Chapter 356: Sub-Completion Rank of the Fifth Chapter

The Horn Devil King was also rather astonished. What was going on?

“Courting death!” The Blood Ancestor was furious. He made a seal with both his hands and quickly chanted a curse.

The incantation was hurried and vicious. It was just like a malicious ghost shrieking.

In the next moment, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s body appeared with dark red incantation patterns.

This was the Blood Devouring Curse. It was created by the Blood Ancestor by combining his blood dao foundation and the cursed seal. Not only would it cause the blood qi to backlash, but it could also strengthen the blood-colored consciousness.

The Blood Devouring Curse’s creation was to prevent the Blood Corpse’s original consciousness from awakening.

In the Blood Ancestor’s opinion, Li Fuchen was simply having a foolish dream if he wanted to escape from the Blood Ancestor’s control.

“The blood-colored consciousness got strengthened by two times?”

In the consciousness space, the blood-colored light spot grew bigger by two times and countless blood strands extended out.

“A pity. It is still too weak.”

Beside the blood-colored spot of light was a bundle of light that was like the sun.

The bundle of light was bursting with a multifarious radiance that dissolved the strands of blood and destroyed the blood-colored consciousness.

As compared to Li Fuchen’s consciousness, the blood-colored consciousness was simply like a firefly.


After spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood, the Blood Ancestor revealed an appalled expression.

Li Fuchen actually destroyed the blood-colored consciousness. How terrifying was his own consciousness?

Could it be a spiritual consciousness?

Spirit consciousness was a kind of consciousness only a Battle Spirit Realm expert could possess.

There was a qualitative difference with normal consciousness.

After destroying the blood-colored consciousness, Li Fuchen had obtained the prime and flawless control of his own body. Even though his body had suffered over 99% corruption.

That’s right, the Blood Corpse Elixir didn’t completely corrupt his body as the power of the dragon elephant was still inside his body.

The power of the dragon elephant was extremely powerful and it wasn’t so easy for the Blood Corpse Elixir to corrupt it.


In just a few breaths, Li Fuchen left the Horn Devil King’s vision.

The Horn Devil King frowned and immediately looked at the Blood Ancestor.

When the Blood Ancestor regained his senses, he frantically escaped.

So what if he couldn’t control Li Fuchen now? As long as he could leave the Black Sky Sect’s ruins, he would still have countless methods to control Li Fuchen.

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But right now, he had to escape from the Horn Devil King first.

The Horn Devil King was shockingly fast and took just an instant to catch up to the Blood Ancestor.

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A fist was blasted over. Even without the enhancement from the demonic qi, just the physical strength of the Horn Devil King was enough to kill a Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist with a single first. There was basically no problem for him to kill the Blood Ancestor who was unable to circulate his qi.

“Blood Armor!”

The Blood Ancestor was one of the pinnacle experts of the East Unicorn Continent and it was impossible for him not to have any survival methods.

One could see that his body was surging with blood qi and quickly forming a blood qi armor.

This blood qi armor was unrelated to normal qi as it was completely formed by the Blood Ancestor’s boundless blood qi.


When the blood qi armor crumbled, the Blood Ancestor spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He flew out and had temporarily pulled opened a gap between himself and the Horn Devil King.

The Horn Devil King didn’t want to let the Blood Ancestor off so easily as he gave chase again.

“Blood Armor!” The Blood Ancestor roared.


Using the endless blood qi, the Blood Ancestor held on against the assaults from the Horn Devil King again and again.

“He is truly hard to deal with.” The Horn Devil King had a vicious expression.

Under circumstances of no restraints, the Horn Devil King wouldn’t want to provoke the Blood Ancestor.

After all, the Blood Ancestor’s blood qi had quite an impact on the Horn Devil King. Apart from the Blood Devil King, the class 5 demons of the Demonic Ten Regions weren’t affected by the blood qi but would have a difference in strength.

But even without the blood dao qi, the Blood Ancestor was still so hard to kill and it was slightly outside of the Horn Devil King’s expectation.

After getting rid of the Horn Devil King and the Blood Ancestor, Li Fuchen retreated using the route which he used to arrive at this location.

