Chapter 13: Weapon Affinity

“How are we going to do that?” asked Miko staring at Grey intensely.

“Well, it goes like this…”

“You will get to try different weapons, and Grey created an artefact that allows you to test your affinity towards the weapon. Which saves a lot of time as some people can go years practising the sword with minimal improvement when they should be practising the spear.” Interrupted Frey. However instead of reacting Grey just took out five different weapons the bow, sword, sabre, spear and the halberd.

“These are the only weapons I have on me that would work with the DOWT measurer (Don’t waste my time) so pick one and take a few swings and shots with them. Remember practice with every single weapon,” said Grey

“I’ll go first!” replied Hyde excitedly.

“The artefact would make the weapon resonate in brightness and the brighter it is, the higher your affinity is to the weapon,” explained Frey.

“So it’s just a rough guess then” replied Demios.

“No, the idiot doesn’t even know how my idea works. It’s true that the weapon will show a purplish colour if your affinity is high but after you take your hands off the weapon the scale comes to the surface to label the category you are in, and I’ve organised the different categories from Low, middle, high and Yato meaning you are the one,” said Grey

“Alright here goes ermm this one looks heavy,” said Hyde who picked up the halberd and gave it a few swings dropping it grey said “High affinity.”

“High affinity” for the sword.
“High affinity” for the spear.

“Middle affinity” for the sabre.
“Yato affinity” for the Bow.

Then as if on repeat during Miko’s turn he received high affinity for both the bow and sabre, middle affinity for the sword and Yato for the spear. However, Demios gained a high affinity for only the bow and Yato for both the sabre and sword but only got a middle affinity for the spear.

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“Interesting very interesting! Is it the result of your bloodlines or is it an innate ability? Ahh, I am curious about how you managed these results especially you Demios. How should I test? *Shaking* I am so excited to find out,” said Frey.

“Calm down Frey! Your old habits are starting to show, what if you scare the brats!. Well, it’s not like I don’t understand, as average cultivator would have a high affinity for one weapon with the rest being incredibly low. But with all three of you having Yato affinities is just. Just astonishing. Don’t you think so Grey?” said Black.

“Grey?” asked Frey. But grey still didn’t reply until they shook him vigorously.
He then responded by muttering” Looks like I have to make that visit, I hope that old bastard isn’t dead yet he could create weapons that would be remembered for generations. Yeah, it has to be him. Only he can create weapons that would be befitting of my sons.”

“Old man who is this old bastard” questioned Hyde curiously.

” Grey you don’t mean…” said Frey

“He does owe that debt after all but is it worth it?” asked Black

“I don’t have a choice, or I would be a disgrace as a father. I know where he is since I still have a bit of his soul card on me.” Grey then picked out a soul card from his interspatial ring and said, ” he looks to be on nearing the end of his life the intensity has already decreased.”

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“So you’re going now?” asked Frey

“Yeah, I guess I have to but little black I need to talk to you. Oh before I leave Demios which weapon do you prefer out of the sabre and the sword,” suggested Grey.

“Hmm I feel like the sabre is more for me than the sword I think” replied Demios

“Ok sabre… Well, keep up with the training for regime your on for now,” said Grey and with that both Grey and Uncle, black went into greys room for their discussion. They even went as far as putting up a sound barrier. Moreover, Frey yawned and said while leaving the ‘training ground’ “If anyone needs me I’ll be in my study room if anyone needs me.” The study room is underneath their mossy cottage and is filled with books on medicine and basic general knowledge.

“Let’s spar for a bit then” suggested Hyde.

“You battle maniac let me take a nap first” replied Miko.

“I need to brush up on the books the old man gave us yesterday,” said Demios

However, before they could discuss any further, their Uncle Black came out of the room saying, “You handsome bastards want to do something fun.”

“Do I have to?”

“No, I’m busy.”

“You little bastards after I complimented you as well have you forgotten my teachings? Anyways come with me we are going hunting,” said Black

“Really! Let’s go let’s go,” replied Hyde excitedly.
“If we have to, I don’t mind,” said Miko trying to hide his excitement
“Nah I’m good I should check on those books dad said we should read,” said Demios uninterested.

“I got an offer you can’t refuse.”
“I doubt it, but ill listen to your offer anyway,” said Demios with his back turned to Black making Black go up and whisper in his ear saying ” I created a route that allows us to peak on Anna without Grey or Frey knowing.” Anna is the most beautiful woman at Stone village with a plump chest, short curly black hair, pleasing facial features, and long sexy legs that could seduce any man to their knees. She is currently single at the village at only 16 years of age an anomaly of a mortal in this world. But her effort towards saving up to live in the Ouroboros kingdom has earned the support of the whole village, and Demios with now a 19-year-old soul was instantly attracted to her when he saw her walking out of the village carrying buckets of water from the lake near their home.

“Swear on your life.”

“I swear on my perverted soul.”

“It looks like we have a deal. Guys lets go hunting,” yelled Demios. While Black was internally thinking ” how does this kid already understand how important a woman’s body is to a ma already? Is it because of my lessons or a mutation caused by his bloodlines?”

Sprinting down the mountain trail the boys and their Uncle black entered the forest down below.

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