Chapter 3:The Promise

A year later

Demios was sitting down on the floor with his brothers playing behind him as he muttered to himself “So that whole training and step by step stuff was a lie I guess, I literally spent an entire year doing absolutely nothing. Wake up, eat, try to train but fail then eat and sleep all over again. At least the view isn’t too bad” Demios could see through the leaves a vast forest covered in fog and greenery.

Lots of changes have occurred within the year, as Grey’s sons now look more like three-year-olds, while only being a year and seven months old. The change had left their uncles baffled, but their parents watched their growth with approval, It was a comical sight to watch.

Their pursuers, for the time being, hadn’t found out their location, so they’ve been able to live peacefully for the time being.

But with that peace, Grey began to prepare the boys for a medicinal bath to improve the strength of their body just in case the pursuers managed to find their lovely home built a little way outside of the village.

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“Little black hurry and get the spatial ring that I prepared for my children, it should be hidden within the cave beneath the house, where the valuables are hidden,” Grey said.

“But Grey…” Hesitating slightly ” Rose said we should use that for them when they turn three, or they will be under immense pain” Black replied.

“Time waits for no one, and besides, they have divine bodies, they can handle a little bit of pain,” Grey said, looking slightly annoyed.

Black grunted lightly, muttering under his breath “you better stop this before Rose comes back from her cultivation breakthrough” before making his way to the cave.

Meanwhile, in the back garden, Demios and Hyde were practising ‘martial arts’ moves they learned from the villagers fight outside. The fight stemmed from two men who fought for one woman hand in marriage, the woman being the referee and instigator of the two men fight.

Demios and Hyde had been able to imitate the moves perfectly despite watching the fight once. Which resulted in daily spars as the two boys hoped to fully integrate what they saw into their daily spars.

Leaving Miko as the referee of the fight and he couldn’t decide whether he should stop the sparring, join the spar or just let them spar and have their Uncles or parents yell at the two to stop.

“Boys come upstairs now its time for you to bath!” Grey called.

“Yes, Dad” replied to the boys.

Running up the stairs, the boys entered the bathroom, while Grey poured some black blood, medicinal herbs, and several more materials. The medicinal bath contained materials warriors would kill for such as the blood of an Aquatic dragon which was considered by the researchers as being extinct after the battles that occurred after the Great War.

Grey also carefully performed a decoction of the blood of another mystical beast, making, the clear dark liquid look purplish red.

“Boys when you enter the bath, I need you to clench your teeth and hold each other’s hands” Grey calmly as he meticulously reorganised the remaining herbs on the floor.

“But Dad, why is the bath that colour?” Demios asked while scrunching his brows.

“Yeah, and why do we need to hold hands,” Miko added.

“Just do it!” replied Grey as he muttered under his breath, “we don’t have much time before they find out about your existence.”

Left with no other choice, so they held each other’s hand and stepped into the bathtub hoping for the best. But what awaited the brothers was excruciating pain, pain, and some more pain.

“Argh! Dad, it hurts! It hurts!” screamed Miko

“I can barely breathe!” Demios thought before screaming at the top of his lungs as he tightly holding on to his brother’s hands.

“Bear with it! You are my children, after all, it will help you,” Grey replied, appearing conflicted by his decision.

“Dad! I want to go! Mommy!” Hyde screamed.

10 minutes passed, and the children’s screams stopped as they all looked to be adapting to the changes caused by the medicinal bath.

“Just a little bit longer and you can leave,” Grey crossed his arms and tightly gripped onto his biceps as he did his best to stay calm.

“…” The boys couldn’t respond as their bodies were being ravaged by the medicinal bath.

After some more time, the once strange-looking bath turned black, which led Grey to carry the three boys out of the house and into the back garden.

Where he poured cold water into them to break them out of the trance, they were led into by the medicinal bath. Unfazed by the blistering cold water poured on them, Miko could see his hand still firmly locked with Hyde and Demios as they all looked around the back garden in confusion.

“Well done on getting through it,” Grey said calmly, embracing the confused brothers in a passionate hug.

“He’s done it now,” Frey said, shaking his head.

“He may have rushed it, but at least the boys came out alright,” Black laughed walking towards the group. While Frey remained at the door watching on before joining them in their hug.

“Hey, guys can I go and change? I’m still naked here!” Demios shouted as he did his best to break free out of Frey and Greys hold.

