Chapter 67: Who Is He?

All the policemen and the warriors on duty stood aside to give way to Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. as they watched him walk towards the door of the bar. The old driver also felt a little anxious; the situation was way too serious.

Try to walk in front of a group of armed policemen, then you’ll understand…

Initially, there were still people following behind him, but they all stopped upon arriving at the door. Su Qiubai hesitated for a moment before stepping in. Gu Zhanchuan27Gu ZhanchuanGu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter.'s bodyguard. had also let him watch the video earlier. Although Su Qiubai had seen quite a number of people similar to them, he still wasn’t as capable as them!

If the situation hadn’t gotten that serious, it wouldn’t be a problem, but it was obviously hostile now. What if the people inside saw him as an enemy?!

After entering the bar, Su Qiubai spotted the four men at first glance, especially the middle-aged man in a dragon pattern embroidered robe standing in the middle. He had a fierce aura that could be felt even at a distance. The woman in the police uniform next to him must be the hostage.

Although she seemed to be in a mess, she was quite pretty!

The four men were also looking at Su Qiubai. Several years of fighting in wars had given them a strong sense of awareness. So, before Su Qiubai came in, they had already felt that all the people outside were against them. Hence, they were all ready to fight. However, when they looked up, they noticed that only one man had come in.

“May I know how should I address Your Majesty?”

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In the silence, Su Qiubai stood ten meters away from them and asked them with a smile. But… no one spoke.

“Erm… There may be some misunderstanding, no one is trying to hurt you! Let this woman go first, and I’ll explain everything to you later!”

Su Qiubai was really speechless, especially seeing the eyes of the middle-aged man in the dragon pattern embroidered robe staring at him as if he was a dead person. The man on his left made Su Qiubai feel even more uncomfortable; he could even feel the cold vibes from afar.

Su Qiubai had talked so much but the other parties were still silent.

He anxiously took two steps forward. Someone from the side opposite him moved, and a black object flew over. If Su Qiubai hadn’t ducked fast enough, his head would surely be knocked off. Looking down, he noticed that it was actually a pistol.

What the heck… They’re trying to kill me!

Su Qiubai understood that those men were obviously hostile. It would be pointless for him to explain himself any further, but he couldn’t just let them stay like that! Not to mention that the policewoman was the hostage!

Su Qiubai felt bitter. Frankly, he wanted to turn and leave. However, seeing the hopeful look on the policewoman’s face, and then thinking of the consequences of failing his task, Su Qiubai sighed and looked at the opposite party once again.

“I really don’t know which emperor you are. But everything that happened before was indeed a misunderstanding. Let this woman go and let me be the hostage. Let’s discuss this.”

The old driver said sincerely.

The four men at the opposite were still, but Xia Xiaomo8Xia XiaomoFemale police officer was somewhat moved by his words.

Although she didn’t know who this man was, she didn’t expect him to actually volunteer to exchange places with her. I must thank him after this is over!

Having that thought, she felt hopeful. She had been so nervous that she couldn’t breathe.

After waiting for a long time, there still wasn’t any answer. Su Qiubai felt frustrated. If he couldn’t handle them, the people outside would engage in battle and there surely would be heavy injuries, and the situation would spiral out of control. But to fight with them… Gu Zhanchuan’s strength was definitely insufficient!

I also don’t have enough energy to travel through the space-time channel to Liang Mountain. Otherwise, I could easily ask Wu Song and Lu Zhishen for help to subdue these people.

Just as he was pondering about what to do, a group of people suddenly popped up in Su Qiubai’s mind!

Darn it… How could I forget them?

There was only one emperor here. But Su Qiubai had four on his side! Although it wouldn’t feel right for those emperors to fight each other… but who cared! There was no other better way to resolve the issue. He could only execute that idea for now. After these men have surrendered, I will explain the situation to them!

Having that thought, Su Qiubai turned to leave but before that, he shouted to the other party.

“Don’t leave, wait for me to come back!”

Then, he left…

The four men and Xia Xiaomo were puzzled. Is this some primary school fight?

When Gu Zhanchuan and the other policemen noticed Su Qiubai coming out, they all hurried towards him and asked him what was going on inside.

Su Qiubai shook his head; he didn’t know how to explain the situation to those people.

“Don’t go in, the people inside are very dangerous. They won’t hurt the policewoman for the time being. Wait for me to come back!”

