Chapter 357: Metal Bone Fist

“But, this whole portion of impurities and evil intent.”

Although the Dragon Elephant Forging Body Fifth Chapter might be at the sub-completion rank, there were still plenty of impurities in Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s body.

There were the impurities from the demonic beast essence blood, the evil intent from the Blood Corpse Elixir. If these impurities weren’t expelled, his body would collapse sooner or later, or there might be irreversible signs.

Without relying on external forces, Li Fuchen would only be able to refine the impurities if he could cultivate to the sixth chapter.

The fifth chapter’s power of dragon elephant had a much too weak effect on the refinement of impurities.

Fortunately, the impurities this time, was the Blood Corpse Elixir’s evil intent. Had it been impurities from a demonic beast essence blood, Li Fuchen’s body wouldn’t have been able to resist it.

After standing up, Li Fuchen revealed a confident smile on his face.

If it was on the outside, he would never be a match for the Horn Devil King or the Blood Ancestor. But inside this palace where qi couldn’t be circulated, he was able to completely suppress the Blood Ancestor and clash against the Horn Devil King.

The opportunity in this palace and the current him could undoubtedly put up a contest.

After walking out of the room, Li Fuchen followed the alleyway of the palace and moved fast like a shooting star.

In a short while, Li Fuchen arrived at the entrance of a room that he had never seen before. There were two boar demon statues guarding the entrance.

When the boar demon statues gained life, they immediately rushed at Li Fuchen.

Bang Bang!

The Li Fuchen who was fighting with his own consciousness could execute much more terrifying combat skills. He instantly smashed up the boar demon statues with two fists.

After entering the room, Li Fuchen found a caligraphy treasure.

On the treasure, there were two large black wordings, “Overturn Mountain”. It gave off an artistic mood that felt like everything turned on its head. Just a single look at it made Li Fuchen felt a dazzling sensation.

“What a great calligraphy treasure.”

Li Fuchen was apprehensive. In his opinion, this calligraphy must be written by a Battle Spirit Realm expert, otherwise, the martial arts intent on it wouldn’t be so terrifying and would be enough to impact his spirit willpower.

“With this calligraphy treasure, I might be able to comprehend an incomplete earth class martial arts.”

The Clear Sky Sword Art and the Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique might also be earth class martial arts, but they were all patterns. If Li Fuchen could comprehend some superficial knowledge it would already be praiseworthy, but they weren’t of much use. In Li Fuchen’s opinion, not even the First Mystic Martial Expert was able to cultivate the Clear Sky Sword Art and the Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique to the limits.

After keeping the calligraphy treasure, Li Fuchen continued to explore the palace.

“Scarlet Tiger Battle Fist!”

At the entrance of a room, the Thunder God Sect Supreme Elder, You Lie was battling against two bull demon statues.

These bull demon statues’ strength were far superior to the leopard demon statues. If it was the Blood Ancestor in You Lie’s place, ten of him wouldn’t be enough to fight these statues. Perhaps only the Horn Devil King would have the capability to suppress these bull demon statues.

As a human, according to logic, You Lie’s physical body toughness should be around the same as the Blood Ancestor. But right now, You Lie was actually able to suppress the bull demon statues.

Boom Boom!

Rays of scarlet red fist light were smashing onto the bull demon statues and shattering layers of stone.

No one knew that You Lie was hiding a mystic class low-tier body refinement fist art.

Body refinement fist art was just as the name suggested, it was a fist art which utilized the qi and blood, making it suitable for close combat.

For the same body toughness, there was a huge difference if one did cultivate or didn’t cultivate the body refinement fist art.

It was just like martial artists of the same realm but whether if they cultivated any martial arts.

In the East Unicorn Continent, body refinement manuals were originally rare and the various sects were basically just passing on their body refinement techniques one generation after the other. Body refinement martial arts were almost all lost and only the top ten elite factions did manage to keep some yellow class body refinement martial arts. But for mystic class body refinement martial arts, they were long extinct a few centuries ago.