“Yeah go, but this is only the start,” Grey said, letting off the boys.

Grey then had the boys go into the medicinal bath for a month, despite many protests from their Uncles and the brothers.

while slowing increasing the herbs and blood included in each medicinal baths during the whole month of medicinal baths.


“This is your last bath,” Grey said while thinking “Now their bodies will develop at an even faster rate so they wouldn’t need to rely on their medallions (necklace was given at birth) as much I hope but It should buy us some more time.

After the boys were carried out of their bath, they began a routine Grey taught them to get rid of their bodies dirty black stuff (waste nutrients) which helped with their development of sturdier bones and healthy nutrients being more effective in their body.

“Make sure you pour cold water to wash out the dirt,” Grey said, looking a bit on edge.

They responded by nodding their heads as they’ve already done this procedure before.

That same night Rose came back home after breaking through her skin was looking like the most beautiful jade, her jet black hair tied up into a neat little bun; while her red eyes shone under the crescent moon.

She looked exhausted as she could barely up straight after opening the door.

Leaning slightly she grinned “Demios, Miko, Hyde I’m home come down and show your mummy your cute little selves,” Rose laughed as she could see Miko and Hyde tussling to get downstairs eager to meet their mother.

“Mum, where did you go? What did you do? Why didn’t you tell us you were leaving?”Miko cried.

“Aww, my boys were worried about me, hmm, what happened to you guys? You all grew taller, and your hair is longer, what did you get up to these past two months, ” Rose said, examining the changes in her sons.

Miko and Hyde then explained to Rose their experiences these past two months while Demios facepalmed himself in the kitchen.

After they mentioned the medicinal baths, Rose’s face changed, and a large vein appeared on her forehead as her eyes turned.

“Grey!!!” We need to talk now” screamed Rose.

“I guess it’s time for my death,” Grey sighed internally.

Demios- A little while ago

“Hey you two, I’ve just seen Mom outside, so I want you to listen good, and listen well. Do not! And I repeat do not tell mom about the baths we took these past couples of months. Got it,”

“Moms home!” Miko and Hyde’s eyes gawked as thy sprinted downstairs.

“Hey listen to me,”

Ugh, I should have done more, It’s all over now. Dad’s going to die.

“And Dad made us try these baths with yucky stuff it,” Seeing a change in his mother’s expression Miko held her hands “It didn’t hurt that much, Hyde and Demios were with me,”

Wow a nail in the coffin, this woman is going to go berserk. Shes already clenching her fists, oh this guy going to get it today. I better get to my window before I miss this action.


” let’s take it outside,” Grey replied as he swiftly picked up Rose in a flash and went to the front of the house.

I hear shouting outside, It seems they already started. Just a few more steps before I can see the action.

“Up we go,”

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Hmm, I can’t seem to make out what they are saying, but it looks like Grey is winning, though.

“You know we don’t have enough time,” said Grey

“I know that, and that’s why I forced my breakthrough to the next realm instead of building up a stronger foundation like I normally do” argued Rose.

It seems like Grey rushed our baths because of the people chasing after them, but Rose is saying she is making sacrifices so we won’t get involved.

I don’t understand why they don’t just give us to a family in the village and run for it, coming back to pick us up when they gain enough strength to kill their pursuers.

Hold on; they’ve gone really silent now, Grey looks like he is consoling Rose about something.

*Clap* Clap* Bravo for the skills, although I have no idea what you did and said, but you look like you won that argument.

I should probably bring Miko and Hyde to console mother and tell her that we are okay because we are together or something corny.

They are too smart! How did these two know that this was the right time to go up to Rose? Does that mean they set up Grey as well? Nah they shouldn’t be that shrewd, right?

“Deimos your late” Miko said.

“My bad,” What is up with these kids, man? And where the hell did Grey go?

“I have such good children, but promise me that you all will never seriously hurt each other and promise me you will come and find me when you’re older, but don’t come too early or I will hide from you,” Rose giggled while saying.

“Yes, mommy,” Miko and Hyde replied.

“I want you to promise to my Little dem dem,” said Rose

“Erm, yeah, I promise,” I said a little shaky, it just seems like an odd request. I mean what with all these promises now, these two will probably forget this in a month.

Don’t come too early or I will hide from you?


Little did they know that would be the last time they spoke to their mother in this world.

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