Chapter 354: Blood Corpse Elixir

“Not good.”

After being bound by the blood-red rope, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist felt soreness throughout his body and was robbed of all strength. He wasn’t even able to circulate his qi.

How could he not understand what the Blood Ancestor was planning? The Multitude Blood Cult had two vicious operations, one of them was producing Multitude Blood Pearl, the other was producing the Blood Corpses.

If he didn’t guess it wrongly, the Blood Ancestor was planning to turn him into a Blood Corpse.

Li Fuchen’s conjecture wasn’t wrong. The Blood Ancestor had really fancied Li Fuchen and was planning to turn him into a Blood Corpse.

When producing a Blood Corpse, the demand for the cultivation of the original body wasn’t high, but the demand for the physical body was rather high.

The stronger the body, the more blood dao power it could contain. With Li Fuchen’s physical toughness, in just a short period of time, the Blood Ancestor was certain he could refine Li Fuchen into a Reincarnation Realm Blood Corpse. As for the peak level of Reincarnation Realm, it was definitely possible.

After restraining Li Fuchen, the Blood Ancestor took down Li Fuchen’s mask.

When seeing Li Fuchen’s young face, he was instantly shocked.

Seeing from the vitality energy, it was impossible for Li Fuchen to be over 30 years of age and would be at most in his mid-20s.

To reach the 8th level of Heaven Dipper Realm at this age would mean that his innate potential was definitely an elite among the prodigies. It wasn’t exaggerating to describe him as the King of Heavenly Prodigies.

The Blood Ancestor had already roughly guessed Li Fuchen’s identity. He was the previous no.1 stars ranker and the no.1 king star in this one thousand years. The Blood Ancestor had heard of Li Fuchen before but never seen him before. But he couldn’t think of another person apart from Li Fuchen who was able to reach the 8th level of Heaven Dipper Realm at his mid-20s.

The Blood Ancestor was astonished, so was the Thunder God Sect Supreme Elder, You Lie.

You Lie had also recognized Li Fuchen’s identity.

Even if he knew that Li Fuchen was a heaven-defier and was even more incredible than his sect’s Situ Lei, he never expected for him to be so heaven-defying.

According to what he knew, Li Fuchen should only be 25 years old!

To reach the 8th level of Heaven Dipper Realm at the age of 25. This level of innate potential was totally enough to be the no.1 prodigy for the millennium.

You Lie was after all a peak level Reincarnation Realm martial artist. After he was astonished, he quickly regained his composure.

So what if Li Fuchen was a heavenly prodigy, without growing to a certain level, he was no different from an ant.

To be honest, he didn’t wish to see Li Fuchen developing either.

With Li Fuchen’s heaven-defying standard, in twenty years, he might become a massive tree that could reach the sky. He would then undoubtedly be a threat to the Thunder God Sect’s status.

After taking out a blood-colored elixir, the Blood Ancestor opened up Li Fuchen’s lower jaw and stuffed it into his mouth.

This blood-colored elixir was called the Blood Corpse Elixir. Once a person consumed this elixir, their bodies would slowly corrode into a Blood Corpse, not even a Reincarnation Realm martial artist could withstand against the medicinal effects. Of course, there was a precondition that the victim must not circulate his qi. If the victim could circulate qi, the victim could use it to expel the medicinal effects of the Blood Corpse Elixir.

The Blood Corpse Elixir instantly dissolved in the mouth and Li Fuchen felt a scorching sensation through his entire body.

“What elixir is this?”

Li Fuchen had this indistinct and bad premonition, thus, he scanned his body with his awareness immediately.

In the next moment, Li Fuchen’s heart thudded loudly.

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He might not be able to utilize his qi, but he could use his awareness to easily ‘see’ inside his body. There were places that were slowly turning blood red and the traces of blood-red color had extreme evil intent.

“Could this elixir be a crucial part to produce a Blood Corpse?” Li Fuchen was feeling terrible.

He didn’t want to become a Blood Corpse. Once he turned into a Blood Corpse, it would be no different from a walking corpse.

After Li Fuchen consumed the Blood Corpse Elixir, the Blood Ancestor let out malicious laughter and slammed a palm on Li Fuchen’s back. He poured in the blood dao qi violently to activate the Blood Corpse Elixir’s medicinal effects.

