Chapter 6: Training(Part 2)

In the living room stood a blue haired man with attractive features is preparing what looks like a lesson to three children sitting on a wooden bench. Frey wore glasses, with his casual outfit to make him look more like a refined scholar as he wanted to impress the boys in both appearance and knowledge, proving to them what a knowledgeable person would like in the future. While the boys were wearing only shorts due to the burning heat.

“Uncle Frey, are you going to teach us how to scam people like uncle Black?” asked Miko innocently.

“Also uncle why are you in your human form?” said Hyde.

Coughing Frey replied,” Of course not, I am going to teach you guys about this continent, so can you tell me where you are?”

” Aren’t we outside of Stone village, ” said Demios

“Yes and no because in physical terms, we are outside Stone village, but in geographic terms, we are on the outskirts of the Ouroboros kingdom,” replied Frey

“Ouroboros kingdom?” they all inquire curiously.

“Oh, Grey didn’t tell you, huh, what terrible parenting,” laughed Frey and they all nodded profusely.

“Well to start, we are in the eastern continent, and there are five major kingdoms one just mentioned being the Ouroboros kingdom, then we have the Alabaster kingdom, Plutus Kingdom, Torino Kingdom, and the Yama Kingdom,” said Frey.

“Wow, unc…” but just as Hyde was about to speak his sentence, Frey continued.

” That’s not all, it gets fascinating, listen to this while all the kingdoms use a hierarchy system where it goes from the royal family to dukes, marquis, earl, viscount, baron and then the commoners. But this is where they vary instead of the Ouroboros kingdom having only one ruler they have nine elders that govern over their kingdom with a figurehead king to look like the ruler of the country.”

“But…” interrupted Demios.

“It only starts there; the Alabaster kingdom has an extraordinary guardian. The Salamander emperor is an ancient beast from the war that changed our world. Moreover, the Torino Kingdom has a similar protector being the ancient Leviathan demon beast, and this allows their people to have control over different water arts. The Yama kingdom is a kingdom heavily influenced by Buddhism and is filled with amazingly talented Spirit practitioners who have connections with plants.”

“Wait! Uncle…” yelled Miko.

“I know what you’re trying to say, it’s mind-blowing right, that there is such a big world out there, but let me finish it off with the Plutus kingdom. Although I don’t know too much about the actual rulers, it’s the place you have to visit, your actual blood uncle resides there with his family, and it’s also the most powerful kingdom of all five kingdoms in the eastern continent. It also nearly controls all of the sects in near the central part of the eastern continent. Oh, I almost skipped over it the Yama kingdom is closest to the southern continent, so it’s the southern kingdom in the eastern continent, then the Torino kingdom is west, the Alabaster kingdom is North, and the Ouroboros kingdom is east.” explained Frey

“Uncle Frey uncle black is stealing from your room again!” said Demios hurriedly.

“What! Huh? That freaking perverted bastard!” screamed Frey.

Sprinting off into his room Frey grabbed black by his beak and rushed off into the distance shouting insults at the black phoenix.

Sitting on the bench, the boys looked at each other then back at the place Frey was previously teaching. They then began to laugh loudly as they heard their Uncle Black scream in the distance where both their uncles rushed. Continuing for a few minutes, they began to calm down with tears in their eyes. “Well, looks like we have the rest of the day off “laughed Hyde.

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” No, I don’t think so and don’t we have to continue training our medical skills,” replied Miko.

“Let’s just discuss what uncle told us about the eastern continent” suggested Demios.

“I’d rather train my combat against trees down the mountain,” said Hyde

“I want to help more people,” said Miko.

Internally sighing Demios thought ” They are still just kids, no matter how mature, they act now I need to beat at their own game for them to try to understand how important this information will be for us in the future. But it’s not like they will forget it. Oh, I might as well babysit for a bit.”

“Look here Hyde if I beat you in a fight you will sit down and discuss with us about what we just learned and Miko you know we have unlimited time to save people. It’s not like we can’t do it after our discussion,” argued Demios and so began the beginning of many discussions started like this over the next two months.

Night came, and the boys were currently watching the stars through their broken roof, which was caused by their Uncle black’s sound waves. Closing their eyes to sleep, the boys began to sweat profusely and were frozen in place with their brows furrowed.

Grey was watching his children toss and turn while thinking about his various experiences in that situation.


Grey Pov

Aww, bittersweet memories I remember when mine happened, I was so freaked out I pissed my bed despite being 15 years old at the time. My bastard brother nearly pissed himself laughing at my embarrassed state. Speaking of piss, they better not do it on the bed or they will have to put on the 500-pound breastplate.

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I remember seeing a grey eye in my dream it was so freaky like just an eye looking straight at you with a desert surrounding you. I think the scenery changed and I began to watch a mans life from beginning to end. He possessed a strange constitution and was bullied for his distinct features of having grey eyes by his dear siblings. He was regarded as a waste because he couldn’t cultivate through Spirit power or True essence, so his father ignored him. No, he completely erased his presence with only his mother to comfort him. The boy attempted to live a peaceful life until his 13th or 14th where the only person who shielded and loved he died at the hands of his siblings for protecting him from harm. The boy changed immensely after his mother’s death, walking on the path of revenge, his once bullied features awakened into the Heavenly Ghost eyes that were hidden in his bloodline, which was caused by the fusion of his constitution, and strange gem he swallowed.

He completely eradicated the clan killing off everyone and anyone who dared go against him. Losing his self-control in the process, the man was driven completely by his emotions. I think that’s all I can remember about his life. There were more strange dreams about people with the Heavenly Ghost eye bloodline, but they stopped when I turned twenty-five. I wonder which bloodline memory they are going to get? I am also quite interested in their reactions when I explain their bloodline.

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