Chapter 23:Cultivation

“Dad,” Miko yelled looking surprised.

“Dad,” Demios calmly said.

“Huh?” Hyde asked confused.

Jumping on to Grey, the family shared what looked to Naru and Valet a compassionate hug. However, seconds after the hug, Hyde punched his father on his right side before saying ” Old man what took you so long we lost Uncle black and Uncle Frey.. we couldn’t move our bodies… the city is so exciting I already stepped in city poo… why did we come in to the city actually?”

Stunned by the sudden outburst Grey, Miko and Demios just watched Hyde ramble on about the day they had so far with a myriad of expressions on his face.

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“Ladies and Gentleman! We have reached the moment we have all been waiting for. The right between the great Khan and Infinity!” The announcer yelled causing the crowd to go mental.

“Khan like in the Great Khan Oh my god!”

“Infinity destroy that bastard.”

“Infinity I placed all my savings on you!”

“I can’t believe I’m in the space as the Khan.”

Whispering in Naru’s ear, Miko asked, ” So who is this great Khan is he some great warrior and what kind of name is infinity.” While Hyde who was previously having a fit tuned his head to the stage with sparkles in his eyes.

“Oh, I forgot you guys are new to this place the great Khan and infinity are names given by the people in the Colosseum. This fight, however, is actually between two Martial cultivators of the Blood condensation stage. Normally the fights of cultivators in the second stage cost at least one gold (equivalent to one thousand silver). Do you know how much food I can buy with that? Do you!” Naru explained exasperatedly as he began to clench his fists to calm himself down.

“Hyde look! Look!” Valet shouted while pointing to the man coming on to the stage. The man is well built, at the height of 182 centimeters he couldn’t be considered handsome but only average at best. His tanned body shone as the sun reflected ultraviolet rays off of [email protected], Black hair and tribal armor he looked like a fierce beast in human skin.

“Make some noise from the man you’ve all been waiting for the great Khan!”

“Oh my god, it’s him!”

“I can barely breathe.”

Internally thinking Grey thought “Are they making such a commotion for these weaklings? He’s at least in his early 20s I was at least 100 times stronger than him when I turned nineteen.”

“Now for the underdog Infinity!” The announcer proclaimed with a lot less energy than he used to introduce the great Khan. The man named infinity was someone you would call a typical pretty boy, well dressed, tall, not muscular but slim with blonde natural wavy hair and ocean blue eyes.

Holding his long sword, the great Khan yelled, “Leave now pretty boy, or you will lose your life here.”

“You speak like that? How disappointing! You are underestimating an opponent in the same realm as you and you call yourself a cultivator,” Infinity laughed holding his long spear on his shoulder with an arrogant expression on his face.

As soon as he finished, the air around them suddenly became dense with the audience closest to the stage passing out under the pressure of the two martial cultivators.

“Why are they showing off?” Demios asked Grey with a confused look as he saw no reason for them to be showing off there in a colosseum that’s not fully packed.

“That’s because they are weaklings to actual cultivators, so they want to make themselves feel good in front of mortals and those who just awakened. Speaking off awakening let’s leave before you guys are influenced by weak cultivators” Grey explained while rubbing his groomed beard.

“No Dad I don’t want to leave!” Hyde and Miko replied in shock.

“So you guys don’t want to learn how to cultivate?” Grey asked looking at his sons curiously.

“Huh? Who cares about these weaklings? I need to cultivate “Miko said rubbing his clothes off the breadcrumbs from the cafeteria food he just had.

“Yeah, these weaklings only know how-how to show off,” Hyde replied struggling to keep his head from turning back to the stage.

“Are you coming with us?” Demios asked Naru and Valet who were immersed in the battle before them.

“Yeah? Yeah? We are coming” Naru said with a conflicted expression as he was also turning his head from the stage and back to the group.

“Let’s go ill show you guys our family hideout” Valet exclaimed excitedly as though he completely forgot about the event occurring in front of them.

“Hideout?” All the brothers replied in unison before turning their heads to Grey for confirmation.

“Let’s go to the field, it would be easier to teach you guys in a secluded place anyways,” Grey laughed looking at the excited expressions of the children in front of him.

During their journey to Naru and Valets family hideout, the relationship between the brothers and duo increased exponentially. They even resulted in making nicknames for each other in such a small amount of time.

Internally Demios thought during their journey ” I don’t get these kids at all I know my brothers and I are anomalies but still how is this Naru kid so mature at his young age like reality has already to slapped him at his early age. I guess there is little distinction between child and adult in this world.”

In front of the group was something that can only be described as a large tent next to a long line of apartments. Opening the tent, the group could see little kids around the same age as Naru and Valet running and playing around, some children laughing and teasing each other. It was literally what some would call a utopia for orphans, a couch and makeshift beds to sleep in on the floor. Almost like the group entered the doorway into another world the brothers couldn’t help showing shocked expressions with Demios going as far as slapping himself twice. With their jaws dropped Naru nodded before telling Grey ” Sir walk straight and you will be in our field. So discuss what you guys want to discuss.” Waving his hand in the direction, they should walk in Naru and Valet smiled cheekily at their reactions.

“How did you get the field?” Demios replied before his father could say anything.

“No one was using it and its not a large field, so no one notices it,” Valet explained patting his chest in the process.

“Boys let’s go you will meet your friends when we are done,” Grey said walking in the direction Naru pointed at with a calm expression as though this meant nothing to him.

“Ermm… ok” Miko replied while dragging the still shocked Hyde with him as they followed their father to the field.

“This looks just like a rather large backyard, to be honest, it’s not as special as I thought it would be… Damn your not a child come on we are about to take the next step,” Demios thought internally as he reached the field Naru and Valet were talking about.

“Old man, what cultivation technique will we use?” Miko asked looking at their father in front of them.

“Yeah what one dad? One of the special ones that you said we couldn’t read” Hyde added looking at his father keenly.

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“The cultivation technique is one I made myself, and it focuses on cycles,” Grey announced.

“Cycles?” Demios replied.

Frey and Blacks Situation

“Young Miss this is the merchant I told you I came to meet Fernando.”

“Wow, you’re huge.

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