Chapter 353: Blood Ancestor

There was a reason why class 5 demons were classified as class 5 demons. It definitely wasn’t easy to kill a class 5 demon by using a trap.


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Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist didn’t know how did this class 5 demon make contact with the array’s barrier. Li Fuchen saw the demon using its strength to forcefully tear an opening and instantly emerging from the array.

But after emerging, the demon had suffered an unprecedented attack and nearly half of its body had been shaved by the grass, putting its body into a bloodied mess.


This class 5 demon had a bald head that had plenty of eyes. It was also due to the eyes which allow it to find the barrier at the crucial moment. It might have been the moment the barrier was torn open, array’s attack strengthened drastically, causing it severe injuries.

“That human was actually able to enter and exit without sustaining any injuries. He must be an Array Master. I wonder what treasure he obtained.” The demon with multiple eyes revealed an avaricious expression and chased after in the direction that Li Fuchen left.

For a long period of time, Li Fuchen didn’t notice another courtyard which was enveloped by arrays.

Li Fuchen reckoned that the owner of that courtyard was a direct elder from the Black Sky Sect. He was probably fond of a quiet and simple life, hence, he chose to reside in the outskirts of the direct disciple district.

“It is time to leave.”

It would be bad if one was overly greedy. Li Fuchen had already obtained a lot of benefits. It was about time for him to return and digest them.

“Human, stay right there.”

Right at this moment, a figure chased up from behind. It was that Multi-Eyed Demon.

“Not good.” Li Fuchen had a change in expression.

He didn’t expect that the Multi-Eyed Demon could escape from the trap array. Otherwise, he wouldn’t continue to search and explore the Black Sky Sect.

With a flash, Li Fuchen started a sprint.

“Such speed?”

The Multi-Eyed Demon was extremely astonished. He was a class 5 demon and had an extreme physical strength. His ground speed was far beyond a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

Of course, due to the severe injuries, the demon’s sprinting speed was only 20% or 30% of the original speed. But this speed was already incredible.

However, Li Fuchen’s speed was actually not much slower than the demon, and in a short period of time, it was hard for the demon to catch up.

“Is it severely injured?”

Seeing that the demon didn’t immediately catch up, Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief.

The Black Sky Sect’s ruin was enveloped in an array that prohibited flight. Even a Reincarnation Realm martial artist wouldn’t be able to fly and had no choice but to sprint on the ground.

Sprinting required a higher demand on the physical body, and had a much lesser demand on the level of qi.

Now that Li Fuchen had cultivated the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter to perfection rank of the fourth chapter, Li Fuchen’s physical body was already considered an elite Reincarnation Realm martial artist. After all, most of the Reincarnation Realm martial artists were cultivating mystic class peak-tier body refinement techniques.

If the Multi-Eyed Demon was its prime, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to deal with it. Right now, there was an opportunity.

“So what if your speed is fast? Die!”

The Multi-Eyed Demon struck out a fist that had a boundless demonic qi like a gale storm which assaulted Li Fuchen swiftly.


It was as though Li Fuchen had already predicted it in advance, he turned into a small alley and avoided the Multi-Eyed Demon’s attack.

It was very fortunate that the Black Sky Sect’s flight prohibition array also restricted the qi force, greatly reducing the qi force’s power and range. Otherwise, the Multi-Eyed Demon which was a class 5 demon would have a fist force that had extreme range and power that was enough to destroy an entire city.

The small alley was very deep and the deeper he went the quieter it was.

The Black Sky Sect’s ruin was already in dead silence and didn’t have any sound, but Li Fuchen felt that it was very abnormal.

Li Fuchen turned back to see the Multi-Eyed Demon that was in pursuit.

The Multi-Eyed Demon was roaring but Li Fuchen could clearly hear what it was saying.

“Sounds are gradually vanishing!” Li Fuchen was appalled.

Li Fuchen didn’t even feel any waves from an array. How did the sounds vanish?

