Chapter 7: The Dream

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Time to rest I guess I hope God grants me a wet dream to hope for tomorrow. But can I get a wet dream in a child’s body? That wouldn’t make sense guess. Hmm if I don’t get a wet dream, I want a clip into what my future would be like in a couple of years. Ow, that little brat Hyde kicked me again! I should show him who is boss when he wakes up. Should I though like come on I am way older mentally. Sigh just please let me see a girl with big tits. That’s all I ask for…

I see a desert and 12 children with pointy ears and collars on their neck walking behind two men in a line. Why do the kids look like slaves? Do slaves exist in this world? Are they elves? One of the two men is tall with a very muscular physique, and his body is covered in armour from head to toe. Isn’t he hot or does he have some power to prevent himself from feeling the heat? The other man is skinny, but still muscular hoisting a small sword at his waist.

A young boy around eight to nine was brought in to the tent of the two men. He has long dark hair with icy blue eyes. A very skinny physique the boy looks like he hasn’t eaten in the past few weeks. However, his posture showed that he was a mentally strong boy. Although his expression seemed fearful like prey would when they see the predator. ” Don’t worry little boy the noble we are giving you to wouldn’t want damaged goods so your fine for now?” said the skinny, muscular man.
“Never mind that speak your name,” said the large muscular man
“Berse,” said the boy timidly

Oh, I feel dizzy again! The scenery has changed, is that the boy? Berse looks like a teenager now, and his ears had become more of a distinct feature, his lean physique now slim and muscular. It seems like he has been training. But the collar on his neck is still there. I guess he is still a slave.

“Now that you slaves are trained its time for you to be tested to my experiment for Gods power,” laughed a well-dressed man with a scar on his face.
“Yes, sir,” responded all the elf slaves.
It seems he treated them well, they all look healthy and fit but what is this experiment? Is it like the human experiments that were banned on earth? “But before you become tests I need only five of you,” said the noble
“It’s exactly what you think you need to kill; one person has to die before the sun goes down and… If no one is killed then I will kill off two of you instead!” said the noble while laughing hysterically. Great a horror show! Is going to be on mind for the rest of the week now. Wait! Why do I keep feeling nauseous?

I swear if I get nauseous one more time. Erm, I will do something once I think of a way to piss off the thing that is making me feel ill. A new scene huh? Looks like my guy Berse has made a couple of buddies, it seems like he is in one of those military accommodations for soldiers.

“Berse there is seven of us left, and we still need to kill off to more people,” said a young elf that had pointy ears and glossy silver hair.
“We are the strongest group here let the other 4 fight it out themselves” replied Berse.

“What if they form an alliance?” asked Berse’s other friend who had an eye patch around his left eye making him look more menacing.

“They won’t be that stupid they know what would happen to them all,” laughed the silver-haired elf.
Another one! For f*** sake, my guy Berse was about to speak, what’s next huh does this noble force them to kill each other so only one can remain.

Bathed in blood the area around Berse looked to be full of debris. His black hair changed to red. His eyes look devoid of life he is holding what looks like to be his friend from the previous scene. There are rocks and flames covering his body but not touching him like an aura that you see in Dragon Ball Z.

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Damn, I guessed right. Ermm I predict Berse to kill the noble and try to restore his friend’s lives. Whoa, noble actually looks happy doesn’t he see Berse’s eyes are fixated on him like he is looking at fresh meat.
” I’ve done it now kneel before me as my servant for eternity,” Laughed the noble. He continued to laugh for a while until Berse got within 5 feet of him ” Oh you wish to kill me… how cute! Your body is still unstable from absorbing the chaos element. Kneel before me, and I can save you.”

“Save me?” it was now Berses turn to laugh hysterically as he threaded his hand around his now red hair. He said, “save me by dying!”

“Oh, it looks like I have to subdue you before bringing out the seal,” said the noble before his body began to almost twice the size of his previous self. Throwing a punch at defenceless youth, the air began to whistle due to the intensity of the punch. Holding the nobles fight, Berse looked at the man with ridicule before saying, “Repent your sins in hell.” Grinning he lifted his hand that was coated in some red and black power.

No no no come on that was the good bit he just said the words and was about to strike him down! How cruel can you be? You didn’t even make me nauseous before changing the scene again.

Berse was panting heavily his body covered in bloody holes. Staring at the ash on the ground, he wept for a while still feeling the loss of his brothers. Standing upright he looked towards the wall and said: “My descendant, absorb the chaos in your heart and manifest it into your power.”

Oh, you mean me? Ermm sure boss man I will absorb chaos in my heart and make it power?
Hold on, is it some kind of riddle?


That same night as Miko was attempting to sleep.

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