Chapter 352: Great Findings in the Small Courtyard

The array enveloping the small courtyard was much more flawless than Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist imagined. He had spent an entire week but was still unable to find the flaw.

“After surviving for more than 2000 years, it is impossible for the array to not have any flaws. It seems like my proficiency in using my awareness is still not competent enough.”

Li Fuchen started to test one thing at a time.

“Eh? What is this qi presence?”

A few days later, another massive figure got drawn over.

It was a class 5 high-tier demonic beast, the Silver Armor Bear.

The Silver Armor Bear was completely without fur and was covered with palm-sized silver armor pieces instead. In terms of defensive ability, it was probably superior to class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts.

Similar to the Vigorous Demonic Bull, the Silver Armor Bear had been completely drawn to the qi presences from Li Fuchen and the demonic beast skeleton in the pond. It simply overlooked the lawn and sprinted straight towards Li Fuchen.


The tray array activated and the Silver Armor Bear was instantly stuck in it.

Clang Clang Clang Clang Clang…

The Silver Armor Bear’s defenses were extremely tough and the grass that were like sharp swords actually couldn’t slice open the armor in a split moment. It was only able to leave tiny cracks on the surface and in just a short moment, the entire place was filled with sparks and looked very dazzling.

Once the attacks extended, the Silver Armor Bear couldn’t withstand it anymore.

Everything had a threshold.

If wooden blocks were to smash on a firm boulder countless times, it was just a matter of time before the boulder got shattered.

The bear’s defenses weren’t truly at the toughness that it could disregard the slicing of the grass.


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A piece of armor split open and traces of blood sprayed out. Immediately after, the armor pieces that had severe damage had also split open…

“Not even a class 5 high-tier demonic beast could withstand the attacks?”

Li Fuchen had a deeper understanding of the array on the lawn.

Once anybody fell into the trap array, even a class 5 high-tier demonic beast would be smothered to death unless they could escape. If a high-level Reincarnation Realm martial artist was to enter the array, they wouldn’t be able to last so long.

Li Fuchen no longer paid attention to the Silver Armor Bear and continued to study the array with his awareness.

Finally, when the Silver Armor Bear was drenched in blood and about to perish, Li Fuchen found the array’s flaw.

He realized if he thinned his awareness of the limits, his awareness would be able to temporarily permeated into the array. As such, he would be able to examine the array in more detail.

Of course, in order to thin down the awareness to this degree, one must first have an extremely powerful and tenacious awareness. Regular Reincarnation Realm martial artists would never be able to thin down their awareness to this degree. Even if they could, their awareness would never be able to withstand the corrosion of the array and before it could even permeate, it would be extinguished.

After examining the array in detail, Li Fuchen was able to see plenty of flaws. These flaws were concealed under the surface of the array and there was a thin layer of array force on the surface. As long as he broke this thin layer of array force, he would be able to neutralize the array.

Li Fuchen didn’t dare to be careless and waste any time. He drew his Joint-Heaven Sword and transmuted the nine revolution purple qi into the bronze sword qi and thrust with his sword.


An invisible crack appeared and Li Fuchen’s Joint-Heaven Sword was stuck there.


Circulating his qi in a frenzy, Li Fuchen held the Joint-Heaven Sword with both hands and stabbed with force.


There was a burst of radiance and the array that enveloped the small courtyard was finally shattered.

Right at this moment, the Silver Armor Bear let out a miserable roar and was sliced into pieces by the countless grass. His remanents got absorbed by the lawn and had vanished without a trace.

A mighty class 5 high-tier demonic beast had ultimately turned into fertilizer for the lawn.

There was no need to feel sorry for the Silver Armor Bear. Li Fuchen then opened the small courtyard’s door and entered.

The first thing that came into his sight was a large tree and it was in a withering stage. But there was a yellowish-white flower on a branch. It was subtle, but Li Fuchen could smell a trace of fragrance.

The fragrance was coming from the yellowish-white flower.

“My body feels much more nimble. What is this flower?” Li Fuchen was quite surprised.

Previously, he had absorbed too much demonic beast essence blood and it caused the impurities in his body to accumulate, making his body feel dense. How could he not be surprised when a single whiff of the fragrance seemed to lighten the dense feeling?

If experienced Reincarnation martial artists were here, they would surely recognize this tree which was the famous Flying Spirit Tree. The flower on the tree was the valuable Flying Spirit Flower.

The Flying Spirit Flower was the main ingredient to produce the Reincarnation Elixir and was also one of the main ingredients to produce the Rebirth Elixir. The flower already had the effects to cleanse impurities and mixed-up qi.

The Flying Spirit Tree would only blossom with flowers every century and the quantity of flowers was related to the age of the tree. A hundred-year tree would blossom with ten flowers, a thousand-year tree would blossom with a hundred flowers. It was rumored that a ten thousand-year Fly Spirit Tree would be able to blossom with ten golden Flying Spirit Flowers. Those Flying Spirit Flowers had another name called the Flying Immortal Flowers.

But it wasn’t a simple task to culture a Flying Spirit Tree as they had high demands for nutrition and if the nutrition wasn’t sufficient, the Flying Spirit Tree would gradually wither. When it had completely withered, it would be the death of the Flying Spirit Tree. When that happened, unless a treasure like the Life Spring Water was given, it wouldn’t be revived.

Extending his hand, Li Fuchen drew the yellowish-white flower into his hand.


In the next moment, the tree instantly withered without a trace of life.

Li Fuchen stored the Flying Spirit Flower into a jade box and sized up the tree. He thought silently, “Has this tree withered? A pity that the storage bag is too small and cannot fit in this tree. Otherwise, I will be able to bring it out and culture it properly and it might even be revived.”