If it wasn’t under the restrictions which forbid the use of qi, the mystic class low-tier body refinement fist art, Scarlet Tiger Battle Fist wouldn’t be of use at all.

But right now, when qi had been restricted, the usefulness of the Scarlet Tiger Battle Fist had been reflected and allowed You Lie to burst out with strength which was a few times stronger.


One of the bull demon statues burst open and was shattered into countless shards of rocks.

In a few blinks of the eye later, the other bull demon statue had also been burst apart.

You Lie swallowed a body refinement elixir and entered the room.


“Such powerful stone statues.”

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At the other room’s entrance, Li Fuchen had also encountered a powerful enemy.

This time, his opponents were two bear demon statues.

The strength of the bear demon statue was enough to crush the leopard demon statue.

Among all the stone statues that Li Fuchen experienced, the dog demon statues were the weakest, followed by the wolf demon statues, boar demon statues, then the leopard demon statues. The bear demon statues would probably be comparable to the tiger demon statues which Li Fuchen had yet to encounter.

“But, the speed is too slow.”

Under Li Fuchen’s awareness, the bear demon statues’ attack speed was very slow and it was incomparable to the leopard demon statues.。

With a flash, Li Fuchen’s right leg glowed with golden luster before kicking on the head of the bear demon statue.


Half the bear demon statue had been smashed up.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

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As the light golden luster weaved around, the two bear demon statues were kicked and smashed one after the other.

After entering the room, Li Fuchen’s eyes squinted.

On the right wall of the room, there was an inlaid book rack that had a manual on it.

Li Fuchen walked over and took the manual.

The cover of the manual was written with three large words, “Metal Bone Fist.”

“Metal Bone Fist?” Li Fuchen flipped opened the manual.

Metal Bone Fist, mystic class high-tier body refinement fist art. By condensing and turning the qi and blood into steel, conquering every obstacle.

“It is actually a body refinement fist art?” Li Fuchen was astonished.

Body refinement martial arts had nearly been lost on the East Unicorn Continent.

Li Fuchen reckoned that only the top ten elite factions were still passing on some low class body refinement martial arts.

“I should try to cultivate it a little.” Li Fuchen contemplated and decided to cultivate the Metal Bone Fist.

If he could cultivate the Metal Bone Fist to the entry rank, his strength would at least increase a little. If he could cultivate it to the sub-completion rank, it would at least double his strength.

He might have never cultivated a body refinement martial art, but it should be similar to body refinement techniques and shouldn’t be difficult to cultivate.

After a short moment later, Li Fuchen’s Metal Bone Fist had reached the entry rank.

When he punched, his fist would be covered with a layer of gray qi, like a black gauntlet that brought unstoppable power.

“My strength is increased by almost 40%.” Li Fuchen spoke to himself.

Li Fuchen didn’t leave as he continued to cultivate the Metal Bone Fist.

The 40% increase in strength wasn’t enough to satisfy Li Fuchen. The palace was indescribably treacherous and there was also the Horn Devil King. Li Fuchen felt that it was necessary for him to increase his strength significantly.

Half a day later, the Metal Bone Fist had finally reached the sub-completion rank.

Right now, when he activated the Metal Bone Fist, his fist would be covered with a layer of grey qi which nearly doubled his power.

“The current me is sufficient to battle with the Horn Devil King.”

Previously, Li Fuchen was only confident to withstand attacks from the Horn Devil King and that was with his exceptional awareness which allowed him to predict the opponent’s movements in advance. But now, Li Fuchen was confident he could break the Horn Devil King’s defense.

Of course, Li Fuchen wasn’t confident enough to defeat the Horn Devil King.

The strength of a class 5 demon was still unfamiliar territory for Li Fuchen.

Another day had passed, Li Fuchen’s Metal Bone Fist’s proficiency was progressing rapidly.

