Chapter 16: Growth

Three children are throwing rocks in the lake to see who would get the most skips to the other side. Moreover, around 250 meters from the lake is a mossy cottage that is barely standing strong at least on the exterior part, but the interior of the cabin was the complete opposite as the wooden planks that were used as the base were absolutely gorgeous it looked like it was just constructed without a single bit of dust on it. There was a coffee table covered in a blanket that would put most people at ease when they looked at it.

Today would be the day Grey returned from his journey and Frey, and Black could tell because of their soul connection to him. They both stood in front of the cottage in their beast form with Frey and his white and blue tattoos marked on his tiger-like body while Black only went into is enlarged beast form standing around 5 feet tall. Black was quivering in fear of telling Grey of what happened two months ago.

*Swish* Grey appeared like the mist with a trail of white fog following him. He had a black bow with a purple vine design on the shaft of the bow; he also had a sabre case on his right hip, and he was holding a spear in his hand, which had the blue vine design on it as well.

Upon seeing his lifelong friends, Grey hugged them both showing his care for both of them. He asked, “How are you guys? Where are my sons?”

“They are out playing by the lake don’t worry they don’t know of their existence yet so you can relax,” Frey replied.

Heaving a sigh of relief Grey asked Black ” How did the hunting go?”

With sweat dripping down his back Black put his wing to his chest kneeling, he pleaded” I’m sorry Grey, I got distracted, and they faced off against a demon bear of the first realm… Miko and Demios suffered some internal injuries. But I’ve healed them, and they are even stronger than they were before… I’m sorry… I’m sorry.”

However, Grey had a peaceful smile on his face, which made Frey jump back ten meters, and if Black had seen the same smile, he would be banging his head in an attempt to ease the enraged man.

Grey walked up to Black his steps light, he held his patted the Blacks head as if telling its alright and asked black “Can you change into your human form.” Black heeded his words midway through his sentence and was sent flying by Grey’s punch.

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Grey’s voice boomed, ” Those are my f****** children, you know that! How can you tell me you were distracted?”

Black was sent flying in the direction of the lake and made the skips before crashing against the tree on the other side. Shocked Miko, who threw a stone at the same time Black was flying, he said: ” Did I win?”

However, before the brothers could respond Grey appeared at behind. Them with the same white mist trailing behind him he said: ” Boys I got the weapons!”

Surprised by the sudden return Miko and Hyde jumped on grey snuggling in his warmth while Demios was looking at the injured man pressed up against the wall he asked ” Uncle Black?”

Grey then looked over to where black was and said” Get up I didn’t even use that much strength. I’m still disappointed in you, but since my children are fine, I can let it go. I also apologise for hitting you I may have overreacted, but I don’t regret it.”

Black just got up and dusted himself like he was never injured and replied saying”I know I deserve it.” Creating a very awkward atmosphere.

Flying over Frey yelled, “Grey give them their weapons if it was made by that guy they need to get their blood on it as quickly as possible.”

Hearing his words, Grey did just that handing Hyde the bow on his back taking the sabre out of the sabre case and giving it to Demios and handing Miko the spear in his head. Looking in astonishment, the boys inspected the weapons they just received. Feeling a slight pain on their finger, they could see their blood dripping on the weapons.

Suddenly as if awakened by the blood the weapons shone with a radiant light the design gave the illusion as though it was moving. It carried on for a whole minute before dimming down to its original state, but if you looked closely, you would see the design had slightly changed with a leaf formed at the beginning of the vine.

Black shocked by the scene yelled, ” He put his will into the weapons. What happened when you met him.”

“Not much light can be shed on that visit but now that the boys have finished the soul contract with the weapon lets go home ill cook today” replied Grey.


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Months passed by, and the boys carried out their training as usual with the addition of hunting five beasts in pairs and by themselves. Also, the addition of the weapon training with Miko practicing 500 swings a day and Hyde practicing both the sword and bow. Moreover, after the contract, Demios asked Grey for a sword as he said he felt that holding the sabre by itself didn’t feel right and Grey complied by giving him his former sword that designed in a holy white color with a grey handle.

The brothers continued to look older than their actual age with their height ranging from one fifty centimeters to one fifty-five. They sat on the wooden bench discussing the upcoming events.

“Dad said our awakening would be on our 5th birthday,” Miko said.

“Yeah, he said that we shouldn’t worry because we have divine bodies, so I am just going to relax after the awakening” replied Hyde lazily.

“You idiot! Our training is going to double after our awakening because we are going to start cultivation. Isn’t that terrible Demios? Yelled Miko.

“Hmm, not really when we start cultivating we will be able to fight higher level beasts. I’ve wanted to avenge myself from the demon bear defeat,” Demios replied looking deep in thought.

“Not you too! I want to sleep, help people and sleep. Fighting beasts again is just boring now” suggested Miko.

“No, it isn’t the more battles we are in, the more experience we gather it is vital for our future”Hyde intelligently replied.

“Stop trying to act like Uncle Frey. Your just a battle-crazed idiot at the end of the day… and” said Miko.

“Stop right there! The more your bickering goes on, the more time we waste,” Demios said interrupting Miko.

However, his interruption had little to no effect as Hyde responded to Miko’s insults by pulling his hair and they started to fight. Walking to the front of the house Demios sat down on the grass looking at the starry sky his expression lonely.

Demios Pov

Five years huh? Its been five years now I’ve managed to do more with my life in these five years than I’ve done in my previous lives fifteen years. I went to school played football but I never honestly pursued anything. I felt like I was born to recreate my sibling’s achievements, being a middle child no matter what I did it would always be linked back to my siblings.

They wouldn’t even be surprised when I came back with great grades all would get is a nod like they were saying yeah if you couldn’t do this we would be disappointed. I gave everyone the impression that I was your happy go lucky guy and then I would go into my room brooding over my life choices. I felt emotionless most of the time to the drama created by my family. It was just like what the point of getting angry? It doesn’t concern me.

I may have already lost my mother in this world, but I’ve never been so alive. The thought of being on the edge of death excites me. It’s like I’ve awakened a feeling deep inside me that pushes me to chase perfection. I know I can be better. I know that I need to grow. Sometimes I feel like I’ve already gone crazy. Hahaha, but crazy maybe what I need to survive in this world.

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