Chapter 8: The Dream (Part 2)


I want to dream of mum tonight. If I think about it hard, I can manage to dream of mom and all of us together. Ahh if only mom would come back. Maybe dad would smile again before I wouldn’t have noticed it, but Demios showed Hyde and me our Dad staring out the window in his room looking sad.

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My body feels light like I am floating. However, I can only see darkness. Maybe I am not thinking hard enough. Argh, what’s this? You are not my mom! Who is this woman, and why is she staring at me?

“you look confused my descendant,” said the beautiful woman with luscious purple hair and blue eyes. The woman has a body most woman would kill for, and her gaze is filled with destructive intent.

“You don’t look, nice Aunty, Can I go home now? Also Aunty why are your ears pointy?”I shouted feeling threatened by her gaze.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt I just want to show you something about yourself?” said the woman seductively.

“About myself? What is it? Is there something strange about me? If it’s these strange marks, my brothers have them too. I know I am handsome but don’t…”I argued till father’s words of staying calm no matter the situation I then said as calmly as possible” When are you showing it to me?”

“Be quiet descendant! Just follow me,” demanded the woman.

“Can you give me your name aunty?” I asked.
“Asteria,” said the woman
“Thank you Aunty Asteria,” I replied and then bowed to show my gratitude as that is what Uncle Frey taught us to do.
“Enough of that just come,” said Asteria and with a wave of her hand, the two of them entered a forest.

The forest seemed to be an illusion as it disappeared as soon as I saw it and what was unravelled was a country filled with stone buildings some reaching the same length as the humongous tree behind the country. The ocean floor is allowing drifting boats to create a serene atmosphere with the lanterns lighting up the night’s beauty of the country. Roots are growing out of the great infrastructures and a bridge connecting to two different cities with a weirdly shaped tree to the left and sakura trees to the right.

“Aunty, this is beautiful, is this your home?” I asked excitedly. However, Asteria didn’t respond and led me to a little home built out of stone nearby by a small city that is far from the amazing infrastructure. In that little home is a girl who looks very similar to Asteria outside playing with a cat on the field but compared to the terrifying aura the Asteria of now carried with her the little girl has a gentle character like she had been untouched by the darkness of the world.

“This isn’t what you’re supposed to see, so pay attention to the memory to your right in there will show about yourself and the potential you have my descendant,” said Asteria

“Aunty, where are your parents?”I asked.

“My parents died when I was 5” mumbled Asteria, but Miko could still hear it.

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“I’m sorry for your loss but Aunty Asteria this descendant thing is? Is it something Uncle black did?” I asked, and Instead of answering my questions Asteria just stared at me which caused me to panic.
” Ok ok, Aunty to the right!” I said uncomfortably.

I shifted my head to the right, and I can see the little girl and an old lady with grey hair, blue eyes and the same pointy ears as the little girl. The little girl is holding what looks like lightning, but not quite, however, I can tell that it looks really dangerous. It is very scary! The old lady behind the little girl looks shocked; her baggy clothes covered her deteriorated figure.

“I knew it! There was a one in a million chance that you born with the heavenly lightning body would possess the destruction attribute as well. Come with me!” yelled the old lady. But before the little girl could respond, she grabbed her by her hand and darted off to the tower near the small house.

“Alright you can go to your home now, I’ve taught you all that I can in these 4 years, don’t weep or you would be disgracing my name as the Mad Warlord, Just fulfill my wish before its too late its shameful that I have to impose this on you my disciple, but fate works in mysterious ways. The destruction attribute should be hidden within your lightning as a way to kill never let anyone find out not even your mother or they will come and destroy her!” said the old lady who looked like she had one foot in the grave.

“Yes, Master,” said Asteria coldly although tears coming down her gorgeous face betrayed her cold tone.

“Also keep your elemental in your dantain or your ability to withstand the backlash of the destruction attribute will ultimately lead to your death,” replied the Mad warlord.

“Yes and goodbye master.”

Erm, that should be Aunty? So the old lady should be her master and the person who took her in after her mothers death. But how does this relate to me? Turning my head in search of more memories I skip past too many I can’t quite make it out, but Aunty looked angry in one and shes sprinting off into the distance.

It looks like a really large village there are people everywhere moving around, talking and playing. That sounds so fun but where is Aunty? Hmm, she is standing up in the sky like Dad and Mom. It looks like she is about to have a battle with those seven uncles, four uncles have blonde hair, and the other three have black hair. They look quite big from here, and they all have swords and armour. But against Aunty is she that powerful that it is seven against one!

“Asteria you may have the destruction attribute, but with your birth, there are two others with the same attribute, you are not anything special,” said the man in ridicule

” Are you prepared for death” Asteria questioned

“We should be asking you that with seven life and death powerhouses you would explode before your destruction attribute could reach us. Brothers kill the fey.” yelled the man.

“Kill the fey!” they all chanted in unison.

Oh, a fight I wonder if Aunty would win? Huh, aunty why are you here?

“Descendant to assist you will see you my final battle after you begin cultivation, do you notice the similarities between you and me,” said Asteria

“Ermm we have blue eyes,” I suggested.

“You are too young; I will tell you this though the destruction attribute lives within you and will awaken alongside the lightning once you start cultivation. Heed my words never let your negative emotions overwhelm you, or you will end up like me and find your elemental spirit as soon as possible before its too late.”

“yes, aunty,” I answered confused. But before I could ask her what she meant her body disappeared leaving a trail of mist.


During Hyde’s attempt to sleep

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