Arc 7 Chapter 103: The Ceremony

“Do you mean that the premonition of the Coldfang’s Grand elder is true?” asked Wulfric.

“I’m afraid that it must be true. With the appearance of the traits described in the records and the Grand elders premonitions it looks like hard times are headed our way,” said Oedwuf.

“We must prepare for the coming hard times. Grand elder, at the next upcoming meeting you must bring Akira along with you and explain everything to them. They will be able to see for themselves and make their own decisions,” said Ellair.

“You are right this matter does not just affect our clan but the entire Earth tribe,” said Wulfric.

“What have you taught him about the clan and its way of life already?” asked Oedwuf.

“I only had time to teach him the basics which is not enough.”

“True. We will have to make sure to teach him all the knowledge he needs about what it means to be a werewolf and the clan’s history before the meeting.”

The elders walked back into the house as they continued to the discussion of what they would need to do to be fully prepared for the future.

Akira and Azura were left outside both slightly puzzled with what had just happened and were not quite sure what was going on.

Azura was staring at Akira with stars in her wide-open eyes.

“So…this clan tattoo seems to be really important,” said Akira trying to break the uncomfortable silence.

“Un…It’s a normal thing that everyone experiences mostly around the age of thirteen, it’s not that big of a deal. The family normally has a party after they receive the tattoo since it is the start of adulthood. You are way past that age already,” said Azura.

“I saw that the orcs do the same thing and have their own tattoos,” said Akira.

“Hmph! They probably saw ours when they fought with the Earth tribe during the great wars. They are just inferior copies that have no power! You’ll get to have your own tomorrow and you will be able to experience the difference first hand.”

Akira shrugged he really didn’t know much about either of them so he would just have to wait.

“Is it true what the elder said? That you have special powers?” she asked quietly.

“It’s true, I have weird skills that I can use. I don’t know much about how it all came to me it just happened. I’m not sure about anything else the elder spoke about,” said Akira.

“Hmph, It’s just as I thought. I knew my brother could not be such a trashy idiot that couldn’t even transform when he needs to.”

Azura’s words stabbed into Akira’s heart, dealing critical damage to his cool big brother image.

“What is that!? Are you trying to compliment me or insult me?”

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“Hmph! I’m just interested in what the elders said about your potential to help the clan.”

“Aren’t little sister supposed to be nice to their older brothers? Do you secretly like me and you don’t know how to express it?”

“Your wrong! It’s not like I like you or anything….idiot.”

Azura turned her head away from Akira and looked up at the sky.

“How cold,” said Akira but Azura ignored him.

They continued to stand there looking at the night sky. Azura secretly took a few glances at Akira taking in his aura and scent that emitted from his body.

This was her brother. He may be an idiot but he was a powerful idiot that was her big brother.


The sun dipped below the horizon and the moon rose to take its place. It was now the night of the next day.

Akira was pacing back and forth in the living room. Azura was supposed to come to him when the elders had finished their preparations for him to receive his clan tattoo.

He looked out the window to see a full moon was shining brightly.

The door opened behind him and Azura came in.

“Big brother…they are ready for you,” said Azura.

Calling Akira big brother was still awkward but she had decided the night before that since he was her big brother she would start using the two words.

“What is this? Is my cute little sister warming up to me?” said Akira.

He was forced to dodge one of Wulfric’s old slippers that was thrown at him.

“Who is warming up to you? I’m just taking pity on you. Who else would be willing to take care of an idiot big brother like you? Hurry up we can’t keep the elders waiting,” said Azura slamming the door behind her.

Akira followed her down to the ladder to the ground floor.

A short distance away Akira could see a large bonfire was burning, lighting up the surrounding area as if the sun was still out. The fire also helped with drying up the surrounding area.

Akira stumbled when he saw thousands of people sitting on hundreds of long wooden benches situated in front of the fire.

“I thought you said these things were supposed to be normal things that only the family celebrated,” hissed Akira quietly.

Azura ignored his complaints and led him through the only open path in the center between hundreds of benches. 

Many of the people they passed shouted out greetings to Azura. When they saw Akira behind her they became silent and just stared and inspected him.

Having a few thousand people staring at him was nothing compared to the large crowds that had been at the arena tournament so it didn’t bother him much.

Near the fire was a large platform where Wulfric stood waiting. Akira was led up the steps and positioned next to Wulfric on his right, while Azura stood on his left.

The conversations coming from the surrounding benches stopped as they stared at the three people on the stage.