Obviously, the Multi-Eyed Demon didn’t detect the anomaly in the small alley. The demon lifted its right arm and sent a fist at Li Fuchen.

Silent and without presence, the black fist force penetrated the air and chased after Li Fuchen.

A scene happened which shocked the Multi-Eyed Demon. There was a stone statue by the side of the alley that suddenly turned alive and opened its mouth to absorb the fist force completely.

“What is going on?”

The Multi-Eyed Demon was extremely depressed.

His fist force was absolutely massive and was actually absorbed by a stone statue? Not even the Evil Fist Sect’s Evil King could do this, right!?

“Is the use of force prohibited?” Li Fuchen saw this scene.

“If it was under close contact, the stone statue shouldn’t be able to stop the use of force.

Without giving so much thought, Li Fuchen continued deeper into the alley.

With exceptional awareness and superior survival ability, he might not be inferior to the Multi-Eyed Demon.

The Multi-Eyed Demon gritted its teeth and followed closely behind.

When the trap array wasn’t able to kill him, his heart had felt a little arrogant and believed that with his strength, he should be very safe in the outskirts of the direct disciple district.

This alley was extremely long and right now, Li Fuchen was certain that they were no longer in the outskirts of the direct disciple district and should be deep into the district.

“Damn it.” The Multi-Eyed Demon was feeling rather nervous.

He could be arrogant in the outskirts, but he no longer had any confidence after coming into the inner district.

After all, the direct disciple district was where a whole group of direct elder were residing in. These direct elders were all at the Battle Spirit Realm and the defensive methods that they left behind were more and more incredible.

Finally, they were at the end of the alley and one man and one demon arrived at the foot of a mountain.

It was a mountain that was considered rather imposing and had a height of around 10,000 feet.

As the Multi-Eyed Demon was catching up, Li Fuchen had no choice but to start climbing the mountain.

1000 feet, 3000 feet, 10,000 feet.

“What is happening?”

Li Fuchen lifted his head and realized that the peak of the mountain was still very far away.

“Could there be a spatial array enveloping the peak of the mountain?” Li Fuchen had a flash of thought in his heart.

This spatial array was also called the Universe Array as there was a whole universe on the inside. Most of it was the sealing trap array but it actually contained a trace of the quintessence of a spatial array.

The higher the grade of the spatial array, the large the interior space. This mountain might only seem to be 10,000 feet from the outside, but after climbing the mountain, one would realize that the height of this mountain was far beyond 10,000 feet.

It wasn’t hard to imagine that this mountain peak which was enveloped by a spatial array was definitely an important place for the Black Sky Sect.

20,000 feet! 30,000 feet! 50,000 feet!

Finally, Li Fuchen arrived at the peak of the mountain first and when he arrived, his expression immediately sank.

There was a large palace on the top of the mountain and it was extremely majestic, like a miniature city. That magnificent palace gate was like a city gate that was decorated with two giant stone lions at the front that were at least 100 feet in height.

The reason why Li Fuchen’s heart sank was due to the multiple figures that were at the plaza in front of the palace.

They were the Horn Devil Region’s Horn Devil King, the Thunder God Sect’s Supreme Elder, You Lie, and an elder with imposing qi presence of blood.


When Li Fuchen arrived, he immediately attracted their attention.

The Horn Devil King was first astonished but immediately grinned sinisterly afterwards.

With his vision, he was naturally able to see that Li Fuchen was just a Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist. For a single Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist to arrive here, he must have heaven-defying luck. But his luck was going to end in this place.

Thunder God Sect’s Supreme Elder, You Lie frowned and sneered. He immediately ignored Li Fuchen’s existence.

As for that elder who was oozing with bloody qi presence, he revealed a trace of pleasant surprise on his face as he scanned Li Fuchen’s body.

“Horn Devil King, Thunder God Sect’s Supreme Elder… That elder with the thick bloody qi presence must be the Multitude Blood Cult Master, Blood Ancestor.” Li Fuchen’s heart sank even deeper.

