Chapter 11: Life


The brothers were walking to the living room after enduring through their father’s harsh training session with their signature look on their face, Demios deep in thought, Miko with a cold expression and Hyde with a playful expression. Strolling to the wooden bench, which acted as their modern-day couch, they watched the handsome pale skin man with blue hair prepare the lesson.

“Uncle Frey, we all had strange dreams, and we want you to tell us why we had it. We were going to ask dad this morning but since its one of the old man’s trigger words (why)” said Demios.

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“You had them already? It looks like today’s lesson plan will have to change,” replied Frey who looked shocked by the boy’s development.

“What do you mean Uncle Frey?” asked Miko.

“Hmm, where can I start? Let’s see bloodlines huh. I don’t know too much in that area, but it should be enough to satisfy your curiosity. You know how you guys can see tiny things and remember everything you read. “

Miko and Hyde just nodded their heads while Demios looked at Frey to carry on ” That’s because of your bloodline or should I say one of your bloodlines, you see from ancient times there were some cultivators that would devour the heavenly beasts they slay or just normal monsters and through a particular ritual. That particular warrior would obtain the bloodline of that celestial beast gaining their innate abilities and their ability to manipulate true essence. However, this would cause those martial artists to change their form as they would no longer be just human when they circulate their Orbis,(depends on the type of cultivator). This form is now known to be a bloodline form where the beast will manifest when the cultivator activates their cultivation energy.

“Uncle that still doesn’t explain our dreams, though!” asked Demios hurriedly.

“Let me get to that, Jheez young ones nowadays. Your dreams are caused by your bloodline purity. But bloodline purity depends on the cultivator’s affinity to the divine beings will that is hidden in the bloodline. The tattoos you have are the result of your father’s extensive research on bloodlines and the power hidden within them as he found that even those cultivators from ancient times never had a bloodline purity of a hundred percent as the beasts bloodline were diluted from their birth. which meant the bloodline cultivator could never reach the full potential of their bloodline.”

“So that means that our tattoos are the result of us having a hundred percent bloodline purity!” said Hyde who felt excited about the prospect of being powerful.

“Exactly! Although your tattoos should have appeared later when our bloodline matures a bit, your mum sacrificed some of her bloodline purity. * Sigh* the dreams you have depends on your bloodline purity and the history of your bloodline as the longer the history, the more likely you are to have more branches of bloodline powers to be selected for.”

” Wait, so we select our bloodline powers?” interrupted Demios.

“No, I don’t mean it like that, you get selected by your ancestors who had the same bloodline, and they determine the innate ability you get according to your nature and affinity. Well, that’s all I can tell you for now… Hmm, I might as tell you this for your safety but a bloodline cultivator can only have one bloodline, and on the odd chance a bloodline cultivator has two bloodlines. They only had a one in a million chance of surviving the collision of their bloodlines at birth and if they do survive their combat prowess and their overall talent, in general, would be astonishing. However, you guys have three bloodlines! So, in theory, you guys shouldn’t even exist, but because of those necklaces that you wear your bloodlines seem to be at peace with each other which is truly fascinating, and your bloodlines will stay that way as long as you never take off the necklace or else you would just combust into tiny smithereens,”explained Frey

“*Cough*Cough* Times up, its time for your lesson on medicine and Frey…” said Grey.

“I know I said too much,” replied Frey looking at the boys who looked scared and was contemplating over the speech he just gave. Shaking his head, he left the living room with a conflicted expression.

“Well, Hyde tell me what you understood from yesterdays lesson,” asked Grey.

“Isn’t it what I remember from yesterdays lesson?” replied Hyde looking innocent.

“Stop trying to act smart we both know that we don’t forget anything we see or hear, now tell me what you understood,” said Grey

“Ermm, that we prescribe herbs to save peoples lives and that we should always charge them before saving their life,” said Hyde

“Correct and incorrect, Miko inform us of what was missing from Hyde’s summary” demanded Grey.

“Well, he forgot that yesterday we covered how to judge herbs based on their color which provides the doctor with the therapeutic attributes of the herb. Moreover, we also judge the herbs on their smell and taste, geographic location and their appearance. Leading us to conclude that depending on the herbs we can select in our circumstance we then prescribe herbs similar or close to the same effect to save peoples lives.” explained Miko.

“I’m guessing you’ve been working on that speech since the old man chose Hyde to explain what happened yesterday,” added Demios. While Hyde just nodded his head like he was waiting for it to happen.
“Good explanation but get straight to the point next time” suggested Grey.

“Yes old man!” replied Miko.
“Now for today’s lesson, we will focus on the meridians in the body and the four main points of the meridians importance in the body. For starters do you know what the meridians are?” questioned Grey.

“Of course you don’t because I haven’t given you any books to read on the subject. Hmm, let’s start with the how the meridians connect everything in your body together. First off imagine the body’s anatomy system in your head from the cells to tendons, bones, and organs everything in your body. Including the analogy of the mind, emotions and the spirit. The pathways are the meridians, and they all form your body,” explained Grey.

“So are there any important meridians? That without them we wouldn’t be able to live properly,” asked Demios

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“That’s my son great question; there are twelve major meridians. That run each side of the body, and each meridian corresponds to an internal organ which is why organ systems are also dependent on the greater meridian network,” answered Grey.

“But Old man how can we use this to help people isn’t the organs and bones more important than the meridians,” questioned Miko.

“You can decide that one for yourself Miko as each doctor believes in different things and the meridians are incredibly sensitive and carry the effects of stimulation in the form of healing energy throughout your entire being. It is this special quality that allows the various treatment modalities to work. You can also stimulate this by using herbs, acupuncture or acupressure to restore balance and health of the injured person.” said Grey

“Dad look outside its time for us to go to Uncle blacks lesson for dealing with people!” yelled Hyde who was growing impatient by the overloading information.

“Oh! That so then do you guys want o to miss my story of fighting a guy hailed as the demon of my generation?” said Grey.

“Demon?” they all inquired looking a hundred times more interested in the story than the lesson.

” Hmm, should I say or should I not?” said Grey who looked like he was in the middle of making a big decision that would impact his life significantly.

” Please do,” begged Hyde.

“I will tell you everything Uncle black, and Uncle Frey says behind your back,” suggested Demios.

“As expected of my son you understand how we should operate, and Hyde beg again, and you won’t get any food for the entire week,” said Grey

“Yes, dad” answered Hyde unfazed by his father’s punishment.

“So it’s started like this…

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