Chapter 20: broke


“I thought we left that place why are we in the sky now?” Hyde rubbed his head with an expression of agony.

“Idiot, we for sure left that place, right? Huh, Uncle…” Miko sat up while also rubbing his head but looked confused once he saw Frey.

“Yo bird where are we going? Another hideout?” Demios interrupted, elbowing Blacks right wing in the process.

“Who are you calling a bird. I am the majestic black phoenix leader of all…”

“So how are you guys feeling? No breathing issues? Chest pains?” Frey frantically started to search the boys for any injuries externally. Black began to twist and turn in frustration at not being able to give his speech on how great he is causing Frey to say “Bastard there are only 3 miles left stop being such a baby and hurry us to the city.”

” City we are going to a city!!” Hyde yelled out in shock so much so that he started violently shaking Miko as though he were a sandbag. Even Miko seemed surprised as well as he didn’t respond to Hyde’s actions but instead just stayed there like a lifeless doll.

“So how are we getting in?” Demios asked keeping a solemn expression, but internally he thought” Thank God cities exist I thought Frey was lying during his lessons. I even resolved myself for that tribe lifestyle I can finally take a hot bath… Ah, the bubble baths ill have, and this handsome face of mine is going to let me such a lavish lifestyle.”

“Indeed Frey how are we getting inside? I’m pretty sure the mortal money we have was destroyed from their awakening, and we can’t don’t have anything on hand to sell to get in” Black increased his speed tenfold making the wind whistle in the boy’s ears.

“I can think of something once we get there… However, we are going to need to be low-key. Black stop here and let’s walk to the city from here we might get noticed if you keep flying like this.” Frey suggested while separating Hyde from Miko who were still in the midst of excitement and shock.

Slowly descending to the ground, they landed just outside the forest and three hundred feet north from them. Although as the boys were getting off Black, they suddenly collapsed to the ground struggling to get up to their feet. Frey upon seeing this lent Demios a hand to stand up but even with help, he dropped back to the ground again.

Shaking his head in Black said with utmost certainty “So they are impotent. A shame such a shame so young yet already eunuchs…*Sigh* don’t worry your uncle will help you. Once you are about to seal the deal with a beauty call me and ill help you show the night of wonders.”

“We are not impotent! I can’t feel my legs it’s like theirs a force pulling my body down to the ground… It’s like…something is forcing itself into… my body.” Demios head then fell to the ground as he found it very difficult to move his body. Miko and Hyde put their thumbs up to confirm they agree with what Demios what saying.

Internally Frey thought ” Aftereffects from the awakening. No Grey never mentioned that such things happen to humans, let’s think logical here bodies feel different. Divine bodies, bloodlines, necklace, awakening, blessing, and curse. I think I get it their divine bodies are fully awakened so it’s properly integrating with their bloodlines and since they are an anomaly in the bloodline system it’s making for a blessing and a curse. Their awakening must have made the necklace revert them into the state they were when they were born so the fusing process will be smoother for the boys. Ahh, how troublesome!”

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“Can you describe what the thing is like that is forcing itself on you guys?

“Its like… sparks for…me,” Miko said

” Fire,” Hyde added

“I cant… describe… mine,” Demios replied.

“Alright Black take Miko, and Demios ill carry Hyde lets go we never know if some followed us instead of fighting Grey” Frey added before throwing Hyde over his shoulder and calmly walking towards the city in the distance. He thought, “Hmm if the necklace could revert them into that state it should be able to revert them, but I have no idea how long that’s going to take?”

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Walking towards the city, they could see to distinct figures patrolling the city gates and from time to time collecting money from people coming through the city gates. Sensing their cultivation level Black said in surprise ” Peak blood condensation cultivators as guards, they must care for their security.”

“Of course the Ouroboros kingdom is the kingdom only second to the Plutus kingdom regarding military power. They emphasise this with their ranking system did you know…”

“Ok, so they’re strong now how are we going to get in you are the one that suggested that we stay low-key so what’s your plan?” Black interrupted, as he knew Frey loved to give speeches to show off the knowledge he learned.

“Plan! I could convince those guards with my talking skills. No sweat” Frey handed Hyde over to Black before running to the city gate.

” Hi there gentleman I am here as a passing merchant to sell my goods to your wonderful city” Frey bowed to express his goodwill to the guards.

The guard with black hair and a stern expression said, “Permit.”

“Ah good sir I only started as a merchant recently I don’t have a permit nor the money to pay you for one.”

“Permit or leave” The man replied causing the other guard to laugh before saying ” Sorry buddy he is just jealous of your looks and is afraid you will steal his wife once you pass these gates. He has an inferiority complex.”

Which made the man’s stern expression worse, however, before he could reply to his colleagues quote he caught sight of a carriage coming in their direction.

A middle-aged lady that exuded a demeanour befitting her image looked at Frey with lust and excitement yelling out towards the group she said ” Handsome male what are you doing talking to those weak p****** who can’t even go out to fight in our wars. Come here! Have some tea with us.”

“I’m sorry… Miss, it would be my pleasure to be your acquaintance ” before Frey could reply he caught sight of Miko’s leg hanging from the luggage behind the carriage causing him to change his answer to the lady.

Walking into the carriage, he could hear the guards say, “I hate good looking men…

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