He was planning to find a safe place to refine the Blood Corpse Elixir’s blood qi.

This blood qi might not be able to affect his consciousness, but it could corrupt his body and once his body was completely corrupted, the true inferno qi would be dissipated. After all, the only qi that was suitable for a Blood Corpse was the blood dao qi. The true inferno qi and the blood dao qi was totally incompatible.

This wasn’t a scene that Li Fuchen wanted to see.

The palace was massive and Li Fuchen realized he was lost inside the palace.

It wasn’t his fault as the palace’s interior had a spatial array and it would cause the intruders to have a lost sense of direction.

Li Fuchen’s awareness might be at the Battle Spirit Realm, but at the prime of the Black Sky Sect, it wasn’t considered anything. In the Black Sky Sect, there were plenty of existences that went beyond the Battle Spirit Realm. The spatial array that they set up were extraordinary.

As Li Fuchen walked deeper, he arrived at the entrance of a room.

This room didn’t have any stone statues guardians. After entering the room, Li Fuchen realized it was a room for resting.

“This is the place!”

Li Fuchen sat the corner and started to circulate his Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters and allowed his body to surge with the power of the dragon elephant.

The power of the dragon elephant was pale gold in color and were like strands of hair that traversed inside his flesh and bones.

As Li Fuchen circulated the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters, the power of the dragon elephant started to consume the Blood Corpse Elixir’s blood qi.

After the power of the dragon elephant was developed, the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters had been easier to cultivate. It only required the power of the dragon elephant to consume various kinds of odd qi and blood. Like the elixir’s medicinal effects from body tempering elixirs or the essence blood of demonic beasts, or the blood qi from the Blood Corpse Elixir.

The Blood Corpse Elixir’s blood qi was extremely dense and boundless. The power of the dragon elephant was engulfing it with large mouthfuls and after every strand of the power of the dragon elephant consumed enough blood qi, it would split up.

Hence, the power of the dragon elephant which originally had over a dozen strands had now become a few dozen strands and finally over a hundred strands.

Li Fuchen was astonished when the strands of power of dragon elephant were traversing inside his body and getting more in quantity. Apart from the faster speed of consumption, it even had an effect that refined impurities. It was subtle but it was better than nothing.

Perhaps, there might be a day when the power of the dragon elephant was so powerful that Li Fuchen didn’t have to worry about the impurities inside the essence blood of the demonic beasts.

There were plenty of blood qi and Li Fuchen’s power of the dragon elephant was increasing rapidly.

Over a hundred strands, two hundred strands, five hundred strands, one thousand strands.

When the power of the dragon elephant had reached one thousand strands, only half of the blood qi was left behind.

Right now, Li Fuchen’s body had basically reverted back to normal and didn’t have his blood-red appearance, making him looked much more like a normal person.

After letting out a bloody qi breath, Li Fuchen continued to refine the blood qi of the Blood Corpse Elixir.

1200 strands, 1500 strands.

When the blood qi had been completely refined, Li Fuchen’s body was filled with 1500 strands of power of the dragon elephant.

1500 strands were weaved together like a net which was scattered throughout Li Fuchen’s entire body and was like a network of meridians.

“The Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters had finally reached the sub-completion rank.” Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with radiance.

Now that the Dragon Body Elephant Body Forging Chapters had reached the sub-completion rank for the fifth chapter, it meant that his physical defenses were tough enough to withstand an attack from the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

Right now at this moment, qi didn’t play a huge importance.

Even if he circulated his qi and had the class 5 demonic beast pelt armor, he would still only be able to clash with the attack from a 3rd level Reincarnation Realm martial artist as the increase in defense was very minute.

He would only be able to increase his defenses further but revealing his trump cards.

Furthermore, before this, he couldn’t achieve this even with the Blood Corpse Elixir’s blood qi.

The main reason was that the power of the dragon elephant was superior to the blood qi from the Blood Corpse Elixir.

The power of the dragon elephant was after all a power that was cultivated from the earth class high-tier body refinement technique, the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters. It wasn’t something that the regular power of qi could be competed against.

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