Chapter 1:Birth Of Sin

Forty years later

Near the borders of the Eastern continent, vines covered the forest. Humongous trees concealed a swamp filled with glistening water and plant life. A green, mossy cottage lay hidden underneath a tree — the cabin about fourteen feet tall, tinted windows preventing onlookers from seeing the inside.

A divine beauty lay screaming on a wooden bed, her voice sending shivers down the dark-skinned man’s backside. His slim, muscular physique shuddering as he took little glances at her legs. Her mixed coloured eyes subtly complimented the beauty’s pale white skin and curvaceous body that would leave men drooling for her.

The midwife though, stood indifferent to the scene before her, as she calmly proceeded to the woman along the mossy wooden planks. Her future actions almost robotic due to her vast experience

The wooden planks trembled more and more as the woman was preparing to push, making it a race between the baby’s delivery and the demolition of the cottage. “Argh, these monsters want to destroy my v*****, come out one at a time, or you will not have a mother!!”

“Sugar Honey, relax,” said the handsome male, his soothing grey eyes and commerical like smile, projecting a friendly presence.

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“Talk any more, and you’re Argh!”

“My what…”

“Your Argh!!”


“Your balls will get shoved so far up your ass that…”

“OK, I got his head, so my lady push slowly, so I can wrap his body with this blanket” the midwife claimed. Displaying an embroidered white blanket with the words “Ether” highlighted in purple.

“Arghh! Keee! Kee!” breathing heavily, the baby slid out and landed into the midwife’s arms. In a matter of moments, the midwife rinsed the baby and swiftly covered the baby before handing the baby over to the anxious male.

However, the beautiful scene of a father looking into his newborn’s eyes took a drastic turn as the air around the group began to decrease at a rapid rate.

Little black specs started breaking apart the wooden planks in the cottage.

The baby, on the other hand, came out smiling as he watched the little black specs merge with each broken plank. Forcing the dark-skinned male to perform numerous hand signs with his left hand, which created a fluorescent cube that protected the group.

Oblivious to the growing chaos around them, the midwife and beauty continued about their business, preparing her to push out the following child.

Their surroundings, however, changed drastically as thunderous lightning tried to penetrate the cube. But the lightning reflected off the cube and onto the plant life, which prevented the midwife and beauty from losing concentration as the midwife rinsed and covered the second child.

Internally, the man sighed as the wrinkles on his forehead began to disappear “Without my genius, my balls may have taken by now, oh, I am so intelligent without this saint level barrier, my wife may have… Ah, thank the heavens for my intelligence.” Although his wife wouldn’t be affected by it because of her own defences, the midwife would have obliterated instantly.

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The man though realised that the barrier wouldn’t be able to protect them for much longer because he could see a purple phoenix created by fire and smoke in the distance after the third child was carried out by the midwife.

“Dear look at our children,” the beauty said nervously as she tried to catch her breath.

“Well, since my lady is fine my work should be finished so if you’ll please excuse me my village needs me.” suggested the midwife who began walking away from the couple and was now only inches away from the edge of the barrier.

“Please, Wait” the man shouted, but it was too late the midwife had stepped out the barrier tearing her to shreds from the chaos outside.

“Damn it, I forgot she was normal,” He said remorsefully.

“We will discuss this later.”The wife proclaimed.

“But it wasn’t…” the handsome male pleaded. However, the man’s pleading was interrupted by the commotion his newborns were making within the barrier, watching his newborns affectionately, the sombre mood couldn’t help but lighten.

“Grey, what should we name them,” the beauty said, wrapping a black cloth around her waist to compliment her black sleeveless top.

“Rose since you asked, I been thinking of going with Demios for the firstborn, Miko for the second born and the last born Hyde.”

“It will have to do for now; my bond is telling me our enemies are close by,”

“Indeed, with our sons having divine bodies, they are sure to have sensed us by now. Besides this barrier is draining a lot of Orbis out of me,”

“Divine bodies?” lightly tapping the fluorescent barrier around them, the woman clenched her fists as she could finally see the chaos outside the cube”You knew that this barrier would give that poor woman the illusion that our surroundings didn’t change,”

“Even if we wanted too, there is no way she would have survived with us on the run,”

“Oh, we are really going to talk about this after,”

Grey then hastily stretched out his arm and moved it horizontally. Creating a space fissure, Grey carried two of his newborns disappeared with Rose following behind she took Hyde and had one final look at the isolated location, which was previously a swamp filled with towering trees and a waterfall that would make any person feel at peace instantly.

Rose sighed before hurrying into the fissure tightly holding on to Hyde.

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