Now that he had the blue spirit soul, his perception had increased greatly and was standing at the pinnacle of the entire East Unicorn Continent.

His extraordinary awareness was enough for him to know his body inside out.

Furthermore, he had already cultivated the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Fifth Chapter to the sub-completion rank, making his foundation very robust.

Because of all these factors, Li Fuchen’s cultivation of the Metal Bone Fist didn’t have any bottleneck and was progressing like a hot knife through butter.

After spending a total of three days, Li Fuchen had cultivated the Metal Bone Fist to the completion rank at one go.

The power of his fist had been amplified by more than five times.

“My foundation is overly robust, and an increase of five times is already very exaggerating. If I didn’t cultivate the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter, increasing my strength by over ten times is easily achievable.”

As the Metal Bone Fist was cultivated to the completion rank, Li Fuchen didn’t continue cultivating anymore.

The difference between completion rank and body refinement intent was extremely huge. It was impossible to comprehend the Metal Bone Fist Intent in just such a short period of time. Furthermore, with his current strength, there was already no need to continue cultivating.”

“Damn the Horn Devil King, Damn that Li Fuchen.”

In an unremarkable small room, the Blood Ancestor was silently recuperating his injuries.

Right now, his qi was very weak and his body was languid.

As qi couldn’t be circulated inside the palace, he had no way to open up his storage bag to retrieve the Multitude Blood Pearls to nourish his qi and blood. He had no could but to extract the qi deep inside his body to recuperate.

Fortunately, his qi was robust and extracting a little would only do minor damage to his vitality and it wasn’t a big deal.


When the Blood Ancestor was recuperating his injuries, the palace welcomed a new batch of explorers.

They were the Mystic Tools Sect Supreme Elder, Ge Yun; one of the Demonic Ten Region’s sovereigns, Blood Devil King; and the Evil Fist Sect Patriarch, Evil King.

The trio entered the palace one after the other and there were no dispute.


The Mystic Tools Sect Supreme Elder, Ge Yun was a strong-looking old man with red hair. His body was covered in the red-colored tool patterns and his muscles were extremely exaggerating.

A single fist from him was enough to burst open both the boar demon statues as they couldn’t withstand a single blow from his fist’s power.

“This place is truly a paradise for me. In this place, I have the confidence to clash with anyone, even the Evil King.” Ge Yun grinned.

Physical strength had always been his greatest advantage, In the outside world, not even the Evil King would be able to hurt him in a short period of time.

With a burst of blood, two wolf demon statues that had just revived had been shattered by a blood shadow.

The Blood Devil King was the sovereign for the Blood Devil Region and his strength was just inferior to the Petrified Queen. With the addition of his demon talents, he was an absolutely frightening existence. Back then, even the Blood Ancestor had to behave obediently in front of him.

But Ge Yun and the Blood Devil King both knew that the Evil King was much more horrific than them.

Strolling inside the palace’s hallway, the golden-masked Evil King arrived at the front of two tiger demon statues.

When the tiger demon statues revived, they immediately brandished their claws and fangs at the Evil King.

The Evil King didn’t move and simply reached out with his right index finger and pointed at the foreheads of the two tiger demon statues with a speed that wasn’t visible to the naked eye.


The two tiger demon statues split apart and shattered into shards of rocks.

“Too weak.” The Evil King shook his head.

He was powerful in all aspects. In the outside world, he was invincible in the continent.

In this palace, he was also invincible.

No one knew that apart from his evil dao cultivation, he had also cultivated an earth class low-tier body refinement technique and a mystic class mid-tier body refinement martial art.

Otherwise, it was impossible for him to be invincible on the continent.



The palace was massive and for the next few days, Li Fuchen didn’t encounter the Horn Devil King and others.

Two bull demon statues charged over and Li Fuchen responded with his Metal Bone Fist. The terrifying fist force had instantly penetrated and shattered the bull demon statues like smashing a piece of tofu, giving no difficulty at all.

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