Chapter 19: break


Damn it, it’s been almost 30 minutes now and its only getting hotter the desert fits the description that was in Uncles Frey’s book of geography. Why the hell would he send me here? It’s hot I am sweating tons, and I haven’t found a single person yet? Argh, this is irritating!

What is that? A horse! A horse, I can see a horse in the distance. Ahh, life is perfect now I can escape this hellhole. But this could be an illusion of my imagination that Uncle Frey taught us about; hmm if that’s my imagination, it must be really out of control. The black horse 1.7m tall but it has a cage on its mouth, and it’s breathing out some black steam like the one at the gate.

“It doesn’t even matter anymore I have to see if it’s real and if it is ill kill it and use the meat on its body to quench my thirst.”

“Young lad your thoughts are being said out loud,” An armoured ‘man’ said walking next to Miko.

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“You have water?”

“I’m impressed by your resolve and survival tactics worthy to be apart of our bloodline” Looking up and down Miko, the man raised his arm to his chin when concluding his analysis of Miko.

“Do you have water?”

“It’s interesting though you will be the first ever to possess the ability of an ethereal body. Although not all of your body will be ethereal the benefits of being hidden under the naked eye and no cultivator will be able to sense your presence.”

“Give me water!”

“Although there is still the issue that…


“Argh, it hurts” they all yelled in pain as their bodies were violently shaking as though they were being electrocuted.

Baffled by the development, Black asked Frey ” Are they going to be impotent?” confused to what he meant Frey interpreted it as a positive thing and said, ” I hope so as it may be beneficial to their future.”

“You idiots! Frey knocks them out and changes to your human form. Black enlarge yourself we need to move now!” Grey started sprinting off to the place that was once his home with a worried expression on his face.

“What’s he so worried about?” Black tilted his head in confusion while pondering deeply over the different reasons.

“You are a fool. Did you already forget we are on their hit list!” turning into his human form Frey began to as he was instructed knocking out the boys who are violently shaking on the floor.

“Which one though? I thought we destroyed the last one already” Black also began to do as he was told as he changed into his enlarged phoenix form making him look like a deity from the myths.

“Its the biggest organisation in the entire central continent! Hurry up and take the boys I need to treat them with the remaining herbs we have.” Frey hopped on Black and laying the now unconscious boys on Blacks back with herbs and a mixing bowl set up next to the boys.

“Oh f*** yeah, now I remember they allied with… But if Grey kills our pursuers, we will have less time to let the boys grow up” Black said while stretching his wings.

“He knows that but we are left with no choice it was our carelessness that caused this in the first place,” Frey replied.

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“You sense that?” Black said with a solemn expression.

“I know they are here. I can’t tell how many but let’s wait for Grey and decide what to do from there,” Frey concluded while pouring a medicinal liquid into Miko’s mouth.

“They have sent two scouts. Hide your aura with my sons and go to the city ill catch up with you guys soon” Grey appeared before turning into a white mist.

” Grey you know what will happen if you kill them? Don’t do this your sons still need you. I’ve suppressed the backlash from the awakening, but they are going to need you when they wake up. They are still children.” Frey replied.

” Are you doubting me? Hmm, I know the risk, but you are underestimating my sons ill see you soon,” the white mist moved as the wind carried it away.

“It’s no use you know how he is. He’s probably going to let his bloodline overtake his thinking and go all out. Finish up we should leave now before they sense us.” Black said before launching himself into the air and flying at two hundred kilometres per hour to the nearest city.


White mist reappeared in front of the now half-destroyed stone village. Two black clothed people were staring at the white mist as if in wait of something.

“You guys were in a rush” Greys body reconstructed as the mist disappeared. He then smiled as though he just met people who he truly appreciates.

” It been five years Grey…” the bulkier person to the right said.

“I know, and you are still as muscular as ever Kathy” Grey calmly said as he was stretching his body.

“Where’s Rose? I came here to take her head,” the other figure said in annoyance.

“She’s left this world already… Kathy, you knew her illness” Grey said solemnly as he stared at them with murderous intent.

“My condolences Grey but the… you possess is something we cannot pass upon.”

“There’s no more need for words…

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