After feeling it was a pity, Li Fuchen scanned the courtyard and noticed that there was nothing else apart from the tree.

Li Fuchen gradually let out a breath and walked towards the house.


Pushing the door open, Li Fuchen looked at the situation inside the house.

The house had a total of four rooms, the bedroom, the living room, the concoction room, and the seclusion room.

The bedroom and the living room didn’t have anything. Inside the concoction room, there was a concoction furnace and there was a small gourd bottle hung on the wall.

The furnace was empty, but when Li Fuchen picked up the gourd bottle, he heard the rolling sound of elixirs inside.


Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with brilliance as he quickly opened the cork of the gourd bottle.

Instantly, there was a surge of refreshing elixir smell that pervaded the air

“It is the Reincarnation Elixir.”

Li Fuchen might not have seen a Reincarnation Elixir before, but he had a premonition that this elixir was Reincarnation Elixir that Grand Elder Zhao Wujin had been dreaming for.

The bottle had a total of three Reincarnation Elixirs and each of them was smooth and perfectly round. They were emitting qi presence that made someone feel as though they were floating in heaven.

Stuffing the cork properly, he kept the bottle into the storage bag and revealed a smile.

He didn’t have any intention to consume the Reincarnation Elixir, but the value of it made Li Fuchen extremely satisfied.

On the East Unicorn Continent, there were plenty of martial artists that were stuck in the Heaven Dipper Realm.

It was a known fact that not even 5-star bone frames had the guarantee was reaching the Reincarnation Realm, let alone 4-star bone frames.

A single Reincarnation Elixir could create one Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

After seeing that there was nothing else inside the concoction room, Li Fuchen finally headed for the seclusion room.

The seclusion room was empty and had no junk except for a meditation mat on the ground.

“This mat?” Li Fuchen sized up the mat.

The mat had a light yellow color and looked ordinary. But when Li Fuchen’s awareness approached he immediately noticed a qi presence hidden deep within the mat.

After pondering for a moment, Li Fuchen sat on the meditation mat.

All of a sudden, a light yellow radiance enveloped Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen felt that his heart was much clearer and much more steadfast. It felt as though he was the only person left in the world and there was no one else.

“Such a mystical meditation mat.”

How could Li Fuchen not know that this meditation mat was a treasure?

It was a treasure that allowed the user to peacefully comprehend the martial dao. Such treasures were generally priceless.

Everyone had a limit in comprehension speed and this meditation mat allowed the user to break through that limit into a higher level.

“This exploration has given me a lot of benefits and it far beyond what I can imagine. Could it be related to star fate?”

Li Fuchen couldn’t help but think about it in this way.

Mt. Star Fate was where the East Unicorn Continent’s fate and luck exist. When obtaining the Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint, one would also inherit star fate from Mt. Star Fate. Li Fuchen was ranked no.1 in the Stars Ranking and had the flawless Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint. It was needless to say that he had the strongest star fate.

Originally, Li Fuchen didn’t put in regards to this matter. After all, star fate was something illusionary and unproven.

But now, he felt that the star fate existed.

Returning back to the concoction room, Li Fuchen had a sudden inspiration and stored the concoction furnace.

If he didn’t guess it wrongly, this courtyard should be the dwelling of a Black Sky Sect’s direct elder. All of Black Sky Sect’s direct elders were at least of low-level Battle Spirit Realm. This concoction furnace that was left behind was definitely something extraordinary, otherwise, it wouldn’t have been able to produce Reincarnation Elixirs.

After walking out the courtyard, Li Fuchen’s brows suddenly knitted. On the lawn, there was actually a class 5 demon.

Class 5 demons were the pinnacle existence in East Unicorn Continent and their strength were far beyond class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts by a huge margin. Only the Devil Pattern Tiger, Mountain Shaking Elephant, and the Petrified Queen which were class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts with special attributes were comparable to them.

When the sharp sword grass sliced on the class 5 demon’s body, the skin didn’t even break. It meant that the Silver Armor Bear was far inferior to the class 5 demon.

When Li Fuchen noticed the class 5 demon, the demon had also noticed Li Fuchen. But in the demon’s vision, Li Fuchen looked like he was extremely far away. The trap array had disrupted the demon’s vision.

The class 5 demon was roaring nonstop and rushing madly. Everywhere it stepped, the grass would fly at it before turning into dust and was unable to deal with the demon at all.

“This array is just a trap array and should be able to kill beings below the Battle Spirit Realm. This class 5 demon should be an existence that is inferior to the Battle Spirit Realm. I wonder if this array can stop the demon?”

Thinking about it, Li Fuchen was preparing to step on the stone pieces to get out.

There were concerns of some variation in the stone pieces, thus, Li Fuchen took an extra scan to see if the tray array was still enveloping the same stone pieces.

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As expected, when the trap array wasn’t activated, the array enveloped different stone pieces. If Li Fuchen had return according to the route he had taken earlier, he would be in the same situation as the class 5 demon and he would die of instant and miserable death.

With a flash, Li Fuchen stepped on the first stone piece, then the second…

In between, Li Fuchen actually rubbed shoulders with the class 5 demon.

Fortunately, the class 5 demon couldn’t sense the distance between each other. In addition, the qi force emitted by the class 5 demon had been isolated by the trap array and it couldn’t indirectly harm Li Fuchen.

Finally, Li Fuchen passed through the lawn and returned back on his exploration.

As for the demonic beast skeleton in the pond, Li Fuchen had no way to retrieve now and could only leave it for next time.

Soon after Li Fuchen left, the class 5 demon was finally injured and its body appeared with traces of blood.

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