Chapter 21: Lost

Internally Frey thought, “Well technically I’m not human but if you’re still complimenting my looks in general ill take it.” Stepping into carriage Frey saw the middle age beauty for what she is, a rather large middle age woman with an elegant disposition. Her face was that of beauty, but her body well had its unique charm to it as well (respect to my big women out there). While next to the lady is a young boy around the age of 8-9 he had the same big cheeks as the lady, blonde hair and was dressed in a noble’s attire. However, the boy looked timid in comparison to the lady next to him.

“Thank you, young miss, for your kindness just there” Frey bowed politely before elegantly sitting on the seat crossing his legs in the process. He looked like the perfect gentleman exuding a demeanor even superior to the nobles in front of him.

” Young man, you are too kind this old lady here is Fiona Elgaard, and this is my nephew Wei Elegaard,” Fiona said with a graceful smile.

She confidently poured him a cup of tea and continued by saying ” To get straight to the point what is your purpose in coming into our city as its well known that our country is ready to break out into war against the Kemono kingdom at any time.”

“Oh, I had no idea, young miss I am passing merchant here to organize the goods for a merchant friend I made,” Frey said this while leisurely sipping the tea the lady poured for him. Internally he thought, ” I need to hold out this act for as long as I can then take the boys and disappear from the light. Stay calm Frey we need this to stay low-key as soon as we get inside ill give the cue for Black to act, but I should see if I could get some money from her first. We are desperate after all.”

” Young miss you say! You flatter me too much. However, I need to verify your statement so let’s go meet your merchant friend together it will be easier for you by carriage anyways,” Fiona demanded with an intense gaze on Frey, observing his reaction to his statement.

“Oh sure that’s no issue it saves me time” Frey replied keeping up his elegant poker face but inside he thought ” This little bitch trying to force me to take orders from her. She’s still a f****** mortal. Ahh, patience Frey you’ve changed remember. You can control yourself.”

“Then let’s be on our way, although ill need to drop off my nephew first though, so you have to wait” Fiona rubbed Wei’s head to show her care for him to Frey. Moreover, she signaled the driver to carry on pulling both the carriage and the luggage on top of the wagon.

“You heard what they said I’m going to need to go out and pretend to be a merchant now. Don’t move and stay quiet I will take you out as soon as we drop off the boy at their place. Also, I repeat I remain where you are, and I will be back for you” Black whispered to the boys as he transformed into his natural form and flew into the city.

“So you heard him we need to do our best to get out once the carriage stops,” Demios added while forcing his arms to move to see if his body has adjusted to the thing pulling his body down right now.

” Yeah, that’s what it sounded like to me,” Miko added.

“The city! The city! The…”Hyde excitedly chanted until he saw both of Miko’s and Demio’s gazes.

“Did you hear something?”Fiona asked.

“No hahaha, so we’re talking about your family’s prestige in the army.”


“The carriages stopped, “Miko said impatiently as he was suppressing his excitement.

“Can everyone move their bodies?” Demios added.

“I can but it still hurts, it feels like the pain we felt after the first day of dads training,” Hyde replied

“My muscles also hurt, but I can barely move as well,” Miko added.

“Hmm if that’s the case let me find a way for us to get off,” Demios suggested while picking up the side of the cover that was currently hiding them.

Looking out he saw a bustling city street; houses clattered together, merchants at every corner selling goods to decently dressed people. Moreover, he could see little kids playing around on the road. Turning his head from side to side Demios found an alleyway they could roll into if they jump off the side off the carriage. Signaling his brothers with a motion of his hand they all struggled to jump off the wagon and roll into the alleyway.

” Why does it smell so bad here,” Miko asked looking puzzled while struggling to stand still.

” True, do cities always smell this bad? Hyde added

” Well, you are stepping on someone’s pet s*** you know Hyde” demios replied looking at Hyde foot that was firmly placed on the pile of s***.

“Wow, street s*** smells worse than village s***! So this is what a city is like,” Hyde announced with his hands on his waists laughing afterwards.

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Demios face-palming replied, ” Wipe it on that wall over there we have to hurry somehow. I see people down this alleyway” putting his arm over Miko. Demios waited for Hyde to clean his shoe before holding onto Hyde as well.

“Let’s take this slow we all have to support each other,” Miko added taking deep breaths to keep his mind and body stable so he can support his brothers as well as himself.

Walking through the alleyway the first thin the boys noticed was three kids facing off against two other boys. However, you could tell from their appearance that the boys were not of equal status as the three boys looked to be children of large families as they wore elegant clothing and had glove armour on each hand as they confronted the two opposing boys.

“You weaklings think you can face off against us, even when we grow up you will still below us,” Togo said proudly as he put his head up as though he was looking down on the boys like a king to its subjects. Togo is a boy around seven or eight, relatively tall for his age, slim and fit and had a scar on his left cheek coming from his left ear parallel o his jawline.

“You are too weak to face us in the Colosseum, so you want to have an unfair fight here!”Naru replied looking more hyped up to fight the three boys than his compatriot next to him. Naru is the same age as Togo but smaller in height compared to Togo, but he is already built like a mini bodybuilder with his refined muscles bulging with each movement.

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Turning around both Miko and Demios said in unison “let’s go back and wait till they are gone,” but Hyde had already fallen in front of the group breathing heavily.

However, he kept smiling as though he was about to battle a fierce beast.

“That idiot.

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