Chapter 2:New Life

Demios Pov:

So Its time for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I guess it is my time to go up to heaven. I’ve lived such a good life, 15 years were all I got, huh? Would have been nice to have lived for a bit longer. Dying a virgin is a bit depressing, though.

Well, I’ve always wanted to smile like one piece characters when facing death (Will Of D). Goodbye world, you lost another great soul that failed to accomplish anything.

Hmm, what is that touching me? Does this happen to everyone in the afterlife? It’s creepy, keep your hands off of me! Honestly, someone is carrying me right now; I know that this has to be someone’s hands. It’s so difficult to open my eyes, who the f*** told me to do the whole one-piece crap. Wait, where am I a wooden cottage? What’s that above me? It looks like it is sucking up all the logs; I should turn my head to have a better look. Hahahahaha this is a joke right! A black hole?! Are you serious right now? A freaking black hole? I can’t wait to tell my friends about this dream; they would probably be shitting their pants about my imagination.

Ok, I know this isn’t a dream, it’s too lifelike to be one, there’s an absolute stunner getting her v***** stretched and an attractive male whose backside is covered in sweat. Where the hell am I? All right, freaking is pointless; so let’s try to grasp this situation. I’m in a room with a black hole above my head sucking up everything in sight except us, a couple seems to be preparing to take out a baby, and I can barely even move my body correctly without feeling exhausted.

What is this? A baby carrier. Oh, God! I want to go home. Why in the world does this have to happen to me? F*** this s***! Reincarnation, I bloody reincarnated! Does it make f****** sense? How am I supposed to go through childhood again? I have to act and do goo goo gaa ga or makeup some weird crap! Oh, it seems the baby out.

I look up and see lightning coming down, how great reincarnation is, and now death awaits me black holes and now lightning bolts. Hmm, why is, does the baby have one grey eye and another blue?

I need answers! That baby’s blue eye is flashing weird colours at me; who put me here?

“Aweededefe!” Someones mumbling to themselves and I’m nearly 100 per cent sure it’s not the woman giving birth,

I guess they don’t speak English, as I can’t understand a single word they are saying.

This is so stressful, damn I feel like my brain blew a fuse, wait a minute a purple bird in the sky now, hahahahaha, let’s sleep, man reincarnation and destruction wow what a day. I’ve seriously done it now.

7 months later

Outside of a stone-age village, a small, little hut with flowers planted on each side of the entrance, which created a serene atmosphere around the area.

It was the home to a family of eight if you count beasts and they only moved in recently about two months ago. The man of the house, Grey works alongside the other men of the village to go hunting for food and herbs.

Although it was uncomfortable for Grey to have to use large amounts of Orbis to alter his face, it is needed for the more significant cause the stone village as many men would have lost their wives the moment Grey revealed his handsome exterior.

For why they stayed outside the village was due to the Roses bloodthirsty nature around normal people to save even more lives than Grey showing his real appearance the family stayed a fair distance from the stone-age village.

However, despite their innate issues, the family were still friendly to other villagers and even brought in some guests, who continually insisted for the family to come and live in the stone village.

But despite all their efforts, the family lived a relatively peaceful life. The triplets born almost seven months ago surprised their parents with their efforts to walk at only four months and their ability to speak simple sentences like “Mama Uncle Black stole money again.”

But now those boys are currently enjoying sprints in the back garden. All of them close to the height of a two-year-old toddler as they wore little bodysuits designed with their eye colours.

The oldest of the triplets Demios wore a gold bodysuit, Miko wore an ocean blue bodysuit, and the last born Hyde wore a purple bodysuit.

Hyde laughed while suggesting to Miko ” Come on Miko it’s easy, just copy Demios,”

“I know that already, but I am trying to put a twist to it, I think I can go faster,” Miko responded.

“Oh, then turn this way and move your body like this,” Hyde added.

Following Hyde’s instructions, Miko sprinted and realised upon reaching the tree “That’s the way Demios did it!”His cheeks went a bright red.

“Hahahaha I can’t believe you fell for it,” Hyde laughed rolling on the floor as he held his stomach.

After kicking Hyde out of embarrassment, Miko fell beside the injured Hyde and asked: “By the way, where is Demios?”

“Mum forced him to watch her cook since he tried to go into the village again,” Hyde said, flashing his two teeth.

“Dinner time” Rose shouted.

“Coming” they both responded.

Meanwhile, Demios was sitting at the table, looking angered by the situation before him as he glanced at his Uncle Black and Uncle Frey to his sides on the large dinner table.

Demios pov

I’ve adapted too well to this situation way too well. First, off I have Uncles, as beasts people and an Aunty that watches us in the night and after learning their language, there are apparently after our parent’s lives two brothers mentally growing way too fast.

Can you believe that when I was trying to walk with this baby body, they copied my movements instantly? Worst of all, when I started to figure out how to speak my new parents didn’t seem to care too much and only muttered about us having their blood, so it’s to be expected that we are different from the norm.

Is this how people of this world operate? They didn’t even notice the way I acted and spoke at times were different from a baby. Even when I tried that baby gibberish, my uncles would look at me like who was I fooling?

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Also, the way they integrated into this place was too smooth, my dad even goes hunting with the other villagers. But one thing that makes me feel very uneasy when I look at myself. It’s not about my looks because I’m sure I’m going to be a handsome mixed-race guy soon like I mean, look at my eyes, for example, one grey and another gold. Even on Earth, I could make millions with these looks with social media, of course, but that’s beside the point. There was that thing that happened to my brothers and me after I woke up from that whole birth thing.
Seven months ago

When I woke after my birth, my half of body was hot, and the other was cold, then it felt like something was choking me until my mother placed this chain over my neck, a brass pendant with rectangular shape with some gem in the middle.

I’m pretty sure that without it I probably would have died again. The fear and pain led me to the conclusion that I have no choice but to train to survive, and if this world is like the martial worlds my friend used to love then, I have to start slowly but efficiently. That ‘step by step’stuff, I may as well help my new brothers because I’m pretty sure without me, I don’t think they will be able to survive. Ahh man, what does this new life hold for me?

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