Chapter 10: Bloodlines

Waking up at the same time the boys shouted.

“Wait! Boss Berse what does that mean.”

“Aunty, why did you disappear?”

“My dad said I shouldn’t accept charity.”

Looking at each other confusingly the boys watched each other’s expressions for a full thirty seconds Demios broke the silence and said,” So I’m guessing we all got some weird or the same dream, hmm Miko can go first then Hyde, and I will tell you mine.”
“Fine” replied Miko while Hyde just nodded his head not caring about the order.
“My dream went like this, there was this pretty aunty with pointy ears, and she made me watch her life….”
” Ahh me too I had to watch this boring uncles life” interrupted Hyde before getting kicked in the head by Demios who stared at him with an annoyed expression on his face. Demios sighed before saying,” Continue Miko and Hyde… Just hold your lips or something, and I will steal you some food from Uncle blacks storage ring.”

“Well after she had made me watch her life, she said that I should never let my negative emotions overwhelm me when I awaken my lightning attribute and… and didn’t show me her huge fight, but she was very scary as well” stammered Miko.

“Ok it’s my turn now, I watched a blue-haired pointy ear mans life, and he created this milky white thing to save peoples lives but he never really fought against other people and he loved people praising him as well. Oh, he also said I had the potential to create the white milky thing and tried to force me to inherit his will. But I guess that’s all a dream now.” explained Hyde.

Internally thinking Demios was feeling a myriad of emotions about his brother’s stories as he was detecting that they all received some special power like he did but remembered the saying that with every power comes a drawback. Moreover, he couldn’t help but feel agitated that his brothers never had to go through motions sickness when watching their ancestors lives.”To be honest, the power is probably something most people that have our tattoos get, but I’m guessing we all connected to some ancestor of ours and they showed us their memories to help us?” he guessed.

” Demios Demios! Tell us your dream,” yelled Hyde.

“Demios was your dream scary as well?” said Miko nervously.

“It would be better if it were scary” replied Hyde excitedly.

“No please don’t tell us if it’s scary,” said Miko.

“Can you be quiet? Damn my dream was the same but the man I saw in my dream gave me a riddle,” replied Demios annoyed.

“That’s not fair Demios we told you most of ours,” they both yelled in unison. However, Demios just stayed quiet contemplating on the riddle he was given while breaking down the meanings of Mikos and Hyde’s stories which caused Miko and Hyde to press him down and rub his hair in an attempt to grab his attention.

“Have you had your pointless meeting already? Geez so noisy, get ready for breakfast and morning training!” yelled Grey from downstairs in the makeshift kitchen.

“Stop! All right stop! Let’s talk about this with Uncle Frey because we know how the old man is like when it comes to these things.”screamed Demios who was being sat on by Miko and getting his hair rubbed aggressively by Hyde and with those words the two got up and sprinted to the bathroom to clean themselves before their morning training.


In front of a giant tree that had its roots come out to the surface to form a circular ring with two regular sized trees on either side. The brothers stood standby side facing off against their father who looked like a giant to them. Their uncles are watching from the branches; it created a very tense atmosphere around them.

“Alright same rules as always no one goes outside the ring, no true essence, I can only use my hands, and I am only allowed to use 10% of my physical power,” said Grey.

“Wait! Ten percent why are you increasing it we could barely handle eight percent of your strength yesterday” asked Demios who tilted in confusion by the illogical actions of his father.

“Stop complaining, you know you got used to it near the end. So stop trying to act smart, now come up with your strategy already,” replied Grey who was growing impatient. Nodding their heads, the brothers turned and formed a huddle to discuss their plans.

“I say we use the new one Miko thought of yesterday; you can’t see me one,” Hyde added.

” Hmm, that’s the one where Miko and I use our new movement techniques right” questioned Demios

” Yeah, that’s the one,” replied Miko. Finalising their plans, the boys faced their father with a smirk on their faces like victory was guaranteed.

“Ok in three two one…one…one…one. One” said, Black, till Frey tossed a stone at 50 miles per hour at him” Fight,” he yelled dodging in the process.

Leaping off onto different trees Miko and Demios were analysing their father in search of any weak points that they could exploit. Then Hyde started kicking up dust to block Grey’s field of vision although he knew that it would not affect their father. But it was to serve as a distraction for what was to come as almost simultaneously Demios, and Miko leaped off the trees they were holding off to and darted towards their father’s legs. In very different fashions as Miko put his hands close together and clawed the air apart to build up more speed and force the air pressure to focus on his upper half allowing for his legs to face no pressure almost like a ninja. While Demios put a lot of force on the right ball of his foot creating a discernable kicking sound, and before he reached Grey’s leg, he spans his body one hundred and eighty degrees while sliding with his left leg to force Grey to lose balance.


However, as though he read their minds Grey jumped up just in time to dodge their attacks but instead of being disheartened for being read Miko head-butted Greys right knee, and Demios chopped Grey’s left fibula (the part between foot and knee) causing Grey to have a numb feeling on his left leg.

Hyde then threw a dozen stones aimed at Greys left and right funny bone and his eyes. But Grey lifted off with his left arm with the rocks only a few centimeters away causing him to front flip to the edge of the ring.

Regaining his foot, Grey turned around only to see his three sons capitalising on him being at the edge of the ring. Hyde ran with his body low to the ground in preparation for any changes in his father’s position while Miko and Demios used their new movement techniques to reach their father in 2 blinks of an eye.

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Smiling in contention of his son’s combat awareness, Grey watched Hyde perform a handstand to reach him before his brothers and launch a flying kick at his chest causing him to put his left leg out of the ring.

Although the boys did not seem happy with their win as Demios complained” Old man you held back didn’t you! I know you did, or you wouldn’t have been beaten that easily.”
“Yeah dad you didn’t even let my strategy come into full effect,” Miko added.
“That was boring,” Hyde said looking annoyed.

Looking at his son’s expressions after their victory Grey internally thought, ” These little monsters create new movement techniques, win and are still not happy. While if it were martial artists of body tempering stage, they would be screaming with joy at me moving a single step from their attacks.”

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“Dad lets go twenty more rounds or just turn it up to 15% of your physical strength,” Hyde said unsatisfied.

“No that’s all for this training session go and do your mountain climbs with the new breastplates and be ready for Uncle Frey’s lesson,” replied Grey

Grunting in annoyance the boys put on their new breastplates and began to descend the mountain.

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