Chapter 4:Aftermath

Early in the morning, the boys woke up from the large bed they shared and instantly noticed more changes in their bodies. Their arms were now covered with marks(tattoos) that crept up to their heart and their backs.

This discovery caused Miko and Hyde to scream at the top of their lungs. Running to their mother with sparkles in their eyes, they broke the

Jumping onto her bed, they could only see their father lying down with his eyes shut tightly as he embraced Rose’s crescent amulet.

Meanwhile, Demios sat confused in his bed as he continued to ponder over his mother’s words, which made him oblivious to the marks on his body.

“I should go ask her why she said something like that, but would she even tell me the truth? I mean I couldn’t ask her yesterday because of… hold on why can’t I remember anything besides that conversation yesterday?” Scratching his head ” What happened after that conversation? I wasn’t that tired after the bath, right?” Throwing his blanket on the floor, Demios casually walked towards the door.

“Dad! Mum’s disappeared!” Hyde shouted as he shook his lifeless father while his voice passed through the house’s walls.

“She’s probably with Frey or Aunty,” Demios replied.

“No, that’s not it, “Miko muttered.

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Pinching Hyde to face him “Ow!” They could both see a tear coming down their father’s eye.

“Dad, why are you crying?”Miko asked, reaching for his father’s face to wipe the tear away. But before he could touch Grey, both him and Hyde were picked up by their Uncles and taken out of the room.

“Hey what’s going on?”Demios asked.

“Demios follow us,” Frey replied coldly as he held Miko’s lips while Black held Hyde’s lips.



I’m pathetic… a waste of creation, just utter garbage. As a man, I should be the leader of this family, the one that provides and takes care of the family but instead, I am the one being taken care of, even after getting all this strength, power and money. I am so useless! My wife is out there protecting us from harm while I am here fighting my pain.

Don’t you dare cry! I promised my self that even if I am weak that I will never show it. Not to myself or to my family, I have to be the role model, right? The leader… So can someone please tell me how to stop these tears.

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Argh! For f***’s sake, why can’t anything I do go right, I try and try again only to be put back into this place. I’m just trash, hahahaha just utter trash hahahaha, no wonder Rose left it till now to tell me all this, or we wouldn’t be in this situation.


Meanwhile, Demios was trying desperately to find the correct words to say to his brothers. While the people he was worried about upsetting where fighting over the clay sink and who gets to brush their teeth first.

Gathering up his courage, Demios called out ” Hey guys, I need to tell you something, but you have to promise not to cry.”

” Huh Bro what is it?” Miko replied while pushing Hyde’s chest with his feet

” I don’t cry Demios,” said Hyde. Realising the situation before him, Demios decided it would be best to do this later, but he understood that if he did it too late, there would be consequences from both parties (Father and Brothers).” Just come and meet me in the room when you’re done, well discuss it there” said Demios.

” Ok!” they both replied.

Approximately 25 minutes later, Hyde and Miko came sprinting into the room trying to barge each other over in the process. ” Bro can you tell us now I want to show mom these strange marks on our left arm,” said Miko

” Huh marks?” replied Demios, who only just noticed that his arm covered in what he would describe from his previous life rose sleeved tattoo. Taking off his plain white top to check further Demios found that the tattoo made it all the way to his left chest and instead of just a rose an Eye looked like it sprouted out on top on the rose on his chest. But that was not all as he ran to the mirror to find the rose vines came all the way to the left side of his back as well, wrapping around tree tattoo. Thinking of the person most likely to have done this Demios was trying to break down the potential suspects using experience from watching law shows from his previous life in his head.” Demios tell us already I want to see mum” said Hyde interrupting Demios from his thoughts.

“Well it’s about that, ermm remember our promise to mum” replied Demios.

“Yeah I remember it!” said Miko

“You could say its started mums ermm left already wait, Miko don’t cry we only have to find her when we grow up ok, don’t cry,” said Demios but tears already began to form in both of their eyes. Wailing their sadness Miko and Hyde hugged Demios for comfort. It would take a while for them to calm down.


Later that Day

Miko and Hyde were still hugging Demios, but no tears were coming out, but Demios always understood their pain, and he was sure that if he weren’t reincarnated he would probably be much worse.” Boys are you done yet?” yelled Grey from downstairs and from hearing their father’s voice, they all practically flew towards their father for comfort.

After a while, Grey said, ” Well boys, it’s going to be tough for the next few years we will train you till your awakening and for the beginning stages of your cultivation.”

“Cultivation?” they all asked.

” I’ll tell you about it when you the training begins.”

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