The Horn Devil King revealed a flash was killing intent in his eyes as he felt he suffered a loss because of the Blood Ancestor, but he still went back to his position.

As for that severely injured Multi-Eyed Demon, he didn’t dare to provoke the Blood Ancestor at all.

After the stimulation from the Blood Ancestor’s blood dao qi, the insides of Li Fuchen’s body had even more blood color. At first, the amount of blood color was minute, it then grew from the size of a sesame seed to a thumb and to a fist. The extending speed was extremely fast and was getting faster.

As Li Fuchen’s inner organs were gradually turning blood-red, a surge of evil intent was emitted from Li Fuchen’s body and he was just like the devil.

“Damn it, damn it.”

Li Fuchen watched as everything happened and was totally helpless.

About one hour later… Apart from Li Fuchen’s head, his entire body had turned blood-red and he was emitting a deep evil intent, making even the Multi-Eyed Demon a little apprehensive.

“Is one Blood Corpse Elixir not enough?”

The Blood Ancestor knitted his brows first and had a trace of reluctance on his face before it was quickly turned into a pleasantly surprised expression. He then took out another Blood Corpse Elixir.

The Blood Corpse Elixir wasn’t easy to produce and was enough for one hundred martial artists to cultivate mystic class peak-tier body refinement techniques to the perfection rank or even beyond.

Even so, the Blood Ancestor didn’t mind it as the Blood Corpse Elixir’s materials for production was very hard to find and ever elixir used would be one less elixir left.

The Blood Ancestor wasn’t even willing to use a Blood Corpse Elixir to refine an ordinary Reincarnation Realm martial artist into a Blood Corpse. At most, he could toss that person into the blood pool and slowly turn that person.

Li Fuchen was the first person that required two Blood Corpse Elixir.

After the second Blood Corpse Elixir entered Li Fuchen’s body, his head had also gradually turned blood-red. Finally, even his eyeballs, hair, eyebrows, and even teeth had turned blood-red. His entire body was like a lump of blood-red shadow that was emitting endless evil intent and bloody qi presence.

Seeing the situation, the Blood Ancestor’s smile was getting even more brilliant, as this Blood Corpse in front of him was his most satisfactory masterpiece. Just two Blood Corpse Elixir was enough to push it to the Reincarnation Realm level. If Li Fuchen was to consume some Multitude Blood Pearl, it would be an easy task for him to reach the middle and higher levels of the Reincarnation Realm. Furthermore, in the future, there was hope for Li Fuchen to reach the peak level of Reincarnation Realm and become a Blood Corpse King.

It was as if the Blood Ancestor knew that nothing was going to go wrong as he moved his hand and undid the blood-red rope on Li Fuchen’s body.


Right at this moment, the gates of the palace suddenly opened. When the Blood Ancestor looked over, he didn’t know when did the Thunder God Sect Supreme Elder, You Lie arrived in front of the gates.

With a thought in his mind, the Blood Ancestor asked Li Fuchen to follow him.

Li Fuchen’s followed closely like a shadow, right behind the Blood Ancestor.

“Am I under his control? It doesn’t seem like it.”

At this moment, Li Fuchen’s mind had two consciousness, a blood-red consciousness, and his own consciousness.

The blood-red consciousness was controlled by the Blood Ancestor and as long as the latter thought about it, Li Fuchen’s body would be under control.

But in comparison, Li Fuchen’s own consciousness was much stronger and could override the blood-red consciousness and control his own body.

Of course, Li Fuchen didn’t dare to move recklessly. If the Blood Ancestor detected any anomaly, the consequences would be severe.

In order to prove his own theory, Li Fuchen attempted to move his finger.

Immediately after, his finger moved.

“As expected.” Li Fuchen understood it clearly.

It seemed like his own consciousness was too powerful and wouldn’t easily be controlled by others unless the opponent’s consciousness was far beyond his own.

But that kind of opponent would probably be beyond the Battle Spirit Realm!

Furthermore, he still had the golden talisman inside his mind.

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Previously at the tomb, even that existence which was beyond the Battle Spirit Realm had failed when it wanted to seize Li Fuchen’s body, let alone this Blood Ancestor.

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