Akira had only been on the stage for a few seconds and was already getting extremely hot due to the cracking fire burning behind them.

“Fellow clansmen! You may have heard rumors over the last two days of a new person coming to our clan…they are true and that person is to my right.

His name is Akira and he is my grandson and the former clan chief’s only Son!

He has been gone for over sixteen years and has finally returned! It is a true blessing for our clan that he did not die along with his mother and father when they were ambushed by the blasted Demigods.

Since he was missing all these years he was never able to receive the clan tattoo. We have called you here to witness and welcome Akira in becoming an official member of the Bluemoon clan as he receives The clan tattoo!” said Wulfric.

Thousands of whispering conversations started up again at the surprising news of the return of someone thought to be dead. Many who were you had never even heard of Akira.

Wulfric looked to a group of werewolves next to the stage and with a wave of his hand, he gave the signal for them to start playing the numerous small and large hide drums.

Dauummmm-! A deep sound rang out as the largest drum was hit the other smaller drums followed with their own slow deep sound. Dummmmm-! Dummmm-!

With the hide drums beating out a slow rhythm it drowned out any conversation that had not already stopped.

The ceremony had started.

Wulfric turned to Azura and handed her a small round iron tin and gestured for her to go over to Akira.

She walked up to Akira and opened the iron tin revealing a black substance inside, that looked to be a type of thick paint.

Stabbing her finger into it she scooped out a good amount of the black paint.

“Hold still and don’t move…Big Brother,” said Azura with an evil glint in her eyes.

“You’re not still angry are yo…” Akira’s words were cut short when Azura’s finger jabbed hard into his left cheek nearly poking him in the eye.

She started to use her finger and the paint to draw something on his face. She scooped out more of the paint to do the same for the right side of his face and his forehead. Jab, jab, jab.

When she was finished she closed the iron tin of warpaint and stepped back to her original position.

“Everyone can see that he has received the warpaint of ceremony!”

With another hand gesture, an elder from the front row stood up and carried a wooden tray with the tools and materials needed for the tattoo up onto the stage and handed it to Wulfric before returning to his seat.

Wulfric handed the tray to Azura to hold and motioned for the head shaman to join them on the stage.

An elderly man dressed in all green clothing walked up onto the stage followed by the younger shaman and apprentices that were under his command.

Akira received a shock when he saw Klyn wave to him from the small crowd of apprentices.

Azura stepped forward holding the wooden tray presenting the tools to the head shaman. The tools were specially made just for creating clan tattoos.

The needle was made out of a magic stone, while the ink was also made out a magic stone that had been ground up with a few other secret ingredients added.

Taking the needle from the tray he dipped it the inkpot and then looked at Akira expectantly.

“Take off your shirt,” whispered Azura before Akira could ask what he wanted.

“In front of everyone?”

“Don’t be a wimp. Just do it. You’re holding up the ceremony,” said Azura.

Akira sighed and took off his shirt in front of thousands of people he did not know.

The elderly shaman stepped forward and grabbed Akira’s right arm and inspected it for any defects or trouble spots that he would have to watch out for.

Finding nothing wrong he took a wet cloth from the wooden tray and wiped Akira’s shoulder off. He dipped needled into the special ink again and nodded to his subordinates.

The drumbeat started to pick up in speed. Dumm!Dumm!Dumm!

With the sound of the crackling fire and the drum beats the other shaman circled around Akira and the head shaman and started to chant in an ancient language.

The Head shaman held the end of the needle with his right hand while the front was held between the two fingers of his left hand.

He rested his left knuckles on Akira’s shoulder and slightly angled the needle.

Without warning the needle swiftly stabbed into Akira’s shoulder.

Akira felt the pain of multiple punctures from the needle which had multiple pointy bits at the end, not just one. He held still and put on a grim face as he made sure not to make a sound or show that he felt any pain.

The head Shaman continued to move his right hand back and forth with the left hand guiding the needle as it stabbed into his shoulder.

The needle only stopped moving when the Head shaman needed to dip it into the inkpot.

Azura stood off to the side still holding the tray for the shaman.

The tattooing took over an hour to complete. All the while the subordinate shaman continued to chant and the drummers continued their fast drumming.

Placing the needle down onto the tray the shaman shouted, “It is done!”

Wulfric walked over and inspected it. With a nod of his head, he said, “Continue.”

Dum dida Dum! Dum dida Dum! Dum dida Dum! The drum beats became even faster.

“With this, the tattoo will be activated and will never fade,” explained the elderly shaman.

