Chapter 17: Monsters

Two weeks went by in a flash, and it is now the day before the boys third birthday. In the living room right now Grey, Black, and Frey are discussing what they expect for tomorrows events.

“Grey, do you remember what your awakening was like? Because we demons are different since we are already awakened from birth.” Frey asked.

” Yeah, what did you see? What did it feel like when it happened to you? Tell us everything,” Black questioned while hopping on the bench.

“I used to be blind, so I saw nothing but the feeling was what mortals would call a mothers touch, but to me, it just felt too hot, and that’s all I can remember. Although, I can still remember Akuma’s one as bright as da. He created a minor crater in the wasteland we lived in and was levitating horizontally with concentrated fire and darkness elemental particles wrapping his body in a cocoon.”

“So how big of an explosion are you expecting for their awakening,” asked Black.

“It should be exciting their potential is above yours and Akuma’s as the boys are both blessed and cursed by heaven itself,” Frey stated while looking curiously at Grey who began to walk in the direction of the kitchen.

” Potential is useless without hard work, but their situation is complicated…*Sigh* We should be ready at all times their awakening could very destroy this entire mountain” replied Grey who grabbed a cutting board and a knife in preparation for his meal.

“What Grey! Even if they’re potential is higher than yours. It’s impossible to destroy a mountain just because of their awakening!” Black said in shock.


“If you were there at their birth, you would understand. Lightning, the void, and purple flames decimated that swamp we initially planned to live in just because of their birth. The barrier I set up barely held up, and you know how gifted I am in inscriptions.” explained Grey


” So worst case scenario is that the mountain is destroyed and we flee to a new home for the boys to grow up” concluded Frey.

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“Exactly” replied Grey.

Stretching his body, Black said, ” So we won’t be getting any sleep.”

“Why are you acting like it will affect any of us? Cultivators can get at most stay active for five days without sleep,” Frey explained with a confused expression on his face.

“I know, but it’s always nice to close your eyes and forget about your worries,” replied Black.

“You guys want some grilled ribs?” asked Grey.

“I would like some.”
“Me too!”


Greys pov

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Argh, my head hurts! What was I doing before this? Yeah, I was giving grilled ribs to Frey and little black, and we were talking about the boys awakening tomorrow.

Those fools ate a lot and even insisted we had some wine top it off. Why did I listen to those idiots? It looks like it’s already morning I should pack up the stuff before the boy awakening happens. Hmm, why is the floor so rough? Did I use my true essence when I passed out?

S***! S***! It already happened didn’t it? The whole f****** house is gone. How did we sleep through it? I should wake these sleeping idiots up, but my son’s safety is first. Huh, half the village is gone, the people are in panic some are kneeling probably praying to the Gods to have mercy upon them. F*** this isn’t what I should be caring about right now, I need to get the boys and leave before it’s too late. I can see glowing lights in that direction they must have been blown that way from the awakening. God, I hope they are all right? Or Rose will never forgive me if I let my children die after their awakening.

Whoa, there’s a large concentration of elemental particles over there lightning, fire, and space? It’s just like Akuma’s one but the damage done to the environment is ten times more. There they are levitating just like Akuma was, but I can barely see their body. Lined up in a row I can conclude their divine bodies have fully awakened and are integrating themselves into their bodies. No face or body just their shape hmm.

I should go closer and make sure they are all right. Argh creepy all of them opened their eyes at the same… its a bit weird the one covered in space and darkness elements should be Demios because of his grey and gold eyes, the one next to him should be Hyde as he is covered in purple flames and the last one should be Miko, but the lightning particles surrounding his body are forming a multitude of colors. Wait! This feeling it can’t be I thought it would be a couple of weeks till this happen. Are you in that much of rush? Damn, I knew I should have stopped rose from doing this if it weren’t for speeding up their bloodline maturity I wouldn’t be in this situation.



A large throne was laid out in front of the brothers designed with gold and red. A man sat there with his entire body covered in a grey cloak. Behind the throne are three black gates that had black steam coming through it and each gate with the same design a pentagon with a diamond in the middle of it around it in a circular shape.

” Guys I think it’s happening again but why are we together” Hyde chimed.

“I know it’s strange, but I’m pretty sure that elder in the robe over there is going to tell us why we are here?” replied Miko

” Doesn’t he give the same feeling like the old man you know like he’s real but he’s not a sort of ethereal feeling?” suggested Demios.

“Now that you mention it…”

“Welcome descendants, I pretty sure you know what you’re here for?”

“To get a bloodline power,” they all replied in unison.

“Exactly but this is the first and last time we would meet like this. Our heavenly ghost eye bloodline only has the one branch for bloodline powers.”

“So we get the same power! That’s a bit boring uncle,” yelled Hyde
” Indeed, I had hopes for something better than last time,” Demios said looking disappointed while Miko looked at the elder with a hopeful expression, which said if you don’t give us something new you would have crushed my dreams.

“Didn’t Grey tell you we have been one of the bloodlines with the most history in the world? Announced the elder. Shaking their heads from side to side in response the Grey elder sighed before saying ” You shall all walk different paths and will be responsible for creating new branches for our bloodline… The greatest power I can give you all rejoice!.”

“Nah it just sounds like your being lazy” replied Demios with his brothers nodding their heads in agreement.

“Presumptuous! How can I the greatest ancestor of the heavenly ghost bloodline be called lazy?” the elder yelled in rage, looking venomously at the boys he took a complete one-eighty and said “Good good looks like your brats had inherited that filthy mouth of yours, Grey. Go through those gates, and you will understand my words in due time. Oh, and be ready.”

However, before the brothers could respond, they felt like they were being pushed into the gates behind the man. Moreover, before they entered the gate, they saw a skeleton waving at them the same way a human would tell a person goodbye…

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