Chapter 22: Lost(part 2)


Frey’s Situation

“So Julian (Frey) where is this merchant associate of yours? We still need to prove your identity and purpose for coming.” Fiona said relaxing back in the carriage after dropping off her nephew at the Palace of Arts.

“Since Miss has been so kind as to keep her promise… The place my colleague and I shall meet is at the marketplace we just passed on our way here. If Miss doesn’t mind you can drop me off near where the marketplace begins, and I will lead your driver to his booth for confirmation” Frey replied with a polite smile hoping that she will let him slip away because of his dashing looks.

” No, I insist on taking you there myself!” Fiona said in a harsh tone, staring intensely at Frey while thinking ” Looks like his situation isn’t as simple as it may sound. Urgh, it never is with pretty boys they could be the end of me at this rate.”

” If that is, what miss wants it shall be done,” Frey replied keeping his poker face during their exchange. He thought.”Hmm, I thought my looks would make it easier for me, well Black should be there anyway so he can manipulate what she perceives with his spiritual sense while I deal with the guard over there.”


Blacks Pov

Ok all done, I’ve set up the booth and stole money from some noble houses to legally enter this kingdom, it turns out this place is even stricter than I thought. I had to use my spirit control twice to get the permit and identity plate.

Hmm, it turns out I didn’t even need to leave the boys. I could have just brought them here instead of telling them to wait on top of the carriage. Ahh, they must be starving right now, they haven’t eaten all day, and I should buy them a top quality meal from the best restaurant this city has to offer.

Well, Frey should be here any second now, so I should try to mingle with the people next to my booth. Saying that though will Frey find my booth I picked the marketplace we went through when coming into this city. So it shouldn’t be that bad, I also chose the quietest area of this marketplace just in case.

“Your first day huh nervous?”Julius said while restocking his merchandise.

“Oh yeah, had my permit for a while now but it’s taken me a long time to muster enough courage to set up my booth,” I replied expressing the nervous and weak-willed facade. It probably would have been easier to act like the confident and narrow-minded idiot. Too bad this is the first thing that came to mind.

“Ahh, I understand where you are coming from! But in those times of insecurity, you need to do your best to be strong. Even lying to yourself would help you,” Julius replied looking at me like a parent worried about their child.

I don’t know how to reply to that statement. Ahh, it’s making my skin crawl why couldn’t he be a woman instead? Why am I blessed with such smouldering looks?

“Oh thank you for your kind words ermm…”

“It’s Julius… just Julius will do and yours?”

“Ermm… Its


Valet in his excitement jumped on Hyde shouting ” Amazing! Amazing! You took all of them down in one move. How did you do it? Are you awakened like Naru? Wait you look about eight, so it makes sense your awakened! My name is Valet by the way… I am.”

“Valet calm down! He is obviously hurt right now so get off of him!”Naru said while pulling Valet off of Hyde. Thinking to himself Naru couldn’t figure out how all of it had happened ” He dropped in front of us and it all happened so fast… Togo tried kicking him, but he got hurt himself even his henchmen Damu and Kashi got injured trying to hurt him. Then he got up as though none of their assaults happened and gave them all flick of his finger. Causing them to crash against the wall… He’s phenomenal.”

“Hyde get up! We need to go we still haven’t seen what the city is like yet? Come on” Demios said grabbing hold of Hyde’s arm and pulling him up with a pained expression he said calmly “Excuse us we have a place we need to be… so goodbye now.”

” No don’t go you saved us we need to repay our gratitude,” Valet yelled while pulling Hyde’s arm towards him.

Whispering into Deimos’s ear, Miko said: “We haven’t eaten all day so as Uncle Black taught us we should take full advantage in these kinds of situations.”

“We can show you around the city; you guys aren’t from here right?” Naru suggested while sizing up the brothers with a confused expression. Thinking to him ” These guys look weird what is the strange marks on their neck it’s like a rose… But why is the rose colour the same as their eyes? Hold on eyes why do they have different colour eyes… What strange people? I probably shouldn’t ask since they are our benefactors.”

“We will take you up on that offer then” Demios replied with a conflicted expression and as if on cue a loud rumbling resounded in their vicinity.

“You guys must be hungry! I know the best place for food and entertainment. Come with us,” Naru laughed while holding on to hips.

“Yeah come with us! By the way are you guys brothers? You look similar,” Valet said letting go of Hyde’s arm; sprinting in the direction, they should walk.

“Yeah, we are brothers! Triplets in fact” Hyde proclaimed proudly stretching his body as though I was entirely foreign to him.

Following Valets lead the group arrived at their destination. Confused by the magnificent sight of what was in front of them Miko asked Naru ” What is this place?”

“The Colosseum owned by the Korin Family. It’s the fairest Colosseum in our kingdom well at least compared to the other two. Don’t worry I still have leftover money from my win yesterday so I can buy enough food for all of us,” Naru explained walking inside the Colosseum with Valet following behind him.

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Pausing for a second Demios caught up and asked: ” So you can fight in the Colosseum at your age.”

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” Yup as long as your awakened it doesn’t matter you can fight but you fight in your age group like from eight to ten fight and so on,” Naru replied while turning his head from side to side in search of the Cafeteria.

With food in hand, the group entered the arena to watch the headline match of the day. Sitting down the boys had anticipation and excitement written over all their faces as they looked at the viewing stage while eating the cafeteria food.

“It seems you boys have made some friends.

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