Chapter 355: Flabbergasted Blood Ancestor

Once the palace gates opened, You Lie was the first to enter, followed by the Horn Devil King and the Multi-Eyed Demon. The Blood Ancestor and Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist were the last to enter.

After entering the palace, Li Fuchen lamented at his insignificant self.

The interior of the palace obviously had a spatial array. From the outside, it looked like a small-sized city, but from the inside, it was obviously a few times bigger.

After entering the palace, everyone immediately felt a surge of powerful energy permeating into the body.

After being permeated by this energy, everyone immediately felt that they couldn’t circulate their qi and demonic qi.

When outside the palace, the qi and demonic qi weren’t allowed to be released and would be immediately absorbed by the stone lion. Inside the palace, the circulation of qi and demonic qi were actually prohibited.

The Horn Devil King and the Multi-Eyed Demon were at first shocked but immediately grew ecstatic

Without any demonic qi, they might much weaker but definitely stronger than You Lie and the Blood Ancestor.

After all, You Lie and the Blood Ancestor were both humans, how could their physical bodies be compared to demons?

Li Fuchen was also similarly delighted.

His physical body toughness was already at the pinnacle of Reincarnation Realm. After absorbing the two Blood Corpse Elixirs, his body toughness wasn’t even inferior to a class 5 high-tier demonic beast.

The true strength of humans wasn’t just qi but also their martial arts.

But without qi, most of the martial arts couldn’t be executed.

Generally speaking, even if a mystic class peak-tier body refinement technique was cultivated to the perfection rank and comprehended the technique intent, the practitioner’s body toughness would only be comparable to a class 5 mid-tier demonic beast. It was impossible for the practitioner to be comparable to a class 5 high-tier demonic beast or class 5 peak-tier demonic beast, let alone a class 5 demon.

But Li Fuchen believed that with his exceptional awareness, even if he wasn’t a match for the Horn Devil King, he wouldn’t be easily suppressed by the Horn Devil King either.

As for the Multi-Eyed Demon who was injured, Li Fuchen was confident he could oppress the Multi-Eyed Demon.

“There is no need to hurry. Perhaps the Blood Ancestor has other methods.”

Li Fuchen didn’t dare to expose his own condition. If he was to expose his current condition, what if the Blood Ancestor had other methods to deal with him?

“Damn it, I can’t circulate any qi.” The Blood Ancestor had an awful expression.

Apart from Li Fuchen, he still had other Blood Corpses, but they were all inside a secret treasure, the Jewel Blood Pool.

But in order to open up the Jewel Blood Pool, he had to pour in his blood dao qi first.

It was impossible for him to open up the Jewel Blood Pool in this place.

“It is fortunate that I left him outside.” The Blood Ancestor sized up Li Fuchen and felt somewhat at ease.

Li Fuchen’s body toughness was almost comparable to a class 5 high-tier demonic beast and could be put to good use.

In this palace, he was only apprehensive towards the Horn Devil King.

As for You Lie? There was nothing to worry about him.

“I can’t circulate any qi?” You Lie smiled insipidly and wasn’t concerned at all.

As the Thunder God Sect Supreme Elder, how could he not have any backup ability?

In fact, he had the qualification not to be fearful of any circumstances.

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Three humans and two demons moved in harmony as they started to explore the palace.

Of course, everyone was separated.

The blood-red Li Fuchen was walking at the front and the Blood Ancestor was following behind.

A short moment later, the duo had arrived at the entrance of a room.

There were two canine demon statue at the entrance of the room.

“Go.” The Blood Ancestor used his consciousness to control Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen instantly rushed up.

When Li Fuchen wasn’t in active control, his body was controlled by the blood-red consciousness.


The canine demon statue suddenly turned alive and lunged at Li Fuchen.

Boom Boom!

One human and two statues were in an intense battle

Li Fuchen’s body was battling instinctively.

Or perhaps to say, it was guided by the blood-red consciousness and fighting instinctively.

It’s combat methods weren’t brilliant but it was formidable enough.

The Blood Ancestor was observing from behind and didn’t have any intention to interfere.

In fact, with the Blood Ancestor’s current strength, he wasn’t a match for the canine demon statue.

Finally, the canine demon statues were smashed up and Li Fuchen led the way as he entered the room first while the Blood Ancestor followed behind.

The room had a long table and on it was a bamboo scroll.

When the Blood Ancestor opened it up to take a look, he grinned.

