Chapter 24: The first step


“Cycles?” Demios asked again still waiting for Grey’s explanation.

“As a warlord practitioner, the road is twice as hard as becoming a martial artist or a spirit practitioner…”

“Then why don’t we become martial artists or a spirit practitioner” Demios interrupted grey before he could finish his explanation as he already found an issue with their father’s comment.

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Laughing out loud Grey looked at Demios as though he was an idiot. Before saying, ” Look here boy any warlord practitioner at the same level can take out any spirit practitioner or martial artist. Why? You say because of the fact a warlord practitioner combines both qi and spirit power to make true essence you can only imagine how powerful it is compared to the latter.”

Internally Demios thought, ” I didn’t ask why though, but he still hasn’t explained why we have twice amount of work as a warlord practitioner.”

“So you said our cultivation method involved Cycles?” Demios added again hoping that this time he would be answered.

” However, I should have checked your talent grade as a warlord practitioner before starting your cultivation… Eh, you guys should be talented anyways you have my genes after all” Grey muttered, but the boys still heard what he said and before they could berate him for it. “As a warlord practitioner, our paths are unlimited in what we can do unlike the other two paths which just has very few paths but never mind that the cultivation technique. I’m going to impart you is something you will have to use your imagination to improve and is still considered incomplete in some areas,” Grey explained while monitoring his children’s reactions with his hands behind his back.

“What do you mean imagination?” Hyde questioned.

“Ermm you’re going to have to incorporate both your imagination and other people cultivation techniques to create the cycles that will fuel you with an endless amount Orbis for your cultivation stage,” Grey replied with a calm expression.

“But what if we can’t do that?” Miko added still confused.

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“You will because that is the path you will walk upon yourselves. Enough of the jibber jabber let me teach you how to create your first cycle so you can enter the elementary realm!” Saying that Grey grabbed Demios, sitting him down on the grass before, he put his hand on his back and the sight marvelled both Miko and Hyde who were watching them.

To them, Grey looked as though he had white mist circling behind him as a hurricane would, and the longer he stayed in that position the hurricane got bigger and bigger.

However, inside Deimos’s body, he could feel his body spinning around and around making him feel sick, but he couldn’t vomit out what it was that was stuck in the back of his throat. So he put his hands on his forehead like he was trying to stabilise himself.

That’s when he saw it a seed absorbing something that he can only conclude was Orbis. It was like it was dancing together on top of the seed and it kept growing and growing causing the seed to turn into a little blackish sprout that was twinkling.

Internally he thought, ” What is this? It looks so pretty like the night’s sky but as a plant? Is this what cultivation is like growing a tree inside of yourself? But I can’t lie after that whole dizziness I feel so good like I am on some sugar rush I can’t just stay still.”

“Open your eyes and look at me!” Grey said in a commanding voice inside of Deimos’s head. Looking up at his father, he could see his father was in a horse stance martial artists used in his previous world then Grey walked up a couple of steps punching kicking with white mist surrounding his entire body making a hazy sight for Demios.

“Dad why is Demios sleeping?” Miko asked looking concerned.

“Don’t worry he needed to stabilise his cultivation and let the world’s energies naturally congregate with his body. Come here Hyde your next!” Grey announced while stretching his arms and just like Demios the same thing happened, but the sprout was bathed in purplish flames and a bird imprint.

“Dad why is Hyde asleep now?” Miko said while looking intently at his brothers who were lying there on the floor.

“Stop being such a baby!” Grey replied before catching the running Miko and placing his arm on his back. However, instead of the neutral expressions that Hyde and Demios showed when this happened Miko smiled like he was in the best place in the world. His sprout was also unique with a myriad of lightning surrounding it like a barrier and a lightning bolt imprint on the sprout itself.

Looking into the distance, Grey said, ” Come out Naru ill teach you a cultivation method suited for you.”

“Suited for me?” Naru said jumping down the tree he was hiding in before.

“Yeah, the Flaming Hydra cultivation method… Sounds cool doesn’t it,” Grey replied in a calm voice.

Enticed by his offer Naru stepped forward before shaking his head and saying ” Why would you give me something like that for free? I know everything in this world comes at a price.”

“Indeed” Grey replied before appearing in front of Naru and placing two fingers on his forehead and the sight befuddled Valet and co who were watching from the tent as Naru had a falling hydra appear behind him and it looked like it was hissing at them.

“Take him to sleep I need to collect some idiots at the market… Watch over my kids please,” Grey said before disappearing like the mist.

“Yes sir” they all replied performing a military salute to show they will obey his demands.



Waking up first Hyde looked left and right at the kids watching him and his brothers intently before saying.

“So what’s for dinner?

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