much stronger. Also, there was that weird green energy in there too.”

Leo was surprised by Shesmu’s display. Since he was disconnected, he couldn’t see him when he first unleashed this combination technique, so this show came as a big surprise for him.

However, Shesmu’s focus wasn’t on the damage he dealt, but on the tip of his sword. It glinted with a green and black light. Shesmu could feel that tremendous energy was still stuck there, waiting to be unleashed.

Oh, so it’s that type of combo. A flexible combination skill, guess I’m pretty lucky.

With a backswing this time, Shesmu created another crescent of black and green energy. A horizontal arc dashed through the clearance and struck the same place as before.

“Craw craw!”

A flock of birds flew up in the sky, scared by all the noise and destruction Shesmu was causing.

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