Chapter 9: The Dream (Part 3)


What a fun day! Learning to fight with my brothers, laughing at Uncle Frey and Uncle Blacks jokes on each other. It would be great if I can dream of a big sparring match with Demios because out of all of us he can learn and copy dads movements the fastest. But if I can’t get that dream, I want to dream of flying in the air the way Dad does. It looks so cool! Just jumping up and walking in the air like it’s just a regular thing to do. Argh, it pumps me up just thinking about it. Oh, I kicked Demios by accident I hope he isn’t too angry. Eh, it doesn’t matter we will spar and be done with it anyways.

Hmm, I see a massive building that has weird symbols on it. A circle with 12 cuts in the middle but the middle is another circle. How strange! There’s a massive red gate in front of the building with a rope hanging sideways on the second red wooden plank that connects the two massive pillars? According to what Uncle Frey was talking about when it comes to buildings, this should be a temple.

A boy about six to seven with blue hair and black eyes is in a meditating position that dad forces us to be in when he wants us to train our mind. Strange the boy looks pale and has ear pointy than mine. But who is that behind the boy? It looks like an old lady with a hunchback, blue hair, and gold eyes like my brother. Although Demios only has one eye like that and her skin looks really really bad.

“Minger! What have I said about cultivating outside? You know what would happen if others saw people from our Fey race in the temple,” reprimanded the old lady.
“But grandma it feels so much nicer outside, and you said it yourself that our Fey race has an innate ability to connect with natures elements,” argued Minger.
“Who taught you to be cheeky? Go back inside and read the scriptures,” yelled the grandmother.

Whoa, it’s going really fast now! Almost like time is speeding up. Does he do this every day? How boring! If that were me I would have run away by now reading books is the worst. Well, it’s not like I forget what I read anyways. But seriously that would be worse than Uncle Frey’s lessons of general knowledge or Dads medicine lessons on herbs and the human body. Oh, it stopped now that blue haired boy has grown up a bit he is near 170cm, and he’s almost as muscular as my dad.

“I hope grandma understands. My talents would be wasted here I can save lives and become a hero like the stories grandma used to tell me when I was younger. I’ve awakened the divine element, the healing element, and the life element. They are all rare elements I think. Because that what it said in the scriptures hidden in the cupboard.” said the blue-haired teenager who was running as fast as he could to a nearby village. However, before he could enter the village, he noticed a bright light crashing down approximately 500 m away from the village on a field covered in grass.

Looks like he is going to go there before he enters the village huh? What is that ring? It looks so cool! I want one! Why is he just staring at it give it to me if I show this to Miko and Demios they would be so jealous.

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“What a mysterious artifact… I wonder what power it holds maybe it will be my special weapon in defeating the bad guys and rescuing people hahahaha I lucked out,” laughed the blue haired teenager.

Oh, fast forward again. Oh well, I don’t really care what this Uncle does, but I better see the ring when he stops again so he can give it to me. Hold on what is that milky thing he is holding?

“After 675 attempts I’ve finally created it my element which I made fusing all my rare elements into one. Now I can become a true hero that beats up bad guys. But more importantly, saves lives. What should I call this element hmm let’s think what about creation and it will be passed down to the descendant with the most potential to control this element.” said Minger who had with magnetising black eyes and white porcelain skin. Who was staring at the red-gemmed ring on his middle finger that is on his right hand?

Gimme Gimme Gimme it looks even cooler now! Let me borrow it for like a year no for 50 years no let me have it pretty please I will give you a rock for it. Eh it’s fast forwarding again, but at least it’s better than last time the man is saving peoples lives with his milky white thing and hasn’t really had any cool battles yet but just him running away from people who are in armour. Oh, it stopped looks like this will be the final one.

Minger has a beard now and a long blue ponytail that’s hanging to his waist. The ladies looking at him seem to be fainting. Shouldn’t he be helping them isn’t that why he made the white milky thing?

” Hero Hero Hero Hero!!!” the soldiers chanted on the field despite the city being in ruins from the war.

“No please its what I should be doing,” shouted Minger.
“Without you, millions would have died! How can you still be so humble Heavenly saint?” replied the man with the least armor on his body that was standing in front of the soldiers.

Wow, that’s it so boring. Why is the man telling them to stop when he likes it why not let them continue and when they are done be done with it? He is cool and all, but he is really boring. Huh, why is it so dark all of a sudden?

” Descendant you have seen my past, and you understand why I have chosen you. Are you ready to inherit my power?” announced the voice.

“Eh, who are you? And what is this power? I asked confused.

“The power to create all things that are deemed impossible like the man you watched,” said the voice.

“Are you saying that I should be like him?” I replied.

“Yes,” said the voice

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“Then I say no, I don’t want to be like that boring blue haired guy, don’t get me wrong he’s cool and all, but I don’t want to be like him. I want to have epic battles like Uncle black says my Dad was in and I want to explore the world,” I said trying my best to get my point across to the mysterious voice.

“Eh, you don’t really have a choice in the matter I’ve already imprinted it in your blood, and you can’t go to any other branch for your bloodline abilities.” replied the voice

“But I said I didn’t want it, though, “I yelled furiously.

“Make it your power my descendant as this is something above you,” demanded the voice.

“But dad said…”


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