prologue – The blind and Young

The wind thrashes against the wasteland, commanding the dry, hot sand to collide with each other. Dense heat envelops the area resulting in the humid temperature. Ragged clothes glide alongside the sand like long-lost companions. Further intensifying the lawless wasteland.

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Two boys on the outskirts of the wasteland, panting frantically as they struggled for air. Both of their black hairs dishevelled and their clothes torn. The smaller boy about 160 cm tall with a slim but muscular physique. After regaining his breath, his grey eyes carried a ruthlessness unbefitting of his age. The boy’s expression can only be that of a hunter after killing its prey.

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He looked across the wasteland with satisfaction and remorse. Looking at the older boy, he said: “Big bro I want to create chaos upon this world, challenging those who reign at the top,”

“Hmm you still lack maturity, or you would be even be saying such things” the older boy responded.

“What do you mean ” argued the small boy

“We won’t create chaos but will become people this world cannot contain.”

“But you’re blind though!”

They won’t remember this conversation, but it led to a future no one would have ever expected…

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