Chapter 18: Different Paths


Teleportation I guess anything is possible if it’s related to your bloodline. Argh, my stomach is churning again! Why is it only me that suffers whenever we come here it better not be like this for the next one?

I can see a classroom like the ones I in old Victorian times there’s a board to the right of me. I guess that the elder is implying that I go sit down and listen.

Sitting down in the seat, there’s a foul smell in the classroom like something died here. Hahaha, it’s just a dream it must just be my imagination going wild. Yeah yeah, just my imagination you know what it’s starting to smell like lavender now. Ahh, what a beautiful smell!

Oh, someone’s coming in it must be the elder ready to explain my powers. He’s kept me waiting for fifteen minutes now; my anxiety was about to go crazy. “Hey elder what’s with the skeleton costume, I thought imagined you in that get up before you sent all of us into the gate.”

“Young one this is no costume… We are on the borders underworld the hidden realm between the underworld and the living realm.” the skeleton spoke while searching for the white chalk to write on the board.

He’s joking! He must be but let’s be real if he is a skeleton and not the elder what I am supposed to gain from this? I swear ever since my reincarnation I’ve been in living some fantasy world, so this all makes sense. But how am I going to respond to this? I think I haven’t died yet so why are we on the borders of the underworld? What does this have to do with my bloodline? “How’s your day been so far?”

Ash out of all the questions you could ask you ask this how your day been? Who are you, Rd. Phil?

“My days pretty boring so far what about yours?” The skeleton said while spacing me with the chalk in hand. If he had flesh, I’m pretty sure the expression on his face would be that of a teacher genuinely curious about how his students day has been.

Well, I should probably get to the point I can’t honestly fathom having a normal conversation to a skeleton ” The elder I met before this said me and my brothers are creating new branches for our heavenly ghost bloodline, so I wanted to know what he meant?”

“Oh straight to the point I see… He didn’t mean you would create new branches for our bloodline since your way too weak to do that but what he means to say is that your divine energy has started to fuse with your bloodline so its complicated matters a bit. Which is why you can’t inherit bloodline powers but have to create new ones.” the skeleton explained while drawing a basic diagram of what he just described on the board.

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” So how do I create new bloodline powers?”

” No I didn’t mean that you will create new bloodline powers, but your bloodline powers will be the result of the fusion between your divine energy and bloodline. You’re going to have to broaden your perspective to understand the hidden meanings in words.” the skeleton replied.

“Ok, so what ability/power did I get?”

“It’s probably going to one of the most important powers you will have… the ability to go into the underworld. I know I can see your skepticism, but it is your ability, you can even bring your brothers with you to the underworld realm. Although only your brothers can come along with you to the underworld.



Wow! Its dark I can barely see anything. I wonder why the elder sent me over here? Is it like this for Demios and Miko as well? Hold on this could be an adventure I should use this chance to explore and then tell Miko and Demios about it later.

But where should I go? Maybe I should ask the guy staring at me over there.”Hi, uncle, do you know where I should go for an adventure?

“Boy this is no place for an adventure!” the elderly man in a suit announced.

“Uncle I decide whether or not this is a place of adventure, not you!”

“Presumptuous little boy you were sent here to listen to me not go off to some adventure,” the elderly man said in rage.

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“Shut up!”In anger, I went in for a kick but couldn’t touch him he just stood there like I was some interesting toy.

” Boy it’s useless I am a ghost with a corporeal body your attacks have no effect” the elderly man smirked truly curious by the recklessness this boy showed even to dare attack him.

Well, I guess beating into submission is useless on a ghost, so there goes that plan. I should just run away and look for something to explore instead of asking this annoying old geezer. Oh before I leave. Manners come. First, I bow a full ninety degrees and say to the man “Thanks for nothing old bastard, I’m off now.”

Running off in the opposite direction I bump into something and am only 5m away from this old man but I can’t seem to go forward its like a wall is blocking my path.

“Stupid boy! Are you ready to listen now,” the elderly man announced looking down at me. I should probably do that dad said if I can’t win or escape I should infuriate the enemy since he wants me to listen to him ill pretend to cover my ears, and he will get so angry that he will give me the information I need.

“It seems you are, as you know you were sent here by your ancestor to learn about your bloodline power and since your bloodline and divine energy are fusing. It means that your ability will be different from the norm…* Sigh* I should skip to the point your bloodline power is the underworld flame, and it is a mixture of your purple phoenix divine energy and the connection your heavenly ghost eyes have to the underworld. However your power…

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