There wasn’t anything special with the bamboo scroll, but the contents that were written inside were rather valuable.

Someone of his level wouldn’t be interested in regular treasures and manuals. Instead, it was those items that seemed worthless which might interest him.

“He must have obtained some insight or something similar!” Li Fuchen was guessing silently.

After leaving the room, the duo continued to explore.

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One hour later, they discovered another room.

This time there were two wolf demon statues guarding the entrance.

Exactly the same as before, the Blood Ancestor sent Li Fuchen to smash the wolf demon statues.

In comparison to the canine demon statues, the wolf demon statues were much stronger. Li Fuchen’s body was left with multiple blood scars but he was rather astonished when he found out that his body’s recovery ability was extremely incredible. It took just a short moment for his scars to vanish.

“The Blood Corpse Elixir must have altered my body constitution.” Li Fuchen thought in his heart.

There were tens of thousands of different elixirs. There was a legendary Immortal Elixir that would give an immortal’s body for a short period of time and it was much more potent than the Blood Corpse Elixir.

Thus, even if the Blood Corpse Elixir had special traits, it was still acceptable.

Inside the room, the Blood Ancestor obtained another item. This time, it was a piece of jade.

But Li Fuchen didn’t know what was special about it.


The ones guarding the third room were two leopard demon statues.

When facing against the leopard demon statues, Li Fuchen had suffered serious injuries. His abdomen had nearly been punctured and his body was in a bloody mess. There was a claw mark on his face which nearly tore off his eyeball. If the eyeball was torn off, it would be an extreme injury and without any heaven-defying elixir, it would be impossible for it to recover.

Thus, this time, Li Fuchen took an hour before getting to full recovery.

“This cannot carry on. The rooms are getting more dangerous after each room. If it was under normal circumstances, the Blood Ancestor would value me highly and wouldn’t easily forsake me. But in this place, he might just sacrifice me.” Li Fuchen’s mind flashed with thoughts.

In the Blood Ancestor’s eyes, a Blood Corpse with potential was obviously worth less than the treasures in the Black Sky Sect’s ruin. After all, if a Blood Corpse was destroyed, he could simply look for another one, while treasures were much harder to find.

Finally, the duo arrived at the entrance of the fourth room.

The guardians were two tiger demon statues.

“I must escape.” Li Fuchen silently made a decision.

As Li Fuchen was preparing to make a move, he suddenly felt something.

Not far away from them, the Horn Devil King and the Multi-Eyed Demon walked over.

When the Horn Devil King saw the Blood Ancestor, he had an expression that harbored malicious intentions.

Previously, the Horn Devil King had also obtained plenty of items. Some were useless, some were useful but no matter what, he couldn’t ignore these items. Especially when inside the palace where he believed he could crush the Blood Ancestor.

“Damn.” The Blood Ancestor stared at the Horn Devil King.

As a blood dao martial artist, he had the ability to restrain any kind of lifeform. In the Demonic Ten Regions, he was only fearful of the Petrified Queen and the Horn Devil King. As for the others, he would be able to save his own life or would be about to crush the opposition.

But he couldn’t do anything because the palace didn’t allow him to circulate his blood dao qi and he wouldn’t be able to restrain the Horn Devil King.

“Let’s go.”

The Blood Ancestor didn’t have any desire to be in a tangle with the Horn Devil King, but it was a pity that the Horn Devil King didn’t intend to release him.

“Leave behind the treasure you obtained earlier.” The Horn Devil King obstructed the Blood Ancestor and Li Fuchen.

“Horn Devil King, don’t be overbearing.” Inside the palace, voices could be transmitted

“So what if I am overbearing?” The Horn Devil King sneered.

“Hinder them.” The Blood Ancestor ordered Li Fuchen while he swiftly retreated.

How could the Blood Ancestor not know that the Horn Devil King wasn’t going to let him off so easily? Handing over his treasure would only allow the opposition to think he was a pushover. It was a hopeless situation. If he didn’t hand over the treasures, the opposition would surely force him and the result would be the same.

The Blood Ancestor thought that Li Fuchen would go and hinder the Horn Devil King, who would have expected for Li Fuchen to retreat at a faster speed than him.

“Asking me to go headon with the Horn Devil King? Do you think I am a fool?”

Li Fuchen mocked at the Blood Ancestor.

“Impossible?” The Blood Ancestor’s eyes were so round and wide opened.

Li Fuchen was actually not under control.

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