Chapter 12: Wise Words

All young geniuses under the age of 20 could enter the Seven suns realm. It’s long to explain that part but as the name goes the realm had, in fact, seven suns and we were all sent to a specific one doing trials to make it to the uninhibited sun. So this Hans Gremio hailed as the demon of our generation because of his ‘unrivalled martial talent’ as preached by his dedicated fan club until I destroyed his ass. Damn, that sounds wrong. Well, it turns out we both made it into the uninhibited sun at the same time and what we saw where items so grand that I had to knock out both Frey and little black to control myself.” explained Grey.

Who upon seeing his sons excited expressions continued ” It turns out that I wasn’t the only one driven by greed as that ‘demon’ started making false claims against me saying I was a monster who killed mortals for my entertainment and it was his duty to slay such a villain. Laughable isn’t it? But he wasn’t entirely wrong, as I didn’t do it but your blood Uncle Akuma but don’t worry he is stable minded now I think. So I whipped out my soul bound sword and slew the fool. The end.”

“Wait! Grey, you’re forgetting the bit where you pulled out the bamboo stick thinking it was your sword till he nearly cut off your arm” laughed Black

“That’s not all; they fought for three days and nights destroying half of that sun in the process, the light even dimmed down forcing the guardian to change the realms name. Oh, and Grey was forced to kill him after he activated this blood art that let him double his strength. He couldn’t handle the fact he lost *Sigh* what a waste of talent” said, Frey.

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“Great! will the two commentators get ready for their lesson after the boys go to bed” replied Grey causing both of them to shudder in fear.

“Old man I didn’t know you were as much of an idiot as the Hans guy” teased Demios before realising his terrible timing.

“Demios your lesson is after dinner,” said Grey who was giving a sharp glare at all of three of them and Hyde who was struggling to hold his laughter was saved by Miko covering putting his hands over his mouth.

“Remember this the tongue is a small part of the body that makes great boasts, but it is also fire, it could be the deciding the factor between life and death” explained Grey who was slowing walking out of the room leaving everyone silent.


Uncle Blacks Lesson

Dressed in casual attire of just shirt and some shorts Black had transformed into his human form. Standing at one hundred and eighty-five centimetres tall black looked incredibly handsome, with luscious black hair put up into a man bun and pin going through it. He also had black magnetising eyes that looked like it could pierce your soul, but despite his charming aesthetics, the marks caused by his bloodline wasn’t anywhere as appealing as Frey’s instead it just made him look like a handsome face and only that.

“Alright, today we will do the negotiations made for shopping. Demios come up here we will do an example, and as always you look the least interested. You know I’m teaching you for free any school would be begging on all fours for me to teach them the same thing,” said Black

” Sure sure” replied Demios looking uninterested.

“This incompetent brat already going through puberty at only four I feel sorry for all your partner as you would probably be impotent there when you are of age* sigh*.”

“Uncle what do you mean?” asked Miko

“When you are going through the same stage as Demios ill tell you,” replied Black causing Miko to look at Demios enviously.”

“Hyde start it!” announced Black.

“Ok, 3 2 1 Action” yelled Hyde and as if professional actors both Demios and Uncle blacks expression changed although Uncle blacks expression was difficult to configure since he was still in his beast form.

“Hi there, how can I help you Bird?” asked Demios politely

“* Ahem* dear sir I would like to buy that armour over there” replied Black and in response, Demios went back and picked up air pretending it to be armour he then lay it out on the table dusting off the air on it.

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“Sir that would be two hundred demon spirit coins,” said Demios with a polite smile on his face.

“*Cough* demon,” he muttered causing Demios to smile even more. Uncle black then suggested” Two hundred demon spirit coins is a fair price but what would be needed to be done to lower the price, f****** your ancestor? Or just f****** your girlfriend while your watching?”

“* Ahem* dear customer we are not here to talk about private matters as you said already it is a fair price. Or is it that you cannot afford to pay?” asked Demios keeping on the polite facade.

“Afford it, of course; I can. Just like I afforded your wife last night at the brothel but don’t worry I gave her a tip” laughed Uncle Black which kicked off a heated discussion with one using a polite tone to speak thinly veiled insults to the other while the other was pouring insults in with no cover.

“It’s always like this isn’t it?”

“Yeah, do you want to play the usual”?

“What hide and seek? Sure”

Four Months later

In front of the same giant tree, the boys and grey stood in what they considered to be their ‘fighting arena’ with their Uncle Frey and Uncle black standing beside Grey like the groups were about to have a Mexican standoff. They all had severe expressions on their faces not willing to lose this battle of stares one bit. Until Grey spoke

” Boy’s its time for you to get weapons…

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