Chapter 15: Strength

Instead of being frightened by the intimidating aura coming from the bear, the brothers all just looked curiously at the beast as though they were fascinated by its existence. Enraged by the curious glances the bear roared to show its might shaking trees by the magnitude of its voice.

“It’s different, but I can’t tell how,” said Demios who kept turning his head as though he was looking at the discovery of a lifetime.

“I know I feel it as well but what is that red aura surrounding its body” replied Miko confused.
“I knew there were stronger beasts out here! I don’t think I can kill it by myself yet, though… Demios the plan what are we going to do?” asked Hyde excitedly.

Internally Demios was running different simulations in his mind one where he distracts the beast and his brothers build up momentum and kill the beast. Another simulation where they all aim for its weak points, but he knew that tactic could only work if they were at the same level as the beast, so that simulation would only leave them dead. The last simulation was that they perform the same tactics they used on their father the day after their weird dreams. However, that would make Hyde the bait, and this beast is stronger than the tiger pack they just faced.”What should I do? How are we going to kill it? Battle formation nine has the highest percentage of success compared to our other strategies, and no one is bait. Its a bit cowardly but does that matter at this point! This beast is out for blood, and it looks even angrier now because of our reactions to its growl” Demios thought.

“We will go with Battle formation nine,” announced Demios.

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“Aww really that’s not really what I had in mind but ok” replied Hyde looking disappointed.

“Shut up and prepare! Demios is prioritising our safety instead of taking risks,” yelled Miko and internally he thought”Its a good thing chose battle formation nine, so now I won’t about anyone hurt or the blood of the bear me”.

As soon as the conversation finished, the bear who was panting heavily in rage fixed his gaze on Demios for its prey, and Demios responded by saying “Let’s get out of this open section our chances of success are higher where there are more trees. Miko goes to the right; Hyde goes to the middle ill go left.” Internally he thought” Where is that idiot at he should have been shot down by now?”

Just as he thought of that their Uncle black was hovering above the open field section of the forest with a conflicted expression on his face. ” What should I do? Should I let them fight the beast for experience? Grey just said let them fight some beasts, so they gain more combat experience. But this isn’t a good situation this is a bonafide demon beast although it’s only in the first realm it still surpasses them in strength. Think black think what benefits do they get from this fight? Argh I have to protect them yeah that’s all I have to do is protect them so when one of them gets hurt I kill the demon bear. Ok, that’s what I should do or should I bring it back so they can spar the beast? “Black Thought.

Understanding his instructions the brothers ran back in the direction they came from keeping a 2m distance from each other and seeing this only infuriated the bear who made a frantic pursuit of killing the brothers, following the same direction as Demios the bear was right behind him preparing to strike him down first. However, just as it was about to strike Demios down, Demios completely disappeared from his sight appearing right above the branch on his head? Demios then started hopping from branch to branch breaking and collecting the branches above his head. As though in sync Miko and Hyde went over to Demios with sticks, stones, and branches in their hands. Looking at the enraged bear below they got into a triangle formation with Hyde on the tree left to the bear, Miko on the tree to the right of the bear with a sharp branch in hand and Demios on the tree facing the bear was taking deep breaths in preparation for the battle to start.

The bear was still confused by the disappearance of its target moving his head from left to right the bear was trying to use its nose to sniff out where Demios was hiding. It looked at the tree in front of him smelling the same scent as its target it looked at the branches only to see Demios with his left hand in the signalling his brothers to start.

As soon as Demios signalled his brothers, he launched some stones at the bear’s face with one stone aiming for the bears left the eye. However, the bear only opened its mouth and chomped down on the rocks utterly unaware of the stone coming for its eye.

” Argh!” the bear yelled in pain.

Hearing the wail, Miko launched the sharp stick n his hand at the bear’s right foot, and Hyde launched another stick at the opposite foot causing the bear to wail even louder in pain. But the bear was not like the beasts they faced before as it stood their widths right eye completely red it looked like blood but it wasn’t coming out. The bear looked at the tree to the left of it and palmed it obliterating the bottom half of the tree causing the top part where Hyde was to go flying.

Hyde astonished by the turn of events was flying through the forest completely unaware that branch he was on was about to collide with another tree.
“Huh?” said Hyde just realising the danger he was in, put his arms around his head in an attempt to protect himself.
“*Swish*” just in time, Black snatched Hyde who was only centimetres away from having his head collide with the tree.

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Meanwhile, at the battlefield, Miko and Demios were filled with rage, and as if summoning some foreign power they both activated their self-made movement techniques increasing their speed by fifty per cent compared to when they were looking for Hyde.

In a flash, Demios was behind the bear with the arm the bear used to palm Hyde flying in front of him, and Miko was in front of the bear with its right leg in his hands. The brothers turned and looked at the now mutilated bear that had blood gushing out from his left arm and right leg.

” Arghh,” the mutilated bear roared looking vehemently at Miko. It raised his right arm in an attempt to kill the boy but before it could the bear’s head went flying.

“Are you guys okay?” asked Black worriedly. However, the Miko and Demios didn’t respond and just passed out falling in the direction they were facing. Black panicked turning into his human form again he inspected the brothers seeing that the only passed out he heaved a sigh of relief before looking at Hyde who had also passed out in fear


In the boy’s room, Frey was looking worriedly at their condition he said, ” You just had to let them fight a beast of the first realm, didn’t you! Look at them now Hyde is fine, but Demios and Miko are suffering from internal injuries.”

“I know I will tell Grey it was my fault when he gets back,” replied Black timidly.

“Of course you will, he entrusted you with training them, and this is how it turned out!” yelled Frey and in response, Black just nodded his bird head continuously as he knew any further words would make Frey angrier than he already is.


Two months later…

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