Chapter 66: A Matter of Life and Death

Just a few minutes later, a dozen of thugs all lay on the ground; the one who was seriously injured was close to dying. While the four other men remained unscathed, their eyes looked even more dangerous than before.

No one dared to approach them; no one knew where they had come from.

Earlier when they came in, they immediately had a conflict with a local gangster’s boss. They started to fight after exchanging just a few words. Everyone had initially thought that the four men would suffer. But who knew that in just a blink of an eye, the situation turned out like this.

Someone had already called the police. Since that place was usually a troubled area, the police siren could be heard in just a few minutes.

“Everyone move away, what happened?”

A policewoman shouted as she pushed past the crowd. She was stunning and her face was like a snow lotus.

Xia Xiaomo8Xia XiaomoFemale police officer ! The remarkable policewoman in Donghai City!

She wasn’t in a good mood that day because her little niece had suddenly fallen ill in the afternoon, so she had been worrying in the hospital and had applied for a leave of absence. But the new police director had just called her to investigate the fight. So how could she not be angry?

When she entered the bar, she saw the thugs lying on the ground. Then, she looked over at the four men in strange costumes on the other side. She instantly understood what was going on. Therefore, she went straight to the four men. “You four come with me to the police station to write a record.”

Seeing how those four men had dressed up and instigated the fight, according to the regulations, she had to examine their background and write a simple report. However, the man standing at the forefront immediately reached out and grabbed her neck completely unexpectedly.

As an excellent policewoman, Xia Xiaomo had always felt that her combat skills were very good, but at that moment, she understood her underestimation of her opponent’s skills.

The speed of that man was so fast that she had no power to resist him, especially his cold eyes that seemed to want to kill her.

That happened so suddenly, causing the onlookers to gasp. Even the gangsters on the ground were shocked. Who would have thought that those four men would daringly attack the police? By the looks of it, it seemed that they wanted to kill her!

The other police officers also took out their pistols after a brief shock and aimed at those men standing opposite them.

“Put her down immediately, or we’ll shoot!”

After the police took out their pistols, there was a faint sense of threat that made the four men feel uncomfortable. So, after getting a hint from the man in dragon pattern embroidered robe, another person rushed over. No one saw what happened, but the pistols were snatched away in an instant. The whole place… was completely messed up.

Half an hour later, the bar was completely surrounded. There were fully armed policemen outside and a large area had been cordoned off.

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“Captain Liu, one of our policewoman was captured by the criminals inside. Please ensure her safety. Also… You have to watch this video. Maybe it’ll help you in your action plan later.”

Captain Liu, who was in charge of the task, originally thought that it was just a trivial matter. It was merely a few useless thugs, so he believed in his team’s strength. But after listening to Director Li’s last sentence, he felt a little strange. Why do I have to watch the video?

However, he kept quiet as he patiently watched the video, then… his body trembled.

The video showed the man rushing over to snatch the pistols. Maybe an ordinary policeman would think that the man had incredible skills, but for someone like Captain Liu, who had been on secret missions, it was too shocking!

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Those four men were definitely the kind of warriors beyond the ordinary people’s scope. Their abilities were beyond the imagination of an ordinary person. For instance, would you believe that a person could rush out from ten meters apart and snatch the pistols from the policemen?

“Director Li, we can’t engage for the time being. I need to report this to the superior. We aren’t strong enough.”

Captain Liu hesitated for a moment and admitted it although he was reluctant to say those words.

Seeing the current situation, all he could do was to ask the superior to send over warriors as powerful as the four men. Otherwise, the strength of the policemen wouldn’t have any effect at all!

The action plan that had already been prepared earlier was forced to stop, and the cordon outside the bar was once again pulled a few tens of meters further. More and more people came to watch. The entire street was blocked in the end.

Soon after Captain Liu’s report, in the Gu family Courtyard, Gu Tian completely understood what was happening.

That’s right. Gu family was the country’s military force stationed in Donghai City, and Gu Tian was also the head of those warriors, which was why people like Gu Zhanchuan27Gu ZhanchuanGu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter.'s bodyguard. were bodyguards for Gu Chengya.

It had always been the Gu family’s biggest secret. They simply had to send a few warriors out for duty, and there wouldn’t be anyone dominating in Donghai City anymore.

After hanging up the phone, Gu Tian frowned slightly. He didn’t expect that there would suddenly be so many warriors in Donghai City.

He hadn’t yet investigated Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel., and this strange incident appeared again?

However, maintaining social stability was his unshrinkable responsibility. Without much thought, Gu Tian ordered Gu Zhanchuan to bring along a few men to immediately check out the situation.


At that moment, Su Qiubai was driving around the third red dotted location. He had also inquired several people but no one seen anything unusual.

After another anxious searching around the area, he saw the cordon being pulled out. His heart jumped in excitement and he sped over in his car without hesitation. When he stopped to inquire about the situation, he knew that it was really bad!

After pushing past the police blockage, Su Qiubai dashed towards the bar with a few policemen desperately chasing after him.

The entrance of the bar was already blocked by many police cars. The whole place was heavily secured. Everyone was surprised to see Su Qiubai in a taxi driver vest dashing over. Someone had immediately stepped forward to stop him.

“Let me go, let me in!”

Su Qiubai was also anxious. Truthfully, if he wanted to, he didn’t need much effort to push away those policemen, but the key issue was that if he did so, there would be a lot more trouble.

After trying to explain for a long time, but to no avail, Su Qiubai hurriedly shouted out loud.

“It’s all a huge misunderstanding, I know them, let me in.”

His voice was so loud that Gu Zhanchuan, who was already giving out orders, heard him. As soon as he looked up, he didn’t expect to see Su Qiubai!

That made him ecstatic. He just watched the video of the man snatching the pistols and felt his confidence being flushed down the drain. He was just pondering about whether to call Su Qiubai for help or not, since it was too late to send over the warriors from other locations.

So, without hesitation, Gu Zhanchuan ran towards Su Qiubai.

The other police officers were shocked. They knew that Gu Zhanchuan was the most mysterious warrior. His cold face looked very imposing initially. How did it change to the complete opposite now?

In fact, his expression towards the taxi driver seemed to be quite eager and polite.

“Mr. Su, why are you here?”

Su Qiubai also felt strange when he saw Gu Zhanchuan. When Su Qiubai found out that Gu Zhanchuan was the person in charge of that operation, he became anxious.

“No, you guys surely can’t beat them!”

Although it was still unclear which emperor was inside, Su Qiubai was sure that Gu Zhanchuan wasn’t a match for him.

“Are you sure?” Gu Zhanchuan asked, even though he believed Su Qiubai.

Others might think that the young man was just an ordinary taxi driver, but he understood Su Qiubai’s abilities.

That man almost destroyed the Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den in Dongkou Lane, forced Xiao Xiuwen to almost chop off his own arm, and later somehow allowed his family’s mistress to recover from her illness… This young man was miraculous!

Therefore, Gu Zhanchuan directly reprimanded the others on the team who weren’t convinced, and opened the cordon for Su Qiubai.

The old driver felt inexplicably awkward. He didn’t know who the last emperor was, especially given the fact that the conflict was so serious now.

Will they… believe me?

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