Chapter 5: Training

One year and three months later

The cottage from a year ago changed as the wooden planks were now covered in moss and a tree-covered the top of the roof with its branches. But in the cottage, an incredibly handsome man with grey eyes, dark skin, and a well-groomed beard is a bathroom holding a bucket. He is currently pouring medicinal herbs, fish guts, and demon blood into a clay bath. The man’s smile carried the illusion that he had triumphed through a thousand storms.

“Alright, this is your last medicinal bath, you little monsters have made me waste all of my herbs and high-grade beast blood,” said Grey.

“Argh damn old man making us go through this torture again?” replied Hyde a sentence you wouldn’t expect from a 3-year-old, but with the new changes in their bodies, Miko and Hyde’s mind has grown astoundingly fast as they inherited characteristics of their personality from their genes and the people around them.

“What did you say? Hyde!” yelled Grey.

“That’s the beauty of nature shines today,” said Hyde nervously. Sighing Grey thought his son had learned too much from him and their uncles. “Just call Demios to stop training his body and Miko from his mental training” replied Grey.

“Fine, but when do we start proper training,” asked Hyde

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Grey pov

I’m guessing he overheard my conversation with little black; hmm your bodies have grown exponentially since your first medicinal bath and my light training plan of running up and down the mountain while carrying weights to temper your body. Ah well, I guess it’s time for me to speed up your training plan, although I thought it would last all of you till your 5. But I think it’s time.

So how should we do this now? Hmm, I could teach them medicine and train their bodies and minds without focusing on any specialised skills. Then I could get little black to show them how to deal with other people, but they may turn into shameless perverts pretending to be the perfect gentleman. Well, it’s not like I have a choice. Their mother would have been the ideal teacher.

Never mind that I should also teach them my ironclad rules or I will be a failure as a father and a person. If my little monsters go out to the world and become mass murders that kill anyone and everyone for just looking at them wrong or if they offend a person from a sect then destroy everyone in the sect to take out ‘ future problems’. I would honestly castrate them, then kill myself. It’s a father’s job to teach his children morals, anyway and how to pick up ladies, but with their potential in becoming handsome devils, I don’t think I would need to do anything.


The Next Day

In front of the mossy cottage was three handsome children possessing eye colors that can only be written in fantasies or severely rare cases. The boy’s height ranging between 130 to 133cm looked to be earnestly paying attention to the dark, handsome man in front of them and besides the man is a blackbird the same height as an eagle posturing like an overbearing king of the skies — a blue coloured tiger that was laying on the ground in front of the dark, handsome man.

“Old man are we finally starting?” said Demios

“What’s with all of you, calling me old man. I’m still in my early 30s; it’s not like I am one of those old bastards that are in their 400s” argued Grey.

“Then can I call you old bastard instead?” replied Demios

“Try it, and you will have to do your new training plan wearing the 1000 pound breastplate,” said Grey

“Fair play,” said Demios who is currently struggling from wearing the 250-pound breastplate as punishment.

“Hahahahahhahaha” laughed Hyde.

“Dad, what is the new training plan?” asked Miko “I will teach you all how to fight and strategies and train you to become a doctor deserving of the name Ether. Your uncle black will teach you how to live and your uncle Frey will only tell you about the continent you are in the right now. Any questions”

“No old man” they all replied and with those words began the three brothers special training.


Eight months later

Demios Pov

Oh god, what kind of fresh hell is this? Reincarnation isn’t what people said it would be this is freaking torture! The old man forces us to practice sprint up the bloody mountain while wearing some 500-pound breastplate under our shirts. I understand that we are abnormal compared to an average person, but this guy pushes it way too far with his ‘training,’ and I’m pretty sure he is a sadist as well because if we don’t obey his training regime, he gives us a private ‘ one to one’ lesson. Where he beats our ass using the fighting moves he taught us during the day. My body should be 100 times stronger than it was before I reincarnated even though I was a football athlete and I am only three years old is this normal for this world? It’s probably due to that medicinal bath, he puts us through, but if it wasn’t for that strange feeling that happens when we all hold hands in the tub. There is no way my mind wouldn’t break down from that torture. I swear, I saved a life before dying, why am I suffering I should be living in luxury, enjoying the beauty of life.

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But I seem to have gained an eidetic memory as I can instantly recall everything the guy teaches us about the human body and all the pressure points. Also, medical books seem to be coming out of his hands like magic with information on herbs and various body constitutions. I’ve learned more medical techniques here than my entire ten years in compulsory education, but it’s like it’s all easy to soak in. It’s bizarre.

Would anyone believe that a three-year-old could already perform minor surgeries with absolute precision and no issues? Of course for injured people in the village when they come out, but we have to knock them out so they can relax when treating them. I have to strengthen my resolve for power every time I go through this ‘training.’

My father’s sad feelings keep coming out more often now, and I am starting to be influenced by a pervy blackbird that keeps complaining about my brothers and my looks. To be honest, I get it like, although we all look about seven now and my height is about 133cm with my brothers being slightly smaller than me.

The fact that we possess eyes with two different colors has a certain appeal that would probably make us worldwide famous on earth. Our tattoos would probably be explained as atrocious parenting. But now that I think about it these tattoos don’t look like they will be coming off and whenever I ask the pervy black bird about it, it just laughs and says narcissistically “As expected of my nephews. “Although the old man has now explained that it is because of the purity of our bloodlines as well as the chain we are forced to wear.

Never mind that it’s finally time for our lesson with uncle Frey about where the f*** we are! I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, but with all of this torture, it just slips my mind.

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