A single Multi-Eyed Demon was enough to give him a headache, now there was another Horn Devil King and Blood Ancestor. He was almost out of all survival options.

Furthermore, from the looks of the Thunder God Sect’s Supreme Elder, You Lie’s attitude, he obviously didn’t care about Li Fuchen.

A short moment later, the Multi-Eyed Demon had also arrived at the peak of the mountain.

Just as he was preparing to make a move and kill Li Fuchen, he suddenly noticed other presences apart from Li Fuchen.

“Greetings to Horn Devil King.”

The Multi-Eyed Demon wasn’t the Horn Devil King’s subordinate but was still revered the Horn Devil King.

But his voice couldn’t transmit out. The peak of this mountain similary didn’t allow voices to be transmitted.

The Horn Devil King shook his hand as he obviously knew that this place didn’t allow for voice transmission.

“What should I do?”

Li Fuchen was in regret. If he knew that the peak of the mountain was so dangerous, he wouldn’t have climbed it.

Along the way, there were plenty of other connecting roads to the alley, but due to the fact that the alley was much safer, Li Fuchen didn’t change his route all the way.

“I hope that the peak of the mountain didn’t allow for qi force to be released too.”

Li Fuchen could only pray for this, otherwise, there was no hope for him.

When the Multi-Eyed Demon saw that the Horn Devil King was here, he no longer felt apprehensive of You Lie and Blood Ancestor as he instantly blasted a fist at Li Fuchen. That boundless fist force was particularly aggressive even under the restrictions of the array.

Right at this moment, one of the stone lions at the palace gate suddenly opened its mouth. The Multi-Eyed Demon’s fist force was instantly turned into a wisp of black qi current and was absorbed.

The Multi-Eyed Demon was already prepared for this and ferociously stomped on the ground and burst towards Li Fuchen with extreme speed.

He was planning to kill Li Fuchen within close combat.

But how could Li Fuchen allow the demon to approach him? He rapidly put a gap between themselves.

Witnessing this scene, the Horn Devil King’s eyes flashed with killing intent.

All of a sudden, the Horn Devil King’s figure vanished and when he reappeared, he was already on Li Fuchen’s right side.

As the Multi-Eyed Demon was injured, his speed was only at 20% or 30% of his prime. The Horn Devil King wasn’t injured and was much superior to the Multi-Eyed Demon in terms of strength. His speed was several times faster than the Multi-Eyed Demon and was a few times faster than Li Fuchen too.

“Such speed.” Li Fuchen was appalled and didn’t have time to evade.

An enormous fist was blasted and there was an extremely horrific demon qi. But, the demon qi was immediately absorbed by the stone lion. It seemed like, in both the alley and the mountain peak, all qi, demonic qi, and demon qi were not allowed to be released.

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Although the emitted demon qi had been absorbed, inside the Horn Devil King’s fist was still filled with demon qi and if this fist hit Li Fuchen, he would certainly die even if he had the class 5 demonic beast pelt armor.

Right at this moment, a figure intercepted in front of Li Fuchen and clashed with the Horn Devil King with a fist of his own.

It was the Multitude Blood Cult Master, Blood Ancestor.

The Horn Devil King glared at the Blood Ancestor with eyes filled with puzzle and killing intent. He couldn’t understand why would the Blood Ancestor help Li Fuchen.

The Blood Ancestor wasn’t so kind-hearted to help Li Fuchen. Using the impact from the fist, he withdrew and appeared beside Li Fuchen. Immediately after, a blood-red rope flew out from his sleeve and wrapped around Li Fuchen, tying him tightly.

Soon enough, the Horn Devil King understood the Blood Ancestor’s intention.

The Blood Ancestor had a method to produce blood corpses and he must have fancied Li Fuchen and intended to turn Li Fuchen into a blood corpse. After all, Li Fuchen’s body seemed to be very powerful and was considered to be elite even among the Reincarnation Realm martial artists.

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