Chapter 14: First Hunt

The forest covered the entire mountainside from their point of view the forest was endless, and they were already beginning to doubt Frey’s words of how they were outside the Ouroboros kingdom.

Although they come down the mountain trial every morning, their dad specifically told them they weren’t allowed to enter the forest or go near it unless one of them was with them (uncles and Grey). The boys felt a particular connection with the forest as if it was a home they’ve left for a long time but finally returned it gave them all except Black a unique feeling.

“Uncle black where do we go hunting?” asked Miko

“Oh head north, and there should be some beasts of your level there. Wait! Is that a beautiful lady there in the lake? Honey wait for me I will show you. Your new husbands monster.” yelled Black.

“That unreliable bastard I knew I shouldn’t have come! I’m going home,” said Demios angrily.

“Hold on Demios have you seen Hyde,” asked Miko worriedly.

“Open your eyes idiot with you squinting your eyes like that how are you supposed to see him?” yelled Demios feeling upset by their Uncles antics.
“But Uncle Black said I should be the handsome silent type and squinting my eyes will help me in the future” replied Miko.
Facepalming himself Demos said, “That guy was probably so excited about hunting that after the uncle said the direction to hunt, he probably started running there as fast as he could,”

“That’s logical but which direction is north? Demios?” replied Miko causing Demios to stare at him in wonder.

“* Sigh* follow me and stop squinting your eyes!” yelled Demios

“But I look cool though” replied Miko.

Hyde POV

I’m going on an adventure a real adventure not just training. I’m going to be able to brag about my strength to Demios and Miko pretty soon talking about how I handled these beasts in only five moves and how I had this big battle where I thought I was going to die and managed to kill the creature at the skin of my teeth. Argh, I’m so excited, I can’t stop shaking.

“Straight north! Straight north! Straight north!”Hmm, what’s that? Is it one of the beasts Uncle said would be here? Wait it can’t be the legendary lone wolf that the villagers say is so strong that even the head villager can’t face. Hmm, it’s big, I think it’s taller than me, but it doesn’t look too intimidating even uncle Black looks scarier when he’s smiling.

Let’s look for its weaknesses first. The neck, the left leg, right paw so many weak points were those villagers just lying to each other to hide the fact they are weak. I might as well confirm it, hmm how am I supposed to get its attention oh I know the wave your butt strategy uncle black taught us.

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” Hey look here look here come on you think you can your strong” Whoa it looks like that pissed it off its sprinting here, but why does it look so slow, though. Oh, I get a crafty one I see, according to Dad I should end those type of beasts as quickly as possible.”

Smirking Hyde prepared for the wolf to throw the first punch while stood in a boxing stance


Hyde dodged the first punch by the wolf, throwing two punch feints Hyde shimmied past its left paw and jumped in the air throwing a roundhouse kick at the wolf’s head intending to injure its left eye. However, instead of just damaging the wolf’s eye, the wolf’s entire head went flying two meters instead of causing Hyde to look very disappointed.

Shaking his head, he said, “Maybe that was the weakest one, there are stronger beasts deeper into the forest. Yeah, there has to be!”

After saying that, he sprinted off further into the forest.


Miko pov

I want to go home now! I need to sleep I spent nearly all of last night healing the village hunters from their previous battle, and I had to do it without them knowing it as well. *Yawn* Why did he have to go running off in the first place? We would end up going hunting anyway, and Uncle black isn’t here to protect us, so it just got really dangerous.

At least Demios is always logical. That’s probably why he is trying to get Hyde as fast as possible so that I can go to sleep. It’s a good thing I have one brother that isn’t as stupid as Hyde. Although Hyde is pretty smart when he isn’t thinking about battling or adventuring.

I should speed up, or Demios will leave me behind.

On the other hand, Demios was only thinking about whether or not the deal he made with Black still counts ” That perverted bastard is the type to try and find loopholes. I need to get Hyde and kill some beasts to bring on my way back,” Demios thought.

As the two brothers were running, they saw the head of the wolf Hyde kicked before. Examining the cut Miko said, “Its too clean Hyde is always rough when doing things, it can’t be him there should be someone else in this forest hunting in the same path as us.”

“Your right about that, we should be cautious and if we do meet the stranger who cut this wolf ill talk and you hide” replied Demios who was staring intently at Miko forcing him to give the answer he wanted.

“Yeah sure,” Miko said avoiding Demios intense gaze. Hopping from branch to branch the brothers saw another corpse pressed up against a tree with the body mushed into bits while the ox head was looking intently at them as though it was still alive. Miko jumped 3 feet back repeatedly before yelling ” Definitely Hyde! Hyde! Can we hurry up and go?

“I know, go I hear noises 200 feet to the west of us, but you really shouldn’t be caring about this kind of stuff” replied Demios. Running as fast they could see Hyde facing off against twelve tigers with the same smile on his face. They could even hear him saying ” This will be the fight I’ve been looking for, but it would more enjoyable if Miko and Demios were here.”

“You idiot so this is where you were! How could you make such a mess of that ox’s body over there? You know how much I hate mess!” screamed Miko. Demios however just jumped down from the branch he was on and started cracking his knuckles in preparation for the fight causing Miko to yell ” Demios you tell him off too! He knew we would come after him that’s why he did it.”

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“Quit your complaining and come down already. We need to go back so Uncle black wouldn’t end up having to search for us,” said Demios

“Fine” replied Miko

“Yay guys! Let’s see who can kill the most tigers and whoever wins gets to have my share of the tigers.”
“Deal I am starting to feel hungry from all that running anyways,” said Demios while Miko just tossed his head to the side pouting that no one was on his side.

However, the fight ended way too quickly it only took two hits each for the Tigers to get blown back into the trees dying in the process. Astonished Demios said, ” That’s was a little too easy, but it saves us time get the bodies and let’s go.”
“I’m just glad none of those filthy tigers spewed any blood on me, or I would have to go destroy their entire tribe” replied Miko.

” How do you know they have a tribe,” asked Hyde

“I read it in Uncle Frey’s study room.”

“Oh, that makes sense, so should we go fight the tribe then?” replied Hyde who was still unsatisfied until they saw a bear about 15 feet tall with steam coming out of his mouth coming in their direction.

” Looks like this one was the one I was searching for…

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