After Su Qiubai warned Gu Zhanchuan, the others didn’t understand, but Gu Zhanchuan had guessed a few things so he felt a little relaxed.

Needless to ask, Su Qiubai was definitely going to find his brothers, then go in and fight those people!

Gu Zhanchuan recalled Su Qiubai’s brothers, who seemed like descendants of the devil, and quickly gave orders to everyone. When Su Qiubai returns, no one should irritate the men who come with him. Don’t be curious if you see anything strange!

Soon, all the policemen received the order. Although they highly respected Gu Zhanchuan’s order, they couldn’t help but be puzzled.

What does this taxi driver do exactly? Why did the superior give such a weird order?

Su Qiubai left the street and drove straight to the villa, but he was also very curious about one thing. Who’s that emperor in the bar?

He searched for answers in his brain but to no avail. After all, his history had always been close to failing during his school days.

After returning to the villa, Su Qiubai was sure that those emperors would tear the living room down. However, upon entering the house, the place was unexpectedly harmonious. The group of people were gathering together. He wasn’t sure what they were doing.



“Four two…two kings! Haha… I win!”

With the last scream, Emperor Liuche21Emperor LiucheEmperor Wu of Han Dynasty22Emperor Wu of Han DynastyEmperor Liuche, Liu Che, Liu Che jumped up in excitement.

Su Qiubai was stunned… The heck, Dou Dizhu!

[TLN: Dou Dizhu is a card game in the genre of shedding and gambling.]

Just at that moment, he saw Cao Toufei coming out from the bathroom and immediately understood what happened. Seeing that those emperors were about to shuffle their cards for the next game, Su Qiubai quickly went up to stop them.

“I’ve found the last emperor, but there are some problems. He doesn’t believe me… If there’s no way to bring him here, then no one can go home.”

Su Qiubai informed right away, surprising the emperors.

“Who? Which emperor?”

Emperor Qianlong looked up and asked Su Qiubai.

“I… Oh yeah, I have photos!”

Halfway through his words, Su Qiubai recalled the photos he had taken from Gu Zhanchuan. However, after taking out the photos, then only did he realize. How could those emperors recognize him just from his appearance?

But seeing that they had all come together to see the photos, Su Qiubai just remained silent.

Unexpectedly, Emperor Liuche suddenly shouted, “It’s him!”

Instantly after he shouted out, everyone turned their gaze to him.

Well, he was the first to be an emperor!

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“Who is it? Which dynasty?” Emperor Genghis 17Emperor Genghis Genghis Khan19Genghis KhanEmperor Genghis, Tie Muzhen, Tie Muzhen18Tie MuzhenEmperor Genghis, Genghis Khan eagerly asked.

Qin Shihuang10Qin ShihuangYing Zheng or Emperor YingzhengYing Zheng9Ying ZhengQin Shihuang or Emperor Yingzheng!”

[TLN: Qin Shi Huang (literally: “First Emperor of Qin”) , was the founder of the Qin Dynasty and was the first emperor of a unified China. At birth, he was called Ying Zheng or Zhao Zheng, a prince of the state of Qin.]

Emperor Liuche faced the crowd and said slowly.

Having that said, everyone else took a moment before the expressions on their faces became solemn!

To summarize, one major difference between Qin Shihuang and the rest of the emperors was… Qin Shihuang was the first to use the title of ‘Emperor’! Everyone knew who was Qin Shihuang was, but he didn’t know any of them. In fact, he had never heard of them before!

[TLN: Rather than maintaining the title of “king” borne by the previous Shang and Zhou rulers, he ruled as the First Emperor of the Qin dynasty from 220 to 210 BC. His self-invented title “emperor”, as indicated by his use of the word “First”, would continue to be borne by Chinese rulers for the next two millennia.]

It could even be said that when everyone was the emperor, they would try to get to Qin Shihuang’s position, but he had maintained his position for thousands of years!

After a moment of silence, Cheng Yaojin14Cheng Yaojin Li Shimin16Li ShiminTang Taizong or Emperor Taizong/Tang Taizong/Emperor Taizong15Emperor TaizongLi Shimin or Tang Taizong's general eagerly spoke out.

“If this is really Ying Zheng, then these two should be Wang Jian and Meng Wu… And this is Bai Qi?”

[TLN: Wang Jian, Meng Wu and Bai Qi were few of the greatest military generals of the Qin dynasty in the Warring States period of China.]

While explaining, Cheng Yaojin pointed his finger at the cold-looking man standing beside Ying Zheng!

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