The chanting shaman moved forward and placed their hands on Akira’s shoulder around the new tattoo and continued chanting over Akira.

On his right arm, a dim light was starting to emit from the tattoo. As they continued to chant the glowing light became even brighter.

A few more lines of the ancient language that Akira couldn’t understand were chanted before they pulled their hands away finishing the chant.

The light coming from the tattoo flashed blinding those near Akira for several seconds.

Akira looked at his shoulder and saw that the normal clan tattoo was now transforming before his very eyes.


Clan Tattoo is auto-updating!

Slowly formed by a misty, murky ink, small tattoos of his major kills over the last year started to appear on his arm all surrounding the clan tattoo.

“Something wrong is happening!” shouted the Head shaman as he watched the ink move on Akira’s arm.


The tattoo has been fully updated.

Future achievements will be automatically added.

For some reason, Akira was unable to control his own body and started to transform into a werewolf.

The Blacklight covered his body and after several seconds it disappeared to reveal his large muscular frame with his deep black fur his height was even taller than he normally was while transformed.

The fierce power raging through his body made him feel over the moon. Drunk on the feeling he let out a howl that sent chills down everyone’s back.


Lvl up! Lvl up! Lvl up! Lvl up! Lvl up!….

You have gained 10 levels and are now level 50!

Unable to level up any higher requirements not met.

Exp will be saved and added after requirements are met.

Son of the night has upgraded from rank E: Beginner to rank D: Intermediate

– (-10%) stamina usage.

– (+10%) boost to power if in Werewolf form and the moon is out.

– Able to use Werewolf form at any time of the day.

New class skills learned:

Devour: While in werewolf form you are able to eat the flesh of your enemies for Stamina and health regeneration to allow for continuous fighting for long periods of time.

Eyes of the Werewolf (Beginner, Active): Requirements not met.

Akira was having a hard time following everything that was happening.

He forgot that he was on a stage in front of thousands of people and checked the messages from the system. Seeing his level skyrocket was astounding. With so many levels at once, his strength had received a massive boost.

He was extremely pleased that he was no longer stuck with only being able to transform at night.

After coming back down from the rush of power he noticed something was wrong the music and chanting had stopped.

Looking around he saw everyone was staring at him with odd looks on their faces.

Only allowed on

He scratched his head and sheepishly said, “Sorry for interrupting the ceremony.”

Wulfric cleared his throat and said, “No need to apologize, the ceremony is nearly over.“

Akira was going to revert back to his human form but Wulfric put a hand up to stop him.

Turning to the shaman and drummers he ordered: “Continue.”

This time Wulfric joined in with his own chant his hand was placed on Akira’s furry head.

Hearing the chant coming from his mouth the elders in the front row were surprised, but after their previous conversations and current predicaments, they understand why Wulfric had chosen to use this chant.

The elders all walked up onto the platform and joined Wulfric and the shaman in the chant.

A blue light began to cover Akira’s body as the chant grew faster along with the drums and cracking fire. When the chant reached the crescendo the light exploded outwards blinding everyone.


Blessing of the elders(passive skill):
This blessing can only be given once every few generations.
The elders must give up a small fraction of their vitality to activate the blessing.
Any attack that would have caused you to die in one hit will instead reduce your health to 10.
If the blessing of the elders is activated a 30-day cooldown will activate before it can be used again.
Unable to upgrade skill.

The Elders staggered a bit due to the amount of energy that was taken from them.

The Shaman apprentices alarmed at the elders swaying came forward to help support them and bring them back to their seats.

Wulfric shook his head trying to clear it while Akira on the right and Azura on the left helped him stay on his feet.

Wulfric regained his footing and a clear head after a minute. Clearing his throat he stepped forward to the edge of the stage.

“You have all witnessed Akira officially join the Bluemoon clan. Although this is a joyous event know that recent events have revealed to us that hard times for our clan and the entire Earth tribe is just down the road.

All hope is not lost with the return of Akira I believe we will be able to weather the storm that will come. Everyone will need to train hard and prepare for it. If you do then I have no doubt we will be able to get through it. Like we have always done in the past.”

Azura walked up next to Wulfric who had grown silent and began to speak, “Do not let the news spoil your mood since it is still in the future. Everyone should go and get a good rest because tomorrow will be a day off of work, and a festival will be held in the afternoon to celebrate Akira’s return.”

With this everyone was dismissed with their brains filled with so many new thoughts at what they had experienced